Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Crap?

For the first time the title makes complete sense, I mean it is total crap said in a random order!

Long time no blog…..I mean no proper blog…..I have posted random stuff, that doesn’t make sense….but this doesn’t mean, this post is going to make sense….I just thought, I haven’t opened Ms Word in my computer for a long time…so I just opened to see if everything in there is alright….yes they are….

What do I blog about today…..hmmm, I have been thinking about me, my life, and my career to be….am I in the right path? Was commerce the right option to me? Will I turn out to be a super cool cost accountant or a well equipped entrepreneur? I don’t know…..basically I just don’t know what I want to do?

One thing I found in the last week is that I cannot for nuts take anything seriously, there is one incident that happened last year…er..i mean ‘week’, (see I never keep track of things…..I just live for the day and that day….let tomorrow come to live it!.)..Yeah so last week I had a big argument with one of my closest friend. Well, she just says it straight at your face, if you are wrong, that is what she thinks friendship is all about….accepting and correcting your friend is what friendship is all about to her. (At last one sensible person, who is my friend!!) So we had a big fight for something which I did, which apparently I didn’t take seriously and she found it serious. I just thought it was a silly thing. And we had such a bad fight, that she was about to disown our friendship….seriously…then it struck me. Be happy at least now things strike me…it is never late is it…

What friendship is all about, what it is to adjust and be with others, how it feels to be selfless a little bit, what a difference it makes when you consider the consequences of your actions (which I never consider!) she made me realize how hasty I am, how crazy I am!!.....(and did I tell u, even after all this happened, even after being on the end of losing a good friend….I haven’t learnt to take things seriously!! Only I make sure that what I do doesn’t affect the other person, I give a tiny bit of thought to it..That’s all….I can’t do more than that!) And I have to tell you the way I was trying to patch up with her. My god…I was contradicting myself…..I was telling her sorry, and telling her I am serious, but at the same time laughing all the time…. (Though I made her laugh too!)And I even whined at her why she was making me emotional… (Sob, sob!).I also told her, she was the first friend who made me cry, when I thought I will lose her…..and to all my emotional rackets, even after everything went fine….she told me she didn’t believe I cried…(boo hooo…hooo)…didn’t I tell you people never take me seriously!! ever hard I try to be serious.

So here I take random decisions - that I am going to take my life seriously, I am going to concentrate in my CWA and become a super cool cost accountant, I am not going to jabber in class…so I go to class the next day, get my friends book to copy the left out notes in my book (didn’t I tell you I am serious!!) so when I go to class and find that the lecturer is not going to turn up for that hour, I go ‘jabber, jabber’….my notes forgotten……and I do what I do best, that is ‘bug’ my friends! (I really tried hard, but, alas, I can’t take anything serious for nuts!) Then I decide, I have to be serious now in my financial management class, the subject is new to me….I need to learn new things, I need to get enlightened….and take my note eager to copy the notes being dictated…..we were half way through the class, everything was going properly according to my serious plan, again some one says, India score is 278/3 in the match in baroda with west Indies. All my serious plans collapses big time, I yelp in joy, how cool…and bug that girl for individual scores, and hearing ganguly 68 and dravid 78, my day was made….I was jumping from my place, telling everyone see….ganguly is our lucky star!!.....hip..hip..hurray for dada….and yippe….the captain of our team also rocks!!..... (and I just wished that this match was held in Chennai, I would never executed my serious plan that day, and would be happy watching the great and awesome match….and…ps: soon as I could reach the CWA institute I heard that sachin hit his century in the very last ball of the Indian innings…now my day was double..triple…made….!!) and did I tell you, I never got a chance to complete the remaining notes dictated, as I was busy spreading the message of India’s super duper score…..well, why are my friends there…..there notes are like mine….I shall copy them or even better Xerox them later!!

So the moral of the blog is…..nothing can change the craziness in me….nothing of any magnitude, like losing a friend can make me serious…..but still that doesn’t mean, I will not bother losing my friend, I will make it up with him/her in the way known to me, without actually getting serious, but I was serious but it will not be evident…I mean in my own confusing way I get back my friends, and yes one thing makes me serious, angry, irritating…that is when Indian team messes big time in the international matches!!

That’s abt my random thoughts…will rite more of there senseless stuff in the coming posts…..till then


Vidya natarajan

I mean


Driving people insane as always!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

Wat kind of a write r u?

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

Wat is ur personality disorder!

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal...

A bit odd and socially isolated.
You couldn't care less of what others think.
And some of your beliefs are a little weird.
Like that time you thought you were Jesus.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


You Are 48% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Jersey to Nellikuppam - a Home production


Everything in the below script is purely fictitious and has been written for the sole reason for you people to laugh. If you do not laugh after reading it, I warn u beforehand of ‘zanybug’ which will infect you. This bug is on the lookout of people who do not laugh after reading this article!!...highly dangerous bug! So at least pretend to laugh. And the bug will hit you if you question the logic in the article! So all you have to do is read and laugh and no questions what so ever!

Zany Talkies

Proudly presents

New Jersey to Nellikuppam


Panchu & Aanchu

Story, Script, Direction




Hero entry:

Our hero Panchu returns to Chennai from America. His family is waiting in Kodambakkam bus stop (as this film is a low budget film, the hero cannot afford a flight ticket, so he comes all the way from US to Chennai by bus)

A bright yellow color bus stops in front of the big gang of family members…the wind blows in full speed (our usual filmy effects). The bus door opens, and a leg is shown, then another leg is shown. The leg touches the ground and the mud below the feet blows upwards. ‘aaargghh I can’t see’ a voice is heard. (A foul smell spreads around)

Camera moves upwards to Hero’s face…Panchu is rubbing his eyes with his hand. The mud from below went into his eyes….and he is in unbearable irritation. (The result of heroism).

He is wearing a ‘Reeebok’ Tee-shirt, ‘Levees’ jean and a ‘Nikie’ shoe. (courtesy: T.nagar platform).

Mom: Panchu my child how thin have you become?

(While panchu looks like a loaded truck…), and hurries to hug him.

Dad: son you haven’t changed a bit!

Panchu: yes dad, I haven’t changed. See I am even wearing the same clothes in which I went to US 2 years back! (Now you must have understood the reason for the foul smell!)

While going out of the bus stop, Panchu bumps into a girl.

Heroine entry:

That bump sends electrical shivers down both of them that Aanchu our heroine collapses by the electric shock that passed between them. Panchu catches hold of her.

Panchu looks at the girl in his arms. She wears big soda butti spectacles. And looks like one who has escaped from an asylum. Not that Panchu looks any better with his two bug’s bunny teeth! Aanchu regains consciousness and looks at Panchu for a half a minute. They hold eye contact. (And the usual romantic violin plays in the background). Aanchu then flees from that place.

Panchu: who is that girl dad?

Dad: she is the bus masters’ daughter (like station master in station, bus master in bus stop) Aanchu. She will be here most of the day. She sings and chases away all the dogs, cats and rats in the bus stop. At times her songs fled people also when there is a lot of rush in getting tickets.

Panchu: oh, how sweet.

A few days later,

Panchu’s home:

Mom: Panchu get up, the bride’s family is coming home today to see you today, it is the bride groom looking ceremony. At least bath today and look good for them. (Nowadays, it is no longer the bride looking ceremony; it is the reverse case these days)

Bride’s family enters:

Dad: welcome, welcome please make yourself at home.

Mom: welcome.

Dad: go and ask Panchu to come.

Mom: oh yes

Panchu comes inside the hall with the tray of coffee. The bride’s mothers analyses him from top to bottom. He goes and says ‘namaskar’ to everyone and gives the coffee. When he comes at the bride to give coffee, He looks up to see the bride, and she too looks at him. Panchu smiles shyly at her and goes and sits obediently next to his father.

Dad: Panchu is a US return lad. He has done his MBA from New Jersey (here MBA doesn’t mean ‘masters’ in business administration’, it means ‘Masters in Barotta adichufying (beating)’ ) he is a very good son, very calm and polite to elders, and does all the house hold chores just like his mother.

Bride’s Mom: does he sing?

Mom: oh yes, of course Panchu will you sing for them my child.

Panchu: yes mom…

‘A..aa….aaaa’. Everybody closes their ears and the bride’s family flees from the place!

Mom: oh god! What will we do now Panchu, they have rejected you.

The wind blows fiercely and the trees sway from right to left. A thunder storm strikes and a huge down pour follows.

Panchu is trying to hold himself from being taken away by the wind. And says in a Magnamous Decibel… ‘Mom, I vow today that I will marry before that girl who came here within 1 week, or else I will change my name to ‘panchali’’

Dad: son, panchali was your orginal name, it was due to some bet you lost a few years back that you change your name to Panchu.

Panchu glares at his father and says, ‘that doesn’t mean that I will lose always!!’

A few days later. In the middle of the night.

Panchu thinks of Aanchu. He gets up from is bed. Rushes to the bus stop.

Bus stop:

Panchu is running from the left…..

Aanchu is running from the right…

The camera shifts like watching a tennis match from Panchu and Aanchu. It goes on for some 15 minutes. (Panchu shouts at the cameraman, ‘idiot stop, I can’t run any longer!!’ and the camera is stopped)

Panchu runs and falls in Aanchu’s arms.

Panchu: honey, where you coming in search of me?

Aanchu: who me? .Never. I was coming in search of my dog ‘pandu’. And you fell into my arms!

Panchu: never mind honey, dog or me, it is the same difference.

Now for our dream song.

The camera shifts to exotic locations in Chennai. Like the ‘koovam’ river, the ‘Eunix’ waste recycle factory and many more such locations in which Aanchu and Panchu run hand in hand singing duets.

Song ends.

Aanchu is still holding Panchu in her arms

Aanchu: do you love me Paanchu?

Panchu: of course dear and my name has only one ‘a’ it is Panchu and not Paanchu.

Aanchu: oh ok dear, will you do anything for me?

Panchu: I will do anything for you

Aanchu: will you give me your life?

Panchu: what? Who told you I will give you my life, never will I give my fit for nothing life to anyone.


Aanchu puts Panchu down and flees from there, leaving Panchu to deal with his broken bones.

Panchu at that moment gets a call from his friend that his house is in fire.

Panchu rushes to his house with the firemen, to find his house calm. When he goes inside, his father looks like fire at him. (The friend indicated this fire and not the real fire). The firemen blast Panchu for ruining their precious sleep and leave the house.

Panchu: what happened dad?

Dad: who is she?

Panchu: who?

Dad: I heard you are going around with a girl?

Panchu: then, will I go around with a guy? What stupid question is this dad?

Dad: you cannot marry that Aanchu girl

Panchu: why are you spoiling things like this? Nobody will marry me is known to me, and Aanchu says she wants to marry me, why should I spoil such an opportunity?

Dad: if you marry her, I will not give you any share in my property, and you cannot live in this house.

Panchu: your property? You are talking as if you have pots of gold and acres of land. All that you have is your old, torn dhoti and shirt, who needs them? And if that is your decision I am walking away from this house.

Panchu packs his bag, while his Mom pleads to his Dad not to let him go, and his Dad warns his Mom, if she stops him, she may as well go with him. His Mom says, ‘oh, I can’t go and live with him, just for the sake he is our son and I have to show mother sentiment in the movie am I asking him to stop. If he wants to go, let him go, I will open the doors much wider for him to go’

Panchu then goes to the bus stop and wakes Aanchu and they both go to the nearby temple and they both get married. (background music…’mangalyam thanthunathena…’..)

Anchu: where are we going to live Panchu?

Panchu: Aanchu do not ask stupid questions like that, I have not built a taj mahal for us to live. I can only get you its photo. We have to go in search of some place.

They land at the house broker’s house.

The broker tells them there is an amazing bungalow just for them, and its rent is very cheap of just Rs. 250 per month.

Panchu and Aanchu go to that place. It is in Nellikuppam. The broker takes them to a straw hut, which looks ravishingly tattered.

Broker: this is you dream bungalow Panchu

Panchu: oh. It looks beautiful

Broker: near the house you get a free offer of this group of buffaloes. They are absolutely free along with this house. So you can have hot coffee every morning in fresh buffalo milk directly from them. , and Panchu, but one condition never let Aanchu sing, or else all the buffaloes will run away.

He shows them the river containing all the possible contamination, running along side the hut and says this is the Kuppam River. ‘You can swim scuba dive and even bath in this river and have a wonderful time. Nobody will bother you here, even if you drown and die or get infections. It is such a peaceful locality.’

Panchu and Aanchu are very happy with the house, and agree to rent it.

And thus like all stories, the couple lived happily stinking ever after with buffalo milk coffee and Kuppam River bath!

Thank you


Driving people insane as always

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Listen to this article here

Each year in our life is like the chapters in a book. Flipping through the pages of life, we notice a lot of great achievements, flaws and events that changed our life. The book on life is an interactive one. It lets u chose the doors you need to go through. Looking through my life and the interaction I have made with my life’s book, I should tell you I have learnt a lot of things. Till my 11th standard I went through all the doors in my life blindly, without choosing among the various options offered to me, I just entered the first door that came in sight. Only from my senior years in school, I felt the need to redefine myself.

In 11th, the first door I had to choose from was my groups. The three doors containing the big bold words of ‘commerce’, ‘medicine’, and ‘engineering’ loomed large before me. I thought hard on what to chose. I loved the medical profession, but just a love for it will not make you one, it involves complete and uninitiated hard work, I doubted my abilities for hard work as soon as I neared that door. So I turned from that door and saw the ‘engineering’ door. But even this involves coaching class, which is one thing I hate, and also I the long run you have to write many entrance exams to get an engineering seat. And entrance exams never works in my favor, so I turned to the last door labeled ‘commerce’. I found it to be apt. it was a new area yet unexplored by me. I have read science in my lower classes and I have the basic knowledge of physics, biology and chemistry. But commerce, accountancy is one I don’t have any idea of what it deals with. I thought it will be fascinating to take up this group, and there I opened the door in my life towards commerce, and now there is no turning back.

From then on I joined college for my under graduation in commerce and am doing my professional course in cost and management accounting along with my under graduation course. Even these courses I chose them among the options given to me by my life. Thus at times I think how I would have turned out if I had gone through the doors of engineering or medicine. But, alas, we have only one life and we can’t be everything in this single life.

Even if I am speaking purely on academic terms, every single thing in life like our social, personal and professional lives offers us so many doors, which we have to chose to open. Never will it allow us to open all the doors, if life lets us open all the doors available to us then there will be complete chaos in the world. Maybe that is the reason why some doors shut straight on our face while others open wide for us to enter.

I can say that as everyone has said ‘life is one big journey, people come and go’, similarly ‘doors in our life come and go, they open and close, if one door closes either behind or in front of us, you can look forward to another door that opens’ and whatever door opens is all for our good, and for our best to come from within. So let us all continue this journey of life going through the various doors offered to us, till we reach the door to death, which invites us welcomingly after we have passed through the doors and done what we were supposed to do in this earth, and thus fulfilling our purpose of creation.

Just enjoy every moment of life. Coz it is very short and you have got just one single life, so make as many friends as possible and try to make good with the people whom you have hatred or who have a hatred for you. Coz hatred doesn’t serve anything in the long run, in the end everyone has to pass through the door of death


Driving people insane as always

Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Saturday, January 6, 2007

Theatre… I come

How it all started:
It was my wish to go and see English plays. My first visit with the theatre medium happened today…..okai I cant say I have never gone to plays…..I have gone to Tamil plays by the “ ‘Crazy’ mohan troupe”…..and well as far as English plays are concerned I have only seen them in my school….and have been regularly going to my school theatre group plays…’Chettinad players’…..other than that I have never gone to professional English plays that are staged by the various theatre groups in Chennai……coz it never worked out in a long run……and u need company to go to plays…..I make all this big plans and stuff to go to the plays and who will get tickets and stuff….and also would have bugged my friends out of their life to accompany me…(I guess my friends wont deny this…I mean the bugging thing…coz…I make it tht everyone accepts wat I say and come with me…….or else they gotta bear the annoying , irritating zany…if they aren’t gonna do wat I want them to do!! making them read my blog… [;)]), but in the end something or the other will come up…or you know we would be bankrupt……

The Big plan:
So I planned it out this time very carefully…really well ahead……and started bugging everyone early enough, that is a month and a half ahead, that we should all go to this play…..that is by ‘Evam’, I was part of their orkut community….and heard that they were celebrating ‘Evam 150’, that is completion of 150 plays, and you could book tickets through orkut, that was way cool to an orkut addict like me!!... (And I am getting over it people!!! more an addict!!...seriously believe me!!)….and you know how crazy I can become about communities……being the fact that I did large scale promotions in orkut for my 3 communities that I so proudly own in the initial stages, and then let it grow on its own….so I started replying to the threads and stuff, and they were actually brilliant in promoting it through orkut I should say…..and it did have a great response I guess… least from me….and I am sure there are many freaks like me out there in this planet!! all done…and I had convinced Dvija…my best buddy from school…..and she has agreed to come….. (a small piece of info….hopefully dvija will not chase me all my life after reading this………she is a person who is hard to make her come out with you….it never works out….she will plan everything, and at the last minute something really important or stupid will come up, which she cant avoid…..and I told if she messes up this time….she is gonna be dead meat…..!!!.)….unfortunately her cousin couldn’t come with us….as we have our internals in college next week, and she had to prepare for it…..(And well, that does mean I have internals…..but zany only sits before day of exam and studies…..and then fumble I could’ve done better in the exam…..but I still wonder how my marks turn out great, even when I am not satisfied with wat I rote in the exam…..tht is a answerless question to me till now!!). So the tickets were booked for the 3:15 show on 6th Saturday at Alliance Francoise in nungambakam….and I was way too excited for that day to come…..

The Day:
Well the day came….I had college…. (Our management is coping up the working days for the hols they gave for Christmas and New Year!!...duh!!!!!..great!..)….so what if they want to have college on Saturday well and good, I am not stopping them, but I will not turn up on Saturday….as I have my morning CWA classes till 8in the morning…..and I need to catch my interrupted sleep due to my class…from 9 to whatever time I wish!!! college bunked, I was nicely sleeping in my comfy bed…..and got up after a nice long warm blasting from my mom at around 10!!......and Dvijas mom called up saying she had left her cell at home….just the thing I needed…how was I supposed to contact her, as she has college (poor soul…!!)…then getting hold of her friends numbers, I called her at her break time (u know the time wen all cells pop out wen they r banned in ur college premises…;)), and well she was talking in a hushed voice……apparently she was trapped inside her campus!!....and I told her I will be opposite her college at around 1:30….

The Drive:
So then, I started at 1:15 from home, damn the Chennai traffic..the ride from mandaveli to nungambakam will just take perfect 15 minutes!!...but thanks to the traffic, I was there outside her college at 1:40, but I couldn’t find her…so I went, very decently parked my bike at ‘barista’ and as if going in, I came out….and went to the opposite of her college, and searched her…there she was….we then went to barista took the bike….I already noticed that the watchman had noticed me!!...but alas, wat could I do in the hell of traffic, and apparently wen I drove my bike out he said something about parking not allowed if u r not going in or something, but I just speeded off in a hurry, I wonder wats in store from him, the next time I go to that barista!! our quest as to find college road… friend alice tried to explain to me the route via phone…but u see, I am not that well equipped with directions, it would be right before us, but I wouldn’t know it!! I stopped before college road…asked the police man (my best friends they are considering the way I drive!!) where college road is?...he pointed right in fromt of us!!!...anyway so we went in…found the place…but u know it was only 2!!.....we just couldn’t barge in when the show is only at 3:15….so I just went straight wherever the road led…..took some turns, without knowing where they r going, and apparently ended up again in nungambakam high road…so I told dvija we will go to ispahani next to her college and spent some time…..wat else could we do, other than driving around hopelessly.

So went to ispahani, was going up and down…as there was no place empty in sweetchariot….then at last at 2:30 a table was empty in there, and we ordered….they have excellent service u know….u order and they give it to u in an hour or so!!!......too quick…..their service is!!!........nobody will automatically take ur order, unless u threaten the waiters that u will walk out, if he doesn’t come (which we have done many a time there!!1)….so we left that place at 2:55…….great, I told dvija that we must be there at the venue at 2:45, and we start at 2:55….perfect punctuality keepers we both are, you see!! well I thought I will take the ‘u turn’ which is not allowed, if there is no police man, to save time…..and was standing near the turn, and apparently dvija saw the police man, before I was about to turn, and I saw that police man staring at us!! without turning I went straight!! This caused us to lose some 5 minutes, so it was 3 when I took the Gemini flyover turn!!.....and such a hell of traffic….I just rushed through it just in time, escaping all signals and reached Alliance Francoise at 3:05..(whoa thts great….5 minutes in heavy traffic!!)……so then we went to the booking counters and got our tickets…..and it was soo cool…all these evam people were wearing the red hats, giving the place a joyous mood!!...

The Play:

So tickets brought, seated in the auditorium, we were all set to watch the play….it was called ‘ART By Evam’…there bottom line of the play is …’a play about you, me and our best friend’…the general introductions came, and then a boy came and was acting as if he was playing a musical instrument….and music was pouring out behind…..then I understood that this was to set up the stage….and the play started…it revolved around three characters who are friends, and one of them gets a ‘white painting with a white background and white lines’……for 200 thousand francs…and his friend is mad at him for wasting 200 grand’s for a piece of what he calls white shit…..then they consult their third friend, who has no opinions for himself….is not an authoritative figure unlike the other two….and doest bother much what the other person does as long as it makes them happy…and he cant hate anything, and people like him…and i luved this dialogue that he delivered..`If I am who I am because I am who I am,
and You are who You are because You are who You are,
then I Am who I Am and you Are who you Are.
But, on the other hand,
IF I am who I am, because You are who you are,
and You are who You are, because I am who I am,
then you Are Not who you are, and I Am Not who I am'.
.and the play revolves around how these three characters fight, and try to find what is common between them to be friends, and go to the extent of ending their 15 year long friendship….and at last they end by understanding their mistakes and trying to rebuild their friendship…..the play was set in France…..and it indeed was a serious comedy!! excellent piece…..and I do say a worthy way to spend 1 and half hours and have a nice laugh over the entire thing…. This play was supposed to be their first play that they staged in savera when Evam was launched…..I felt at a personal level, as I have decided to be a theatre audience today, I felt like this was their first play 3 yrs back, and I am watching it….so hopefully I will be able to watch all their plays, and I have decided to be a regular visitor to the play, as and when time permits as well as my purse permits!!....but all in all, I had a really good time in the play, and hope for more in the coming plays that I am planning to watch!!

The orkut-evam meet:
Then after the play there was the orkut-evam meet…..which was kinda so cool, that the people u see online, u get to meet them face to face and interact with the group…..and well it was an informal gathering, having a nice time with the group, getting to know each other…and how it all started the ‘Evam theatre group’…… on how Karthik and Sunil met in M.I.C.A Ahmadabad in their post graduation, and decided to start the theatre group, which was their passion rather than working for corporate monotonously, they also said that they had spoke innumerable celebrities who had asked them not to start the theatre group, as it never fetched money….but they just wanted to give a try to their passion and think about the consequences later…so they worked and each saved a lac rupees and started ‘Evam’ three years back with this very play..’ART’…..they also introduced their core management…….and basically they were trying to get feedback on their plays, and how to make the orkut Evam community more active…..with the fact that they have some 800 odd members…but only 120 to 150 are active!!....and if u ask me wat I did in the meet….come on people I guess u know me better…I never talk straight away to new people….I take time to settle…and apparently dvija is also like that….so we were just keen observers at the meet, and I just love to listen….so there I was listening to everything said and done…and everyone there was great and friendly….but I need time to get accustomed to talk to people in person….and I guess hopefully if I go to these meets anymore, I would get accustomed and share my views….not that I had any today in the meet…given to the fact everything was damn new to me….the entire theatre world was new to me……and I did not have any opinion to share…I was just getting to know how they are working…and maybe I will get a better edge about exactly what theatre is all about in the future, as I plan to go to more of these plays, then go to sathyam, and hang around there choosing which film to waste my money on…just to spend time with friends…..I guess going to a play will be a valuable hangout with friends as compared to cinemas…with of course the exception of Manirathnam films…which are a class above others!!

So all is well I had a great time….and next time I am going to go to the Evam plays in a big group packing all my friends up….I am gonna make them experience what is theatre actually, and promote this new entertainment medium to my other friends and how much fun it is will be discovered by them, like I did today

Driving people insane as always!

Monday, January 1, 2007

A Toast beginning

A new opening, a new beginning….that is what all new year is about… around 12:00 am on 1st January, everyone bid farewell to the year 2006 and welcomed 2007 with outstretched hands….another year that you have witnessed in your life has come to an end…we witness a few decades in our life out of the millions ands zillions that come and go….the new year is a new beginning, but nothing has ended….only now last year….that’s cool…yesterday you were saying this year and today you are saying last year!...has bid goodbye and so soon those 365 days have been devoured my the machine of time. It has become history now, that year might have seen many historical events being created, records being broken, in a more personal phase, there might have been many newborns and as well as many deaths of loved and dear ones…(not always does good things they?) you might have got married or much worse you might have got divorced….it might have been the best year of your life or the worst….it might have redefined you…but all is well, whether it was the best of times or worst of times, its over now…and you can only hope that the new year will turn out to be fabulous for everyone…and may you be the bestest (okai…Ms word is not accepting this there a word like this??...anyway I aint gonna change long as u got the meaning!)

Well many would have welcomed the new year in different ways, u might have partied hard….or you might have spent a quite time with friends or you might have been glued to the idiot box as you did not have an option for going out…as for me I did the last one...that is the idiot box thingy…not because I did not have an option to go out…the thing is my parents still feel I am young enough to go out in the night and said a BIG NO for going out on new year’s eve….well I cant blame them, as my normal deadline of returning home after going out is 7!!...and the great part is I did not regret it coz even my friends parents were like that, they did not let anyone of us go out!! it wasn’t me who was suffering this protective fate!!... (What joy there is when others share your sorrow….muhahahahaha!)

And what is a New year eve without resolutions, I wonder why people take resolutions’ to change themselves on their new year, they can do it any time they want…but I guess a resolution on new year has a super special effect….as for me that is very true….I love New year resolutions, coz they r in my own style….well many will have resolutions like to be nice to people, to be a natural human beings for all those who were monkeys last year, to achieve high goals, to stand up in their career and many such serious resolutions. Well for me my resolution this year is ‘to never take a resolution’ well this resolution is quite common in this generation, so shouldn’t I add a special effect to it that is my very own style…..remember I told you I love new year resolutions….the reason is I always break them….but I usually break them after a week of the new year…but this year I am planning to break it right on new years eve, that is today… I am gonna make some more useful resolutions for me!! Those resolutions are as follows,

~ concentrate more on your career (bah….as if I will try…..coz every year this one common resolution of mine, but it never works… lets see if this year turns out any great for this!!)
~ make ‘freak ‘o’ commerce’ more active (this is one of my communities in orkut, in which we talk all nonsense expect about commerce!!...and it has been sleeping for a while….but I actually don’t hav ta do nything, I have a couple of moderators to do my job!!1)
~ restrict my net timings to an hour each day from the usual four or five hours to which I am hooked up (well I know I must talk about things that will happen and not about those that will not happen)
~ stop bird watching a particular group and widen your horizon (well, this may happen, but I am obsessed with this particular group of birds!!)
~ be a goody goody girl at home (hmmm….will have to think about it)
~ stop nagging my friends to read my blogs but write more blogs, which are worth reading and not crap stuff like this!! (well this one is a bit difficult to follow!!1)
~ do not break the resolutions I have made!! (hmm…this is very very easy to break!!!)

So there are my resolutions for the year, funny ones though but I might try to work on it….as it might change my careless attitude in life!!

So people…….may the new year bring happiness joy and everything you wished for in you life….and may you be good in following your resolutions unlike me!!


Driving people insane as always


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