Friday, April 2, 2010

What's your ass story?

Why do people call people an ass? I don’t know, and I don’t want to do a research either. But, I would like to say I am fascinated about the ass. That lazy yet hard working animal :p. (Yes I meant that ass and nothing else *wink* )

Aint we all like the ass at some point of time, when we become so lazy and just want to doze off? I have never seen an ass in the heart of Chennai. I meant the real ass and not the other asses (I see a lot of the other asses almost every now and then ;) ), so I got so fascinated when I discovered a washer man near my office. Actually 2 washer men, who have on a total 4 Asses. 2 big ones and 2 small ones. 2 grey and 2 brown.

So this is how my Ass story started, the first day I saw this big grey ass. It was standing and sleeping royally. It made me smile, that I kept looking at it when I was driving I did not notice the speed breaker that I bumped and flew :p. I was so fascinated, the whole day I kept telling people that there is an ass near office! Next day I saw 2 asses…now both grey, one big and one small. I was like wow! They doubled and wondered if they will double again tomorrow. And yet the next day I saw 4 Asses :DD. As I told you – they were Big Grey (BG), Big Brown (BB), small Grey (sG) and small Brown (sB) Asses.

Since the time I discovered these Asses, I keep checking them out everyday on way to office. All of a sudden they went missing one day that it got me so worried. I consoled myself that even though they are Asses and lazy ones at that maybe like every ass in the city they needed a holiday, so maybe they went to roam. And much to my delight I found them again at the same place the next day. As usual with the two small ones sleeping and the two big ones standing and sleeping with their eyes open. They looked different and refreshed, so maybe I was right – they did go on a holiday :p

I also discovered that asses not only go on holidays they go to college too. Since they stay opposite a college, I saw the BG one standing in the college bus stop two days back, along with the students, though its book bag was conscious by its absence, one couldn’t deny it went to college looking at the way it was standing for the bus :p. This incident also helped me conclude that the asses were all male or at least this BG one which I saw first is male, coz the college is for guys :p

Yesterday all the 4 asses were in their height of activity, which was surprising considering they are lazy always. The sB ass was sniffing a guy’s ass (so maybe that is female :p). The BB ass was trying to pull the sB one away from the guy. The BG one was rubbing its nose against the sG one’s back. Maybe it was a big day for all of them, coz never have I seen all 4 asses on their legs wide-awake :D

Anyhow as long as they are happy I am happy, even if they belong to two competing washer men they still stand together and sleep. See how united these Asses are! Don’t we all have to learn something from these Asses, at least we should learn how to stand and sleep with our eyes wide open.

So that’s my ass story and an on going one. People! You can contribute your ass stories too…Are they as interesting as mine, if they are I may even consider awarding those stories if I like it :D Coz, who will not want to read about asses and how people are asses sometimes?

So what’s your ass story? ;)

Driving people insane as always!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A note to my Dear Friends!

You may be down and give everyone a frown. You may detest conversation, And everything around looks alien. You want to hide under quilts and covers, Not wanting to face the dawn and wear yet another mask. Every single minute may pass like an hour, and you keep counting for it to end.But just remember - Down at the Bottom of your phone book, Will be my name and number, (or just ping me) you wouldnt have called me in ages. But that doesnt mean I forget. Just give me a ring and I may make you sing.A cheery big Hug to shoot away all the bugs. I will help you to live back those wonderful days - one in which we had no care for the world. Yes, People might change as days and years pass. But getting back to old pals, can may you feel like a teenager again. All those masks you ought to wear just melts away and you can be YOU. As disgusting, Ugly, Annoying, Irritating, Crazy as you want to be. So dont forget, I am just a ping or a ring away. In case the line is busy - I am just talking to yet another friend or being annoyingly professionally busy, but still telepathy will work and I will get back to you. :D

This is to all my lovely friends who still think I am immature and crazy as always even after being a professional! :p Coz according to them I never change! What will the world be if I change? Tell me seriously ;)

Hugs and Loads of Lowe!

Driving people insane as always!

ps: A post after a long time :D

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