Friday, December 9, 2005

me upasana upasika and abi with the cuddly teddy bear at dvijas house Posted by Picasa

one of the beat pics which were taken by me at dvijas home Posted by Picasa

at dvijas home in her room with the cuddly teddybear abi,upasana,me and upasika Posted by Picasa

at dvijas home  Posted by Picasa

mala upasana upasika me and dvija showing our sexy legs and studying in our class!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

mala upasika upasana and me at our clas with spirutuality overflowing in us Posted by Picasa

this is my kg teacher my school with the lil ones Posted by Picasa

this is at school well there is meeta mamta ekta abi aakansha and me outside the school campus in our wonderful uniforms Posted by Picasa

hey ppl this is very much me howdo i look Posted by Picasa

this was an awesome pic with deepthi, candy and yazhini trying to catch candy for the camera Posted by Picasa

this too was at coll when we wore saree on the ethinic day!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

this was at coll at our inter yr culturals look at the pic many were caught unaware Posted by Picasa

hey this a cool pic ! this is althiya in my coll and yazhini well they both were caught unaware on the cam yar Posted by Picasa

hey this is at home sumedha,abi,mala,me,dvija after our board exams Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

me in college Posted by Picasa

abi me and dvija at a water falls in coorg during our 12th excursion Posted by Picasa

a cool collage of my school friends Posted by Picasa

aa collage of my college friends photo Posted by Picasa

at our farewell me and dvija Posted by Picasa

me and abi at our farewell to our 12th seniors in our 11th std Posted by Picasa

yazhini,chitra,nirmala,alice,deepti,sagaya and me after finishing ca tests getting ready to go home Posted by Picasa

me and esha relaxingg!!! at the eve of our ca tests in college Posted by Picasa

me,tusshara and abi at our 11th culturals in the reception Posted by Picasa

abi,chintoori,mamta,harini (behind)dvija and me at a hotel lobby in coorg during our 12th excursion Posted by Picasa

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