Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gamble of emotions

HOPE, FEAR, HAPPY and SAD were four kids of SPIRIT.

Hope was a worried Kid, Fear was a dark kid, Sad was a lonely kid while Happy was the merriest kid bringing laughter wherever it went.

Sad was a loner and would not talk with anyone and would start to cry uncontrollably at odd moments for no reason.

Fear never came out and lurked in the corners, it shied away from Hope and was jealous of Happy, and used to live on the tears of Sad. These tears gave life to Fear, and it always used to lurk in the shadows of Sad.

Hope was a kid with mixed feelings, It was a little wary of both Happy and Sad. It was drawn to the light of Happy, but somewhere along the line something would make it back to go to Sad and sit and cry with it.

At those times when Hope went to Sad, Fear would grow more in the tears of both Hope and Sad. It would evilly grin and mock at Happy, saying this evil thing was great more fun and darker than the light hearted fun Happy used to spread.

Happy being a happy soul could not bear any sign of distress. It just wanted to go pop the distress balloon with a single needle and spread the happiness. But it hated to fight, so it just tried to make Hope, Sad and Fear happy, but it was beyond its control. It always ended losing and feeling more weak than others.

The days went by and the strength of Fear in the distress of Sad and Hope kept looming large, that even sunlight was getting dimmer and the dark clouds were getting bigger in the sky.

This constant battle between the kids completely exhausted Spirit. Even she started feeling the intensity of Fear and felt she would lose Happy to Fear if she did not do anything now.

She called them all to her, and addressed Fear.

Spirit - 'Fear, You can quit smiling like a monkey and sit properly in your chair'
Fear - 'But what if the chair breaks??'

Spirit - 'Hope, will the chair break?'
Hope - 'Do you want it to break?'

Spirit - 'No child' (but she signaled hope it should break)

Spirit - 'It wont break, you can sit'
Fear - 'If you say so' Sits on the chair gingerly and hovering in the corner.

The chair gives way and breaks, making Fear howl in pain and say a mouthful of curses and pulling Sad down with it. They emit a lonely song deafening the ears of the listeners.

Spirit - 'Help them build the chair Hope'

Hope rushes forwards and helps Fear and Sad to build the chair, and in the process Happy joins in and the chair is built again, with Happy gleaming over them with happiness.

Spirit - 'So what did we learn children?'

Hope, Fear, Sad and Happy looks expectantly at Spirit.

Spirit - 'There is no emotion without the other. Every emotion compliments the other. I dont know if I am Happy, if I have not been Sad. I will not know Hope if I haven't been in Fear. There is always two sides to the coin. And my spirit would have been broken long ago, if I had let one emotion dominate my senses, because something may come up and rob a single emotion from you completely if you are not looking. Every emotion is a delicacy of its own, some which will be relished right at the moment, some later..much much later' *she winked at Fear, who looked around sheepishly*

Driving people insane as always!

Friday, September 3, 2010

OOofff! I just came back from a gala reception.

Hear here, Hear all! Guess where zany went today evening? She sneaked into a celebrity wedding reception. Yup!No *shakes head vigorously*, zany did not gatecrash the party, she went cause she had an invitation. Yeah, the S'star himself called her, ok - that is a lil too much exaggeration, her grandad had an invite and she just tagged along with him.

Escaping from office under the pretense that she had a very important doctor appointment, zany reaches home at 4.
She gets ready and awaits the arrival of the people from gramps.
Excitements on high level in the car with two cousins also tagging along.
Reaches the venue at 5:40.
Sneaks in without getting the bag checked which has the camera. :p Cameras were not allowed, the security asks her if she has, and she says yes. The security says 'Not allowed', she says 'Oh' and blinks like she heard something alien and then walks right inside with the camera.
And now the wait starts.

The time ticks, no one has come to catch her attention. Concentration level is at a high.The whole mandap is full, and zany gets worried as to where will the celebrities sit if they come, then she notices the first few rows empty - they keep pulling in chairs as and when the vvips come. She keeps turning here and there trying to catch a glimpse of atleast one celebrity. She finds there is a whole bunch of people who have come just to watch like 'yours truly'.So zany tells to herself, 'Pah! these celebrities, they are just normal people, just like us. Why are we getting excited seeing them in person, no, I wont act all awed' The minute she says that to herself, the S'star enters and her mouth gapes open. And the other stars start to pour in and everyone tries to block the other's view to catch a glimpse, and zany does the same.

She pinches herself more than once just to assure she is not dreaming, right in front of her she is seeing people she sees on the silver screen, some of them whom she had drooled over! She looks around to see if any one is looking at her, and stealthily takes her camera to click some snaps.

Just as she puts the cam down, an volunteer comes towards her - she is about to put her foot in the mouth and say - 'I did not take any pictures, it was not even my camera', when that volunteer gives her a fruit drink. She smiles sheepishly and takes the drink and thanks her.

Grand dad says it time we got to dinner. But zany refuses to move from the chair in which she had glued herself - which was in the middle of the hall. What if her favorite celebs come and go as she has dinner. Wont that be real bad! Grandad calls her again, this time a lil annoyed. So she reluctantly unglued herself and goes to the dining hall, only to find two more celebrities sitting just two seats away from her!!!

She finishes dinner and then Grandad says - lets go to the stage!! yayyy! This was what she was waiting for. They fight the huge mass of crowd, and on way she trusts her camera to a volunteer, please click when we get on the stage she tells him pleadingly - while the crowd moves and she gets separated from her grandad and folks.They have stopped people from going up, and she frantically waves to her cousin - that she is down, and tells the volunteers, she is with them. They reluctantly let her go up.

And now, she gets to stand one place next to the S'star. She is all excited and keeps looking at the S'star - and not at the couple, for whom the reception was kept. They click pictures, and she sees if that volunteer is taking pics in her cam. Once she is satisfied, that is done, she walks down the stage. Only to find she is visible only 1% in the photo clicked :(

But notheless, it was an awesome experience and she keeps showing everyone that she was there. She took photo with the S'star! And that was whom she saw and not the bride and the groom.

Zany gets home and has a dream filled sleep with stars shining above her.


Driving people insane as always!

ps: snapshots from the event

Friday, August 6, 2010

Assh berry locked in, Roger is apart and I see a Jersey wearing Auto Driver!

It is a late morning. I get comfortable in my bed and yawn sleepily. It is 8 o clock and the birds are chirping in the window sill, but I feel as if I am on a pill. "Brrrrrr"Brrrr" My pillow shakes as if it is an earthquake. I open my eyes with a jerk and push my hand below the pillow to retrieve the phone. Thats how I get up every morning, to the sound of my 'AsshBerry'. I check the message with one open eye and get up in alarm as I look at the time. I then look around to see if mom is in sight and stealthily check my mail on the phone. Once that morning ritual is over, I groan and get myself out of bed, coz Gosh! it aint a sunday, but very much a work day! :(

I go about doing my morning duties a little reluctantly and get bogged down in the process with the need to text one or the other. It is 10, and I have to be in office by 10. My colleague messages me - asking where I am? I message her saying I am on my way. I get Roger out and dump my bag and lunch in the dikki and close it with a shove. Then I realize I need my glasses to drive, if I dont want to become blind by driving in the sand and dust in the chennai roads which are permanently under maintenance, for reasons only known to the government.

So I put the key in the lock and try to open it. Once, Twice, Thrice. Nope. Again, Once, Twice an Thrice. Nope. I call my mom. Nope. No hope at all.

So I take it to the service center. They try for an hour and it is 11. They pull out the lock but are unable to take the seat up. They tell me it will take half a day to get my things out. I shake my head wildly and tell them with high importance - "No, I have my phone inside, you have to GET IT OUT somehow now. This minute! My clients will call me, what will I do?" earning a look from mom.

They just spread their hands out helplessly. I walk back home dejected, when my mom tells me- "Do you realize, your lunch is also inside?". I look at her and exclaim - "No, I completely forgot! What do I do now for lunch?". Mom says - "Come home". It is 11:30 already, and my lunch is at 1. I say all upset "Fine, just make sure I get my phone back by then". Mom remarks to that by saying she is really happy today, coz I am mobileless :( How mean!

I get some cash and come to catch an Auto. The Auto driver wears a jersey and a half pant. He talks Tanglish and keeps singing 'Rest my soul'

Jersey Auto Driver (JAD) - "Where?"
Me - (I tell him the place)
JAD - "40 Rs"
Me - "No"
JAD - "That is a one way"
Me - "It is not that far"
JAD "35 Rs"
Me - "No 30"
JAD - "The petrol prices are up"
Me - "You can afford it"
JAD - "Fine, come"

I get in.

Me - "Take the parallel road, incase this has traffic"
JAD takes the parallel road and we end up in even more traffic

JAD - "See, this is why I dont come through these routes, see how inconvenient it is"
Me - "you could have taken the next road even"
JAD - "Is this fair? you already wont pay me what I asked you, and you tell me to go through a long route, why even via beach we can go. Ok, Anything you want. You are not concerned about us, all that you are worried is the need to reach the destination"

I keep quiet.

JAD takes some shortcuts and is singing 'rest my soul' now

JAD - "Which school?"
Me - (I mumble some name)
JAD - (He asks me another school's name)
Me - "Yes, Yes"
JAD - "You stay here?"
Me - "Yes"
JAD - "Where are you working?"
Me - "With auditors"
JAD - "Oh CA, even my relative is studying CA, you have to work with these people before you can start your own firm right?"
Me- "Yup"
JAD - "How did you study?"
Me- "At home"
JAD - "Can I drop you in the signal before the crossing, coz it is one way after that?"
Me- "Ok"
JAD - "Good, you agree atleast to that"
JAD - "You have a smiling face. Be the same. It is good to see a smiling face early in the morning. Dont change.

At this moment I am getting confused about this hi tech auto driver why is he telling me all this crap, when the place I have to get down comes. He stops there.

JAD - "Dont mind ok, that I did not drop you near your office. I have to pick my lunch for my daughter now"
Me -Gives him the money.
JAD - He takes it "Bye"

I walk back without turning around wondering what a weirdo JAD is and still thinking what is his qualification, and why is he driving an auto. With the english he knows, he can work in some call center pretty easily.

I get to office at around 12:30 with a sorry face telling everyone how my phone is locked in. They console me saying it is ok. I then get my colleagues phone and message my team - "Phone locked in Dikki, contact me through this number" And, once that is sent - the calls keep pouring till 1 and mom also calls to say the phone and bag are back safe.

I get home and the first thing I do is check the messages. Of course, there were no messages, coz I told them all I dont have the phone with me silly :p But I had to check, just in case. And it is a ritual I do every 5 minutes, while I spend the other four texting :p

Mom gave me a look and said she planned to hide my phone someday. :( And I think, just how technologically dependent we have become. I felt as if I did not have my right hand without my phone :\ Now that is food to thought for someone to have lived without a Cellphone until 2 years back :)

Driving people insane as always!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When was the last time you acted like a Kid?

Ice cream never tasted better until it was dripping all over your chin. You never worried if you poured sauce all over your brand new white t shirt. Chocolate had to be licked from your sticky fingers :p The innocent excitement when you got your friend's number for the first time in those time of no mobile and called her up as soon as you got home. Sailing paper boats in dirty water just soon after the rain on the roads unmindful of people staring. Getting hyper and jumping up and down to greet your favorite teacher if you met her someplace other than school, that reminds me - the blind adoration you had for some of your teachers thinking they are never wrong.A paper and a set of color pencils can sometimes keep you busy for hours in your own little rosy world. Getting dirty from playing in the mud, without a care as to how messy you look.

Have we ever stopped to think what we have lost in the process of becoming adults?

We are so careful of the image we portray. We look down on people who laugh with a full heart in a public place, thinking they are so country. We forget to smile every now and then. We memorize what spoons and what forks should be used first in a course of dinner while we dont even try to remember names of people.We wear masks and try to sugar coat people to get what we do want.We are even pushed sometimes to make friends with people we dont like just so they will be of use to us. We act fake and give a smile that never reaches our eyes.

Have we forgotten to have fun anymore? Have we all turned into cynics running in this mad race to make fame and fortune? What after that? Does the mad race stop there? Are we happy at the end of it?

Makes me remember the quote 'The best things in life are for free'. But do we take out the time to enjoy them?

Driving people insane as always!

Friday, April 2, 2010

What's your ass story?

Why do people call people an ass? I don’t know, and I don’t want to do a research either. But, I would like to say I am fascinated about the ass. That lazy yet hard working animal :p. (Yes I meant that ass and nothing else *wink* )

Aint we all like the ass at some point of time, when we become so lazy and just want to doze off? I have never seen an ass in the heart of Chennai. I meant the real ass and not the other asses (I see a lot of the other asses almost every now and then ;) ), so I got so fascinated when I discovered a washer man near my office. Actually 2 washer men, who have on a total 4 Asses. 2 big ones and 2 small ones. 2 grey and 2 brown.

So this is how my Ass story started, the first day I saw this big grey ass. It was standing and sleeping royally. It made me smile, that I kept looking at it when I was driving I did not notice the speed breaker that I bumped and flew :p. I was so fascinated, the whole day I kept telling people that there is an ass near office! Next day I saw 2 asses…now both grey, one big and one small. I was like wow! They doubled and wondered if they will double again tomorrow. And yet the next day I saw 4 Asses :DD. As I told you – they were Big Grey (BG), Big Brown (BB), small Grey (sG) and small Brown (sB) Asses.

Since the time I discovered these Asses, I keep checking them out everyday on way to office. All of a sudden they went missing one day that it got me so worried. I consoled myself that even though they are Asses and lazy ones at that maybe like every ass in the city they needed a holiday, so maybe they went to roam. And much to my delight I found them again at the same place the next day. As usual with the two small ones sleeping and the two big ones standing and sleeping with their eyes open. They looked different and refreshed, so maybe I was right – they did go on a holiday :p

I also discovered that asses not only go on holidays they go to college too. Since they stay opposite a college, I saw the BG one standing in the college bus stop two days back, along with the students, though its book bag was conscious by its absence, one couldn’t deny it went to college looking at the way it was standing for the bus :p. This incident also helped me conclude that the asses were all male or at least this BG one which I saw first is male, coz the college is for guys :p

Yesterday all the 4 asses were in their height of activity, which was surprising considering they are lazy always. The sB ass was sniffing a guy’s ass (so maybe that is female :p). The BB ass was trying to pull the sB one away from the guy. The BG one was rubbing its nose against the sG one’s back. Maybe it was a big day for all of them, coz never have I seen all 4 asses on their legs wide-awake :D

Anyhow as long as they are happy I am happy, even if they belong to two competing washer men they still stand together and sleep. See how united these Asses are! Don’t we all have to learn something from these Asses, at least we should learn how to stand and sleep with our eyes wide open.

So that’s my ass story and an on going one. People! You can contribute your ass stories too…Are they as interesting as mine, if they are I may even consider awarding those stories if I like it :D Coz, who will not want to read about asses and how people are asses sometimes?

So what’s your ass story? ;)

Driving people insane as always!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A note to my Dear Friends!

You may be down and give everyone a frown. You may detest conversation, And everything around looks alien. You want to hide under quilts and covers, Not wanting to face the dawn and wear yet another mask. Every single minute may pass like an hour, and you keep counting for it to end.But just remember - Down at the Bottom of your phone book, Will be my name and number, (or just ping me) you wouldnt have called me in ages. But that doesnt mean I forget. Just give me a ring and I may make you sing.A cheery big Hug to shoot away all the bugs. I will help you to live back those wonderful days - one in which we had no care for the world. Yes, People might change as days and years pass. But getting back to old pals, can may you feel like a teenager again. All those masks you ought to wear just melts away and you can be YOU. As disgusting, Ugly, Annoying, Irritating, Crazy as you want to be. So dont forget, I am just a ping or a ring away. In case the line is busy - I am just talking to yet another friend or being annoyingly professionally busy, but still telepathy will work and I will get back to you. :D

This is to all my lovely friends who still think I am immature and crazy as always even after being a professional! :p Coz according to them I never change! What will the world be if I change? Tell me seriously ;)

Hugs and Loads of Lowe!

Driving people insane as always!

ps: A post after a long time :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

LaAs of Companeey!! #

An old Post that I dug out from my old blog :)

# the below is a piece of work ritten for pure fun and not to hurt anyone...these are results of endless boring sessions of company law classes in final yr of college!!

Compaeeny laa ees a veeary
Intrsteng subject, no….?

You will staaart claash anshering attendance
You willn leeaarn cashe laas by ASSbury!!

Where thaer ees aa confushun
About altra wires and intraa vyers
Oh! Isn’t eet the moost
Intrsteng subject, no…?

Then you can file a cashe in the koat
There is nou confushun about vyers
But only abouch the directars
Of the companeey!

Nou..nou…eet ees abouch
A chlash rep’s pooweers in caalege
Deed you understand?
Am I clear to aall of youu…
Listening to me?

Yesh or nou….
Follow me orr not…
If you don’t understand in claash
Youu cann get outch!
Youu cann do everytheeng on yar own
Doo articles, doo memoranduuum

The aasshes that we are,
Gawd will never forgive ush
But believe us lord, we can’t

I haad only honaastly accepth
Don’t tell me eet’s your aabit
You must reaalisee the seriousness
But LAUGHING is onlee naturaaal
And let mee summarisee it
Compaaneey’s act cannot be chainged

Poer me that aftar 20 yeears
I have to keep injecting you weeth injuction!
Are you steel listening…?

Of coursee….arent we learning
About injections, syrengie, medicines and band aids
In companeey laa….
So do we haav to listen….?
On checond thoughts…

Yesh we haav to listen
For our internals are comeeenn
So chwich aan your brains
To the companeey doing laaa!

Listen to ush….aal of youu
3A1 studensh……
Companeey laa clash is
Veeary impotanch to
Letch your creeativee brains
Run free……..!!
So lishen up everybody!
Is it cleeear everybody?

Thee yend!!


** the Bold italized lines were ritten by alice aka lilratty and the bold ones by me aka zanychild

This is a ProduCt of:

Our Ambigram done by Gigster

Credits for Ambigram: Gigi (Lord Ripper the IInd)

Driving people insane as always!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Inbetween tabs*..

Just wanted to drop in to see if the blog was still functioning! :p

Will be around soon. :)

And yeah, Happy V - day to all those crazy people out there who make a big show of the day!

Driving people insane as always!

*Came across the blog inbetween my window tabs..:p

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Growing up!

We stand in the end. Totally clueless.

We look down at the last bit of rope in our hand, that helped us so far. We look back to find that we are standing at an alarming height. There is no way we can go back and grab hold of that rope in the bottom again.

We are left to our own devices. Do we chose to get struck here or move ahead.Depends on each of us.

People expect us to be mature all of a sudden. They expect us to take decisions that we weren't bothered so long.

We are running in a wheel, getting back again and again to where we started. Trying to catch up.

All of a sudden people talk some jargon that we don't understand. We look hither and tither and try to catch up.

They expect us to expend and still budget and save.

It happened all of a sudden. Our Student days are long over.

No looking back or no going back. No longer is there a rigid system that measures our performance by marks. Here actual, real performance matters.

No longer memorizing matters. Its application that counts.

If we cant apply what we learned, we aren't competent enough, nor are we ready for challenges.

We are supposed to be young, yet alert. Our minds are supposed to be sharp yet flexible.

We are supposed to know everything yet no nothing. We are supposed to be updated on all areas, coz concentrating on what you specialize isnt going to take you any further, Coz integration counts more today then differentition.

And in the end it is all a part of growing up, till you finish growing up. And when you finish growing up, it is when you finish living life the way you want.

Yeah, a confusing post - but then let it be, coz it is all a part of growing up :p

Driving people insane as always!

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