Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dolu-dudette-ya poem!

Yo man….listen to us!!

Hey! What’s up, dude?
You look all dolu dolu

Final year dude!!
Its making me all dolu dolu
Oh yeah rite man
But call me dudette!
With old laaful dames ‘round
Our final yr totally rocks! :P

With our laa ma’am
With our HOD
With our ED ma’am
They totally make it worthwhile man!
What plans dudette? After college?
Teaching laaful dames English?
Hey yeah! That’s a good idea
Can try tat out coz, I don’t see myself doin any yem bee yaay!!
Me teachin guys n gals rap ‘n’ normal English! Cool, man!

That may be a gud idea man
But a lil birdie dropped a note
An yem bee yaay seat is reserved for ya
In one of the ai ai yem institutes
Isn’t that true dudette?
Huh, really??!! That’s even COOLER!!
Cud I ask the little birdie for more??!!

If you ask the lil birdie for more!!
It will give you only its droppings dudette!!
Game for it?
Naah!! Thanx a ton 4 lettin ,e kno, though
So wat will ya be upto, semi- costy?

Semi-costy might become full-costy
Work in a firm with gud looking guys…
Prospects seems bright :P
Ahaan! You smartass! Can I join ya?! :D
If ai ai yem doesn’t take ya!!
You can break through one of the offices
And you will be runaway dudette
Runaway from wat? Ai ai yem or aapphis?
Gad knows where me gonna end up man! :o

You will be runaway dudette from yem bee yaay
And become the dudette who followed her heart!
(lol….quite corny it sound though!)
And end up in a pile of rumble, tumble, stumble joy!!
Weee…thank ya!! Its always nice
To have cheesy/campy friends like ya!


* the bold lines are a creation of alice while the italize ones are mine ;)

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Credits for Ambigram: Gigi (Lord Ripper the IInd)

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