Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gamble of emotions

HOPE, FEAR, HAPPY and SAD were four kids of SPIRIT.

Hope was a worried Kid, Fear was a dark kid, Sad was a lonely kid while Happy was the merriest kid bringing laughter wherever it went.

Sad was a loner and would not talk with anyone and would start to cry uncontrollably at odd moments for no reason.

Fear never came out and lurked in the corners, it shied away from Hope and was jealous of Happy, and used to live on the tears of Sad. These tears gave life to Fear, and it always used to lurk in the shadows of Sad.

Hope was a kid with mixed feelings, It was a little wary of both Happy and Sad. It was drawn to the light of Happy, but somewhere along the line something would make it back to go to Sad and sit and cry with it.

At those times when Hope went to Sad, Fear would grow more in the tears of both Hope and Sad. It would evilly grin and mock at Happy, saying this evil thing was great more fun and darker than the light hearted fun Happy used to spread.

Happy being a happy soul could not bear any sign of distress. It just wanted to go pop the distress balloon with a single needle and spread the happiness. But it hated to fight, so it just tried to make Hope, Sad and Fear happy, but it was beyond its control. It always ended losing and feeling more weak than others.

The days went by and the strength of Fear in the distress of Sad and Hope kept looming large, that even sunlight was getting dimmer and the dark clouds were getting bigger in the sky.

This constant battle between the kids completely exhausted Spirit. Even she started feeling the intensity of Fear and felt she would lose Happy to Fear if she did not do anything now.

She called them all to her, and addressed Fear.

Spirit - 'Fear, You can quit smiling like a monkey and sit properly in your chair'
Fear - 'But what if the chair breaks??'

Spirit - 'Hope, will the chair break?'
Hope - 'Do you want it to break?'

Spirit - 'No child' (but she signaled hope it should break)

Spirit - 'It wont break, you can sit'
Fear - 'If you say so' Sits on the chair gingerly and hovering in the corner.

The chair gives way and breaks, making Fear howl in pain and say a mouthful of curses and pulling Sad down with it. They emit a lonely song deafening the ears of the listeners.

Spirit - 'Help them build the chair Hope'

Hope rushes forwards and helps Fear and Sad to build the chair, and in the process Happy joins in and the chair is built again, with Happy gleaming over them with happiness.

Spirit - 'So what did we learn children?'

Hope, Fear, Sad and Happy looks expectantly at Spirit.

Spirit - 'There is no emotion without the other. Every emotion compliments the other. I dont know if I am Happy, if I have not been Sad. I will not know Hope if I haven't been in Fear. There is always two sides to the coin. And my spirit would have been broken long ago, if I had let one emotion dominate my senses, because something may come up and rob a single emotion from you completely if you are not looking. Every emotion is a delicacy of its own, some which will be relished right at the moment, some later..much much later' *she winked at Fear, who looked around sheepishly*

Driving people insane as always!

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