Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pre-Wedding Madness...

1. Amma, clothes and She madness!

She: *Keeps pulling clothes one after the other from her wardrobe* Amma, I have so much clothes!!

Amma: I know. And you are not taking everything with you.

She: *Looks dismayed* Why not?

Amma:You can take them when you visit us.

She: But *Looks longingly at the wardrobe*

Amma:What? Are you not planning to pop in here once you get married?

She: *smiles sheepishly* Yeah, but I need this, this and this too Amma :(

2. Amma, shopping and she madness!

She: Amma, lets go bangle shopping

Amma: Okay

She: *Keeps adding bangles one after the other to the basket*

Amma: Remember I also got you gold and diamonds?

She: *says absently* - yeah yeah * bills it*

Amma:*Freaks at the bill*

She: But Amma, these are so cool! Puhleesseee...

Amma:: *Finally gives in*

3. Appa, footwear and she madness!

Appa:  You have 16 pairs of footwear! This is where all my money went? and still you want three more?

She: No Appa, you dont get it. I am still economical in what I got, See the first 16 pair were cheap stuff and can be worn only for occasions. But the three new ones are to be worn daily. So I need this as well as that. Makes sense right? *smiles widely*

Appa: *Rolls his eyes and exclaims that she is crazy but finally gives in*

4. Friends and she madness!

She: *Buzzes Shilpa and Abirami at 2:00 a.m* - Oye, I think I am shit scared. I cant sleep :(

Abby: *Buzzes back at 2:45 a.m* Just go sleep

She: * Buzzes at 3:00 a.m* Okay

Shilpa: *Buzzes at 10:00 a.m.* Everyone goes through this panic, you have to manage it. Just go get a massage done and relax yourself.

She: * Buzzes immediately* I know!

*In a couple of hours*

She: *Buzzed to Shilpa and Abby* Oye! I am bloody excited about this whole thing! It is going to be fantaboulous!

Abby: *Instant Buzz back* Tell me about it!

She: *Instant Buzz back* I am finally getting out of chennai! And I am soo excited about it!

Abby: *Instant Buzz back* Thats all eh!

Shilpa: *Rolls her eyes when she met her in person*  

5. Chocolate and she madness!

 45 days and still ticking with not a single bit of chocolate. Till the M&Ms freaked her out.

Chocolate: I am mad at you, so I am sneaking into your house through one Ms. Alice John and am gonna make myself irresistible.

She:  No you cant make yourself irresistible...... 

She:*Deep thought as she gets the M&Ms*  well let me just have an handful of you.

*Time to stop*

She: Just one more handful, what harm!

*Warning signals go up*

She: Just one last handful.

*Looks around guiltily and then packs the M&Ms and decides to put it way up the shelf, but on second thought keeps it for packing to ooru!*

Chocolate: *Evil Mogambo laughter* Muhahahahha! I told ya did I not!

6. Shopping and she madness:

She shopped all day and even some nights, and still the to buy list never came to an end. Resulting in piles and piles of things stacked in her room and her wondering how she is gonna pack them all and drag them all the way to chettinad in just 4 days. She has already booked (or should she say dumped them with goods) all the luggages and baggages available in the house for her use and wonders how the rest of the family are gonna pack their clothes :p

7. Scooty and she madness:

Without heed to constant warnings, she still keeps buzzing off the chennai lanes in that scooty pep of hers. And well, it still seems to put up with her. Of course, it is a 5 year long association and one which has took her through the ups and more specifically the downs in the roads of life and chennai. When the roads were bumpy, it did not give her a smooth ride. But safe she went to where she went.

Driving people insane as always!

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