Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I flew up from my chair in my accounts class…I suddenly felt so light…I couldn’t sense anything…I couldn’t touch anything…I was floating in the air...I looked down…people were gathering around the chair I was sitting…I wondered what had happened….I couldn’t control my moments….I felt so light and good…I felt like a bird flying in freedom…I was raising higher and higher…I did not know how to stop myself…I tried shouting my friend’s name…who had gathered at my chair below…she couldn’t hear me…I was puzzled…what is happening? I heard my friend let out a shriek…she shouted she could not feel my pulse…she said she feared I might have been dead…I was laughing at the commotion they were creating below me…while I was happily floating around….WHAT….Excuse me….what did I say my friend feared….Did she say I am DEAD….as in D-E-A-D!! it why I am floating now…I couldn’t believe it…I did not feel a thing…what is the proof that I died? I don’t even know the reason for my death which they say that has been caused….all I can feel is very light and happy…I am puzzled!! This is very unfair…….I call down to the people….I shout to them I am right above them…they do not hear me!

Some one tapped on my shoulder…I turn and I am awestruck…I wished my friend was with me to see this person…oh my…he looked so damn cute…he had straw-colored hair…and deep blue eyes that glinted in the ends…that makes you want to drown into the depths of the vast blueness…I must have been gaping at him with my mouth wide open…coz he coughed…I closed my mouth and went back to my puzzled look…then I noticed, even he was floating in the air like me…
’brad’ he said…
’bread’ I said
‘Not bread…it is brad’….
’bred’ I said pronouncing it the way he pronounced it…he smiled and acknowledged it…oh my…he has got just the perfect teeth…they were so white…naturally too….I must have been staring through him in my own world…that he waved at me…I came back to my senses…
‘I am your official transporter to the other world’
Other world….I thought there was only one world in our solar system….
‘What other world?’
‘The world of the spirits….the world of after lives’
‘After lives…excuse me…I am still very much alive…!’
He smiled at me ‘indeed you are not alive, that is the reason I am here’
‘If you are here…why should I be dead?’
‘If you can see me…then you are dead my girl’
I just stood staring at him…he took my hands and glided me across the room…
He told me the way to control your movement on air is very much similar to swimming…just push yourself forward and beat your legs….and use your hands like the wings of a bird to change directions..
It was now easier for me to move about in the air…and it was great fun too…I felt like I was starring in a superman movie…everything below was soo small like ants…I was interrupted in my thoughts by his
‘We need to go higher’
‘Yeah, past the clouds’
He suddenly pulled me across and drifted towards a corner….and I heard a plane pass just near my face…
He grumbled ‘Air traffic has become so severe due to the vast technological developments made by mortals!’
I smiled at it; he looked very cute when he grumbles!
We flew higher…without realizing we both were hand in hand!

We reached a big white gate…he went and identified himself as ‘transporter 09765’ and the huge gate opened…I was blinded by the light…he gave me coolers to wear…and wearing them we went in…he asked me to register my name and my birth date in the register counter…and then I was taken to a place which very much looked like our sathyam cinemas!...
‘Are we going to watch a movie?’
‘I want to watch Spiderman 3….you took me before they could release it…can I see it here?’
‘Spiderman?...I do not know abt that movie…but we are gonna see your movie’
‘My movie???!!!’
We went in and were seated….and it ran before me….my total 18 and a half years of life….till the minute I drifted from my chair…I sniffed a sob and told him that nobody has taken such a perfect movie just for me….it was so wonderful of you….he gave a startled look and said
‘I did not take this movie, we have a separate film department for all this’
‘Oh is it soo…then I wish to meet the director of this film…I want him to go back to India and take such amazing movies’
‘oh yeah he went there once…he got crazy about the film industry down there and came back in the same speed in which he went, yeah now we can go to the review room’
‘Review room?’
‘Ya…now they will review what good you have done…what bad you have done…they confirm you are the said person in the movie and decide on whether you will go to hell or heaven’
‘Oh…….how interesting….will you accompany me to hell or heaven Brad?’
‘No…I part at the gates of those…from then on the world of hell or heaven is completely for you to explore’
After some 2 hours of debating…the review team was confused with their result…they said I confirm to the movie…but I wasn’t supposed to be here….I was supposed to be here only after some 50 years…but everything else was right…they did not know what went wrong…the death chart…they said…had my name twice…..I had something unaccomplished in earth…they will send me in half state there…as they cannot grant me Visa to enter hell or heaven….so I had no other option but to jump between earth and here…
‘Half state? Un-accomplishment? Visa?’ I was completely puzzled….they then said that till things sought out, Brad will accompany me to wherever I go…to keep an eye on me…

So we returned back….to earth…
Brad asked me ‘Did you have any deep desire?’
‘Desire? .....hmmm….yeah to eats tons and tons of ice creams and chocolates everyday’
He laughed at this ‘Not such desires…something big enough, which wants you to stay in the world?’
‘Hmmm…I have no idea Brad’
‘Anyway we will encounter what is making you stay here’
‘Yeah….shall we go home?’
We reached home…the home was silent…as if it was in a graveyard…it was dark too…I shouted
‘Your mom can’t hear you’
I could sense regret in his voice…
And I saw Mom, Dad, Bro, my friends, relatives….everybody was outside near me….my body!!....they were all crying….lots more people were coming to the house…
I couldn’t bear the sight…I turned and Brad caught hold of me…I silently wept in his shirt…I looked up
‘Why I brad?’
He couldn’t reply…he was rooted to the place looking at my family and friends….
‘They need me Brad’
‘They do’
‘I want to go back to them….I want to hug my parents….I want to fight with my brother….I want to play pranks with my friends…..I want to do a lot more things…..’
Brad just hugged me tighter…
Suddenly we were transported back to the review room...they said they had found the reason for the confusion…they said I was not supposed to die…I had a lot more to see and achieve in life…many people need me in earth…many people live for me…I live for many people…they shouldn’t be disappointed too soon…many people’s life will depend on my future existence….there was a small error…and I need to be transported back to my life form….and that too immediately before my soul’s last remains drift from my body…

We were transported back to my house….I was completely bewildered at what was happening….Brad asked me to walk in to my body…I saw my mom staring at me….I did not know she can sense me….I smiled at her…..she smiled back!
‘Walk in?’
‘Yeah….just concentrate on your body and walk in’
I walked….walked to my body….I went into it…I suddenly felt that I had entered a tornado….everything was spinning around me….and suddenly I got up….I felt my mom’s hands around me in a protective hug….everybody gathered at my house were staring in disbelief at me….they couldn’t believe their own eyes…only my mom said
‘I knew you will come back’
And I saw Brad smile and disappear into thin air behind her…

# inspired from the drama Crazy Ghosts

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A birthday poem written under the street lamp*

Gone are those days
When college started in June
We were frantically searching for friends
Looking around for people with like tastes
Judging people by their behaviors
Shunning the attitude of some
Beaming at the attitude of some
And making new friends
2 years hath passed
We have set ourselves into distinct groups
We have created an identity
Met people who have same wave length
Had some innumerable memories
And here comes your
Second birthday in college
But alas, Alice
Y did u come to this world on April 26th
Perfectly when college closes
Never giving us an opportunity to celebrate it
But, still we celebrate it in our minds
You are gonna be 19!
That is an achievement
When you look still as if you are 9!

You are a very special person in my gang of friends
Oh my, now don't you get all too senti
You were the one born with
To correct all unimaginable
Spelling mistakes made by me
You were the one born
To listen to my rantings
You were the one who never got bugged
When I called u almost every single day
You were the one who did not get irritated
When I called you during exams
Just to tell you I have finished studying
You were the one who always
Trusted me to do well in exams
Okai that is an exaggeration
All of you trust me in that aspect
You were the one
Who looks so funny When you
Make such unimaginable mistakes
In your favorite subject called
You were the one who gave a lending ear
To listen to all my indifferences
Which I had with certain people

You were the one born with the sensible mind
You were the one born to be practical
You were the one born to be mischievous
You were the one born cute
You were the one who always
Escapes from anything you do
With that over sweet smile of yours!

You were the only person,
Who is near my heart,
Next too abby and Dvija!!
Now tell all others in our gang
Not to stare at me with piercing eyes
Yeah, even they are near my heart
But you top the list!!
What can I give you on your birthday?
What is more precious than,
Words, straight from my heart?
It may be inexpensive
But certainly are priceless
I know, I know
I blow my own trumpet!
But you definitely have a gift
And to know what it is
You have gotta wait till
I return from my inter CWA exams
And enough…
I never meant to senti attack you
Ms.Alice George John


From a weirdo named zany
Oh yeah translate the above to
Luvs, Vidya Natarajan

Note: not much spelling mistake here...coz it was spell checked in MS word
even then u find mistakes...u r great alice george john!
happy bday

*no current was the reason

Driving people insane as always

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The three monketyeers

okai dont blink people....this blog is exclusively dedicated to my friends Abby,dvija and of course me zany.....Vidya...

i was suddenly struck up with a turmoil of emotions..and i thought who will be there for me wen the whole world turns their back at me...i saw two was abby and dvija.......i donno...i am never the senti type...but here this blog...just for them..and me!!

and people dont ask me who is birdie....coz i dont even know who it is?


this is Vidya, Abby, for the poem

ONE little monkey caught in a tree
Birdie named it Abby and set it free
Abby couldn't stand in one place
Coz she wanted to play the veena
She played, played and played
She played, played and played
Birdie could bear no more
Abby was sent to school

Another little monkey caught in the tree
Birdie named it Dvija and set it free
Dvija couldn't stand in one place
She was dancing all around
She danced, danced and danced
She danced, danced and danced
Birdie could bear no more
Dvija was sent to school

Another little monkey caught in the tree
Birdie named it Vidya and set it free
Vidya couldn't stand in one place
Coz she wanted to write stories
She wrote, wrote and wrote
She wrote, wrote and wrote
Birdie could bear no more
Vidya was sent to school

Three little monkeys now in school
Sat in the first row
In the boys row
As against the girls row
Where they belong
Coz they were different

They learnt and forgot
How to account
They learnt and forgot
How to be economical
They learnt and forgot
How to do business
They learnt and forgot
Of the monkey
Whose name started with 'N'
They learnt and never forgot
The value called friendship

School came to an end
They didn't bade goodbye
Coz they never went by
They went in three different roads
Connected by the same lane
The lane called friendship

One went to become a marketing executive
One went to become a media entertainer
One went to become a cost accountant
But never did they lose touch
As they crossed many thresholds'
Deep in their heart
Was the thin vein of friendship
Protected by a million
Flesh and blood of memories
Never should they part
Till they cross earth's threshold

Driving people insane as always

Sunday, April 8, 2007


i found it...i did it at last....eurekha...

this is sooo cool

i am jumping all around.....

i know it now,....
nobody can stop me now...


ok ok...enuf tension
wanna know wat i found out?
-scrawl down people




-well i found out wen my blog was officially born!! was on

MAY 8TH,2006

even though i posted my first post on april 24th 2004...tht was just a forward.....and all those time till may 8th my blog was in the construction was in the pre birth stage experimenting...and saw the real blog world only on may 8th...2006

so not a year has passed let may 8th come....and we will get the celebrations rolling!!!

Driving people insane as always

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Little did I know!

Lightning struck my heart
When I saw you down the lane
Arrows of your sharp features
Pierced through my soft features
I was rooted to my place
As you occupied my heart’s empty space
you were nearing me
My heart was nearing to burst open
You smiled at me as you passed me
Making my heart hammer against me
I gathered myself together
And wondered if I will see you again
Little did I know

I saw u in the park bench
Buried behind newspapers
But I knew it was you
Coz my heart said so
I sat next to you
To see if you will smile again
That melts me allover again
Yes, you did smile
And made me fly a mile
‘Jogging’ u asked me
I nodded in reply
‘Can I join you?’ u asked me
I wonder what I told you
But we jogged all around the lane
Till the end of the lane
I gathered myself together
And wondered if I will see you again
Little did I know

You came everyday
We jogged everyday
In one of the jogging sessions
Came our confessions
I do not know if it was you who made it
I do not know if it was me who made it
But both of us knew it, that
I was the sister whom you lost
You were the brother whom I lost
In the tragedy 10 years back
I gathered myself together
And wondered how you recognized me
Little did I know
That a new face from a plastic surgery
Doesn’t hide my old face to you.

Driving people insane as always

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Pit of Struggles

I woke up to a bright sunny…err… wait a sec….it isn’t bright or sunny….instead it is pitch dark...oh maybe I am sleeping still….’wake up sleepy head’….I open my eyes wide open, still it is pitch dark….I try to look at my watch…it shows 6 :00 am….then wat is the matter? Why is everything pitch dark….I look next to me to find that my mother is not sleeping next to me…where could she have gone? And I see three people clad in white approaching me…..I strain my eyes and adjust them to the darkness…and see the three figures clearly…one is a woman and the other two are men…they come to me
‘Welcome to the pit of struggles’ says one of the men who is slightly taller than the others
‘We r the 3 wise people of struggles’ says the lady with them
I blink….what the heck is happening around me?
‘I am the director of this pit, she is the managing director and he is the assistant director’ says the man who is shorter…
I blink once again and ask them if this is some kind of a joke?
They then ask me to look above…over thousands and thousands of foot above me I see a small glitter….the lady tells me that, that is my goal in life…
I am confused….what goal….who are all these crazy people??
As if reading my mind…the taller man says…that is the goal I am supposed to reach in my life…and the purpose of my life…
I laugh out! What the hell….I myself do not know wat my goal is…and here are three people defining my goals??
I then say to them…I want to get out of this spooky place and want to return back home…
The lady smiles at me and says…that even they want the same thing to happen…and for that to happen she says I have to reach my goal….
Me ‘!!!?????’
What the hell is happening around me! Is this some kind of a fantasy movie?
How can I reach that goal which is thousands and thousands of feet above me I ask them?
They reply that, that is why I am here…in this pit…this pit of struggles…which has to be overcome with the torch light of hope, and they give me a small pen torch…
I give them a confused look, to which they say…this is the torch light of hope…
Err…excuse me….I say….
With this teeny weenie torchlight of hope I am supposed to reach that goal….up...Up …above me…
they nod and smile at me….
That is impossible….I cry
They smile for this too…
And say this torchlight will show you the way of light you have to follow….
But what if I do not want to reach my goal? I ask them
They reply that only those highly ambitious people fall into this pit at a certain point of their life!
I laugh that they might have been mistaken…I am not that ambitious person….
They laugh back saying…all my ambitions are deep inside me…I have developed them gradually when I grew up…without me realizing it…that they are aching deep inside me to burst out….and only if I reach this goal of mine will I be able to get back to my world satisfied …. There is no other way out of this pit…
I yell ‘What the heck?’…..only I did not use heck….I used the F word….all three people shake their heads and mutter ‘Kids these days…..’
I shout back saying I am not a kid….I am an 18 year old adult….and ask them to go to where they have come from…I do not want to climb up the pit- I shout…it is soo unfair…
They just look down at me….with I do not know….if it was a look of pity or sympathy….
I sit there for a few minutes…with these weird people….they do not seem to be going…and I finally give up…
‘Ok seems like I do not have an option’
They smile at me again….
They and their bewitching smiles…I mutter to myself!
I get on my feet….they ask me to hold on to the walls of the pit with both my hands…and feel the rock wall…and use the clefts in it to climb….
I blink….but I have to hold a torch also….how am I supposed to do that?…
They smile asking me to hold the torch in my mouth…
I just shake my head…saying why can’t they give me a rope…and what if I do not know how to climb…
They smile saying I will find a rope halfway through my journey….and they very well know that I know to climb...they have seen me climb on the pipes of my house to reach my room…when I return home late….
Oops…how long have these weird people been watching me…?
I question back…what about others who fall in this pit…who do not know to climb?
They smile… (That bewitching smile!!!)...When in the pit of struggles...worry only about thyself….they said.
I show them a face…and start climbing…cursing under my breath….and I heard them cheering for me from below…..I very much need it right now!!
And they shout at me to be aware of snakes and other dangerous things….
I fall down again….they hold me…and say ‘we only said beware…we did not ask you to shout and lose your grip…you can overcome everything that comes your way’
And they also tell me…if I fall back again….definitely a set of hands will be there to hold me….those are hands of my well-wishers…
I continue this journey….keeping a watch for snakes….and I fall many times….and I am caught every time by a set of hands… and it puts me back on my foot….and I notice that every time it is a different set of hands….once I felt them like the hands of my mother…I also find a rope….and after endless hours I reach the glitter I saw from deep down below….it is no longer a glitter…it is beaming at me with such ferocity that it blinded me… looks like a big space of light….as I went near it….it engulfed me…and I felt warm all around me…….’Ouch’ I banged my head somewhere…
I get up with a start…I have been sweating….where am I?….I look around and find that I am in my room, in my bed……I can hear my mother calling for me to get up….she says it is getting late for college…..I wonder if what I experienced was a dream….when something brushes against my arm….I look down…it is the torch light of hope!

Driving people insane as always!

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