Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Random Crap?

For the first time the title makes complete sense, I mean it is total crap said in a random order!

Long time no blog…..I mean no proper blog…..I have posted random stuff, that doesn’t make sense….but this doesn’t mean, this post is going to make sense….I just thought, I haven’t opened Ms Word in my computer for a long time…so I just opened to see if everything in there is alright….yes they are….

What do I blog about today…..hmmm, I have been thinking about me, my life, and my career to be….am I in the right path? Was commerce the right option to me? Will I turn out to be a super cool cost accountant or a well equipped entrepreneur? I don’t know…..basically I just don’t know what I want to do?

One thing I found in the last week is that I cannot for nuts take anything seriously, there is one incident that happened last year…er..i mean ‘week’, (see I never keep track of things…..I just live for the day and that day….let tomorrow come to live it!.)..Yeah so last week I had a big argument with one of my closest friend. Well, she just says it straight at your face, if you are wrong, that is what she thinks friendship is all about….accepting and correcting your friend is what friendship is all about to her. (At last one sensible person, who is my friend!!) So we had a big fight for something which I did, which apparently I didn’t take seriously and she found it serious. I just thought it was a silly thing. And we had such a bad fight, that she was about to disown our friendship….seriously…then it struck me. Be happy at least now things strike me…it is never late is it…

What friendship is all about, what it is to adjust and be with others, how it feels to be selfless a little bit, what a difference it makes when you consider the consequences of your actions (which I never consider!) she made me realize how hasty I am, how crazy I am!!.....(and did I tell u, even after all this happened, even after being on the end of losing a good friend….I haven’t learnt to take things seriously!! Only I make sure that what I do doesn’t affect the other person, I give a tiny bit of thought to it..That’s all….I can’t do more than that!) And I have to tell you the way I was trying to patch up with her. My god…I was contradicting myself…..I was telling her sorry, and telling her I am serious, but at the same time laughing all the time…. (Though I made her laugh too!)And I even whined at her why she was making me emotional… (Sob, sob!).I also told her, she was the first friend who made me cry, when I thought I will lose her…..and to all my emotional rackets, even after everything went fine….she told me she didn’t believe I cried…(boo hooo…hooo)…didn’t I tell you people never take me seriously!! ever hard I try to be serious.

So here I take random decisions - that I am going to take my life seriously, I am going to concentrate in my CWA and become a super cool cost accountant, I am not going to jabber in class…so I go to class the next day, get my friends book to copy the left out notes in my book (didn’t I tell you I am serious!!) so when I go to class and find that the lecturer is not going to turn up for that hour, I go ‘jabber, jabber’….my notes forgotten……and I do what I do best, that is ‘bug’ my friends! (I really tried hard, but, alas, I can’t take anything serious for nuts!) Then I decide, I have to be serious now in my financial management class, the subject is new to me….I need to learn new things, I need to get enlightened….and take my note eager to copy the notes being dictated…..we were half way through the class, everything was going properly according to my serious plan, again some one says, India score is 278/3 in the match in baroda with west Indies. All my serious plans collapses big time, I yelp in joy, how cool…and bug that girl for individual scores, and hearing ganguly 68 and dravid 78, my day was made….I was jumping from my place, telling everyone see….ganguly is our lucky star!!.....hip..hip..hurray for dada….and yippe….the captain of our team also rocks!!..... (and I just wished that this match was held in Chennai, I would never executed my serious plan that day, and would be happy watching the great and awesome match….and…ps: soon as I could reach the CWA institute I heard that sachin hit his century in the very last ball of the Indian innings…now my day was double..triple…made….!!) and did I tell you, I never got a chance to complete the remaining notes dictated, as I was busy spreading the message of India’s super duper score…..well, why are my friends there…..there notes are like mine….I shall copy them or even better Xerox them later!!

So the moral of the blog is…..nothing can change the craziness in me….nothing of any magnitude, like losing a friend can make me serious…..but still that doesn’t mean, I will not bother losing my friend, I will make it up with him/her in the way known to me, without actually getting serious, but I was serious but it will not be evident…I mean in my own confusing way I get back my friends, and yes one thing makes me serious, angry, irritating…that is when Indian team messes big time in the international matches!!

That’s abt my random thoughts…will rite more of there senseless stuff in the coming posts…..till then


Vidya natarajan

I mean


Driving people insane as always!


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