Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh! I Don't Care...

Ray of light
Shining far in the dark
Let me near it
And make a strong mark
You made me come up by an inch
And slide down by two
I don't care
And I don't care anymore
I do my best
And wait for rest
I have dreams
So true it seems
But, it came to me
And so out of reach
I don't try to breach
But it makes me weep
Life is unfair
Or so they say
But let me up
And let me see
But, Oh I don't care
And I don't care anymore
Ray of light
Here I come
I am not so far
That you seem less dark
Let me reach you
With all my dreams
Un-altered Un-shattered
I do my best
So I get the rest!

Driving people insane as always

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The World is yours and yours alone

Here we go
On a whole new round
On the fresh ground
A new beginning
A new adventure
Gone is yesterday
Now is the day
For a fresh start
Leaving behind the past
Burying it deep down fast
Walls may tumble
Hearts may crumble
But nothing stops us
From seeking forward
Hope as bright as the sun
Never give up
Never lay low
The world is yours
And yours alone
You travel each round
Gain experience by a pound
Stormy seas
Rumbling Mountains
Never let it alter your dream
Dream within the dream
And relish it with cream
Coz the world is yours
And yours alone

Driving people insane as always

Monday, August 20, 2007

You wouldn’t go without me

Why me??
Why us if all people??
Why do we have to lishen to her??
Who did we get laaful dames??
Why do we need to ansher attendance??

That was warming up notes of my laa clash, now for the real poetry flow scroll further down.

You wouldn’t go without me

I looked op at the moon
The white beauty
Transparent and glistening
The lone angel of the night sky
Guidance to the night walkers
Walkers like us
Cradling us in her presence
Making every inch of us feel light
Hand in hand
Step by step
We walk down the lane
Discussing memories, lives, people
Moon played cupid
And struck her pole star at my heart
I was blinded with joy
And turned to you starry eyed
The silence was abrupt
I shook my hand out of yours
I distanced myself from you
Like oil from water
I saw the gleam in your eyes
I missed your amused smile
I was still holding your gaze
When tiny droplets of water touched me
Bringing my senses back to reality
The rain came down harder
Just the time to discover
That I was in love…
You grabbed my hand and ran towards shelter
Panting we stood huddled together
Feeling your warm breath on my cheeks
Daring not to look up
I tried to get away from you
You held me tighter
Your breathing was uneven
It was ragged
You engulfed me even tighter
I struggled to breath
The thought of you near me was unsettling
I gathered myself and looked up
The only way to fight you
The wicked gleam was back in place
Your pupils darkened in desire
And I drowned myself into it
Just the time to discover
That I was in love
With you-death
Here you are
Taking me with you
Neither letting me live or die
Torturing my soul
Never letting it rest
Making it haunt you forever!


Driving people insane as always

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dolu-dudette-ya poem!

Yo man….listen to us!!

Hey! What’s up, dude?
You look all dolu dolu

Final year dude!!
Its making me all dolu dolu
Oh yeah rite man
But call me dudette!
With old laaful dames ‘round
Our final yr totally rocks! :P

With our laa ma’am
With our HOD
With our ED ma’am
They totally make it worthwhile man!
What plans dudette? After college?
Teaching laaful dames English?
Hey yeah! That’s a good idea
Can try tat out coz, I don’t see myself doin any yem bee yaay!!
Me teachin guys n gals rap ‘n’ normal English! Cool, man!

That may be a gud idea man
But a lil birdie dropped a note
An yem bee yaay seat is reserved for ya
In one of the ai ai yem institutes
Isn’t that true dudette?
Huh, really??!! That’s even COOLER!!
Cud I ask the little birdie for more??!!

If you ask the lil birdie for more!!
It will give you only its droppings dudette!!
Game for it?
Naah!! Thanx a ton 4 lettin ,e kno, though
So wat will ya be upto, semi- costy?

Semi-costy might become full-costy
Work in a firm with gud looking guys…
Prospects seems bright :P
Ahaan! You smartass! Can I join ya?! :D
If ai ai yem doesn’t take ya!!
You can break through one of the offices
And you will be runaway dudette
Runaway from wat? Ai ai yem or aapphis?
Gad knows where me gonna end up man! :o

You will be runaway dudette from yem bee yaay
And become the dudette who followed her heart!
(lol….quite corny it sound though!)
And end up in a pile of rumble, tumble, stumble joy!!
Weee…thank ya!! Its always nice
To have cheesy/campy friends like ya!


* the bold lines are a creation of alice while the italize ones are mine ;)

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