Friday, August 25, 2006

An hour of Banking class: my thoughts running loose

This is the class that let my mind loose. The class that nurtures my writing skills. My thoughts flow free with no barriers – I think what not in this class…but Maam’s monotonous voice is keeping on echoing in my mind..again and again..what do I write…I am getting bored in this dumb class…
Hey, it seems like Alice is listening to class. Sherine is writing and passing notes and pretending to listen to class. Sophia is doing her short hand lessons. Chitra is doing sudoku. Sagaya, Deepthi, Yazhilini, Helen are staring at maam with no other option!! Aruna and Shilpa are listening to class.
Ok..fine the spelling of ‘inconvenience’ is it right the 7th time..thanks to Alice and Chitra!!
Now what..Banking maam wants us to take some points…lets write it down shall we…

TYPES OF CROSSING [heading]-(what crossing?? Oh yeah, cheque crossing….not road crossing!!!!)
1) General Crossing- Sec 123 – definition- (the normal one yaar)
~ Essentials of general crossing:
a)2 lines are of great importance in crossing – (very important...yes I know this for a zebra crossing it must have black and white lines!!!!)
b)Lines must be drawn parallel and transverse – (ok! I know parallel zebra crossing lines – transverse???!!!....ok she has gone to the next point)
c)Lines are generally drawn on the left hand side so as to not to obliterate or alter the printed no. of the cheque and it should not cut or cross some of the writing – (in simple words, do not scribble unnecessarily on the cheque!!!..Got it people!!!)
d)The words ‘and company’ and its abbreviation are written between the lines, they by themselves do not constitute crossing, but it has been a practice to write them when the drawer does not know the name of the payer banker – (if he doesn’t know the name why does he draw...When he draws lines must be lengthy enough to constitute ‘and company’ and what ever abbreviation it has!!!)
e)Similarly the words ‘not negotiable’, ‘account payee only’ may be added to the crossing – (but I have a query here…if you add not negotiable...Then the cheque (literally) is not a negotiable instrument right!!!..Then what is a cheque now….??!!!)

(Ok, I know I am taking Banking class very LIGHTLY..And I know this is going to reflect in my exam!!!!!)
~ Significance of general crossing:
a)It gives direction to a paying banker - (oh so it means otherwise the banker is blind and doesn’t know the rout to take…I pity him!!!)
b)The direction is that the amount of cheque should not be paid at counter but to a fellow banker, that is it should be made through an account and not at the counter of the paying bank – (but what if that fellow banker runs away…and doesn’t all operations of the bank pass through the counter..Be it passing through an account or another way...It is still done at the counter right!!!!)
c)If a crossed cheque is paid at the counter in contravention of crossing,
# The payment does not amount to payments in due course; paying banker will lose his statuary protection.
# He has no right to debit his customers account as it constitutes breach of customers mandate – (I even more pity the banker)
# He will be liable to the drawer for any loss he may suffer – (I declare that I will never take a banker’s seems to be a very difficult one yaar….counting the no. of breaches he can do...Which I am bound to do!!!!)
d)The main intention of crossing is to give protection to it but general crossing gives only limited protection – (then why the heck did I learn this whole crap, if it isn’t going to give full protection) in the sense that if a thief is not the customer of the paying banker he can encash the cheque through forging the signature of the payee. However it can be deducted – (then what is the damn problem over here!!!). To avoid this danger special crossing was introduced – ( so basically protection is not the main intention……it is letting in the thief and letting him to forge the sign!!!)

2)Special crossing – definition – section 124:
~ Essentials of Special Crossing:
a)2 parallel lines are not at all essential – (so how do you cross with out zebra lines….you will have to jump and fly to cross huh!!!)
b)Name of the banker (collecting banker) has to be necessarily specified on the face of the cheque – (so a cheque has a face, body… interesting!!!) it alone constitutes Special crossing – (ALONE!!! the essentials is it must have a face and a name on it…so simple… even each one of us can become a cheque…. We all have a face…on it we write a bankers name… we become a cheque!!!!)

(Bell rang….hmm..end of an hours torture…….will seeya in next class….tille then adios….this is zanychild a.k.a vidya!!!)

Friday, August 11, 2006

you give me a title !!

Hii there!! During one of the personality development classes that I attended in college, the following is one such exercise which we were required to do. We had to frame an imaginative and creative story of our own using some words randomly given to us. The words are as follows:

Davos-tissue-blood- car radio-carpet-ball-apple-knife-footprints-coat-road-window-ambience-pathbreaking-news

When I saw these words first, I thought these would be very useful in framing a nice fictional mystery/thriller story. So here goes my first proper original short story of mine:

On a typical cold winter night in Davos, the Minister of Industries, K. Naik is still contemplating about what had happened over the past week. A renowned journalist and newspaper editor, Sudhesh Kaur had discovered certain confidential information regarding a foreign commercial agreement in which Naik had very conveniently roped in a lot of money for himself. Sudhesh was once a very good friend of Naik but then where is friendship spared in the dirty game of competitive politics. Thus, Naik was at stake. His involvement in the agreement would create a hell of a controversy. But Sudhesh being a shrewd journalist thought of getting himself richer through this leak out and called Naik home for negotiation.

They greet each other for the sake of doing it and Sudhesh makes two glasses of whisky on the rocks. Sudhesh soon comes to his point and proposes a huge sum to which Naik was dumbstruck. But he had no other choice than to accept his proposal since his everything was at stake-his post, his income, his standing in society and the welfare of his own family. He starts to sweat unusually and takes out a tissue to wipe himself. He looked out of the window totally ashamed by his actions and did not know what to do. He saw a cunning feel in the eyes of Sudhesh that troubled him. Seeing a knife pierced into an apple placed in a bowl on the table gave him strange and evil ideas. He felt like taking that knife and piercing it into the body of Sudhesh, his blood oozing out which would stain his coat and drop on the carpet. Then he would have to clean the carpet to remove all evidence and would also to have to see that he left no fingerprints or footprints behind. After that, he would have to carry his body to the car and drive the corpse to a forbidden land and bury him like he had seen in most movies. This thought scared him even more and he finally agreed to make the deal with Sudhesh who was at the same time playing with a ball like paperweight. After shaking hands, Naik leaves and drives back home listening to his favourite program over the car radio. But this time, it did not amuse him like before. He imagined hearing from the same car radio, an announcement regarding the pathbreaking discovery of Naik in the international scam.

Now in his hotel room in Davos which had a nice posh comforting ambience, made no difference to Naik who knew that anytime anything could be done to distort his standing and maybe he would not able to come here the next year for the World Economic Forum.

So let me know how you found my story and do send me in your honest comments. Thanks a ton for taking the time to read it.

Take care



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