Saturday, May 8, 2010

When was the last time you acted like a Kid?

Ice cream never tasted better until it was dripping all over your chin. You never worried if you poured sauce all over your brand new white t shirt. Chocolate had to be licked from your sticky fingers :p The innocent excitement when you got your friend's number for the first time in those time of no mobile and called her up as soon as you got home. Sailing paper boats in dirty water just soon after the rain on the roads unmindful of people staring. Getting hyper and jumping up and down to greet your favorite teacher if you met her someplace other than school, that reminds me - the blind adoration you had for some of your teachers thinking they are never wrong.A paper and a set of color pencils can sometimes keep you busy for hours in your own little rosy world. Getting dirty from playing in the mud, without a care as to how messy you look.

Have we ever stopped to think what we have lost in the process of becoming adults?

We are so careful of the image we portray. We look down on people who laugh with a full heart in a public place, thinking they are so country. We forget to smile every now and then. We memorize what spoons and what forks should be used first in a course of dinner while we dont even try to remember names of people.We wear masks and try to sugar coat people to get what we do want.We are even pushed sometimes to make friends with people we dont like just so they will be of use to us. We act fake and give a smile that never reaches our eyes.

Have we forgotten to have fun anymore? Have we all turned into cynics running in this mad race to make fame and fortune? What after that? Does the mad race stop there? Are we happy at the end of it?

Makes me remember the quote 'The best things in life are for free'. But do we take out the time to enjoy them?

Driving people insane as always!

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