Thursday, November 22, 2007


I stood stripped of all my barriers
I daren’t move anywhere
As I waited for my savior
You came from nowhere
And struck me like a lightning bolt
I was scared
Scared to react
Scared to reach
Scared that you will disappear
Just like a lightning streak
Blinding my eyes in a flash of a second
Turning me into a nervous wreck
I wish you had a heart to lend
You gave me a knowing smile
My heart crumbled to pieces
As I found you far by a mile
I shattered all my inhibitions
I reached out and reached you
You vanished into thin air
Pushing me back into my barriers
I searched frantically everywhere
Searching high and low for my savior
Only to find you gone back to nowhere…

Zany child
Driving people insane as always

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lost key lost love

“You're the key to my life...
Rain on the rear view mirror
Covers the trace…….
Of all the tears that
I've had to waste…….
And now I'm missing you so
and I won't let you go away…..
Stain on the seats where people’s butt lay
and memories of you forever will stay…..”

Sang my little Roger, in middle of the citicentre parking lot….he wont even budge any side, coz I have lost his key, his key to life. Today wasn’t my day, nor was it his day…..

So what really happened, how did I end up in citicentre parking lot with a solitary singing Roger?

It was 8:30 in the morning, I had my Income tax exam in half an hour, and still I was at home. I went down took Roger, then I realized I did not have my Calc. I rushed up, searched everywhere in my messy room, I couldn’t find it, I took a new Calc. it did not work, then in a frantic moment I kicked my pillow, alas there lay my Calc. I grabbed it and rushed out, with amma’s words ringing in my ear that go carefully, drive slowly; you have plenty enough time to reach college.

I reached college at 8:55 rushed to my room, and exam was super short. I completed the paper in 1hour and 15 minutes. I couldn’t find my bag, I searched twice and then I found it on top of a heap of bags belonging to the class next to the next class. Then I came down and was roaming the campus waiting for my friends. Then we decided to lunch in citicentre. We reached their, and when I parked Roger, my slipper tore. So I initially thought, big deal, I shall walk barefoot in citicentre and opened my seat to drop in my slippers. That was when my friends said we will go in search of a cobbler and get the slipper fixed. There I left my key, I mean Roger’s key to life dangling from the seat lock.

So we found a cobbler, stitched the torn slipper. Reached citicentre and roamed and hogged at the place for an hour and half. Finally we decided to leave. I came down, searched my bag, key no where to be found. I asked the security there if he saw the key. He said no idea, get a mechanic and open the bike. It looked like Roger was frowning at my carelessness. We searched high and low, we couldn’t find the key. The bike next to Roger was missing, I said, maybe that guy when he took the bike, took my key also and right now Roger’s key would be hanging from his bike for dear life!!! We asked all the security personnel we came across. At last one of them asked me to go check in the office. We went down to the office, still no key. That is when I heard Roger singing. Then the parking manager called someone on the phone. He asked for Roger’s no. I told him, and he said somebody has the key, and is coming to give it to me.

We waited and the security guy with my key came, he asked Roger’s no. again, and asked for the parking ticket. Then he asked me my license and R/C book photocopy. I told him it is inside the bike. Then he gave me the key. I think I heard Roger’s yelp of joy in finding the key. Thank goodness I found the key, coz I had no clue where I kept the spare key at my home, and Roger is going to be really disappointed when he hears this. Then we went down the lane, took a photocopy, and gave it to the security guy. And all that started bad ended well, and still I can see Roger’s idiotic grin when I put his key back and gave him life……

Driving people insane as always

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