Friday, September 3, 2010

OOofff! I just came back from a gala reception.

Hear here, Hear all! Guess where zany went today evening? She sneaked into a celebrity wedding reception. Yup!No *shakes head vigorously*, zany did not gatecrash the party, she went cause she had an invitation. Yeah, the S'star himself called her, ok - that is a lil too much exaggeration, her grandad had an invite and she just tagged along with him.

Escaping from office under the pretense that she had a very important doctor appointment, zany reaches home at 4.
She gets ready and awaits the arrival of the people from gramps.
Excitements on high level in the car with two cousins also tagging along.
Reaches the venue at 5:40.
Sneaks in without getting the bag checked which has the camera. :p Cameras were not allowed, the security asks her if she has, and she says yes. The security says 'Not allowed', she says 'Oh' and blinks like she heard something alien and then walks right inside with the camera.
And now the wait starts.

The time ticks, no one has come to catch her attention. Concentration level is at a high.The whole mandap is full, and zany gets worried as to where will the celebrities sit if they come, then she notices the first few rows empty - they keep pulling in chairs as and when the vvips come. She keeps turning here and there trying to catch a glimpse of atleast one celebrity. She finds there is a whole bunch of people who have come just to watch like 'yours truly'.So zany tells to herself, 'Pah! these celebrities, they are just normal people, just like us. Why are we getting excited seeing them in person, no, I wont act all awed' The minute she says that to herself, the S'star enters and her mouth gapes open. And the other stars start to pour in and everyone tries to block the other's view to catch a glimpse, and zany does the same.

She pinches herself more than once just to assure she is not dreaming, right in front of her she is seeing people she sees on the silver screen, some of them whom she had drooled over! She looks around to see if any one is looking at her, and stealthily takes her camera to click some snaps.

Just as she puts the cam down, an volunteer comes towards her - she is about to put her foot in the mouth and say - 'I did not take any pictures, it was not even my camera', when that volunteer gives her a fruit drink. She smiles sheepishly and takes the drink and thanks her.

Grand dad says it time we got to dinner. But zany refuses to move from the chair in which she had glued herself - which was in the middle of the hall. What if her favorite celebs come and go as she has dinner. Wont that be real bad! Grandad calls her again, this time a lil annoyed. So she reluctantly unglued herself and goes to the dining hall, only to find two more celebrities sitting just two seats away from her!!!

She finishes dinner and then Grandad says - lets go to the stage!! yayyy! This was what she was waiting for. They fight the huge mass of crowd, and on way she trusts her camera to a volunteer, please click when we get on the stage she tells him pleadingly - while the crowd moves and she gets separated from her grandad and folks.They have stopped people from going up, and she frantically waves to her cousin - that she is down, and tells the volunteers, she is with them. They reluctantly let her go up.

And now, she gets to stand one place next to the S'star. She is all excited and keeps looking at the S'star - and not at the couple, for whom the reception was kept. They click pictures, and she sees if that volunteer is taking pics in her cam. Once she is satisfied, that is done, she walks down the stage. Only to find she is visible only 1% in the photo clicked :(

But notheless, it was an awesome experience and she keeps showing everyone that she was there. She took photo with the S'star! And that was whom she saw and not the bride and the groom.

Zany gets home and has a dream filled sleep with stars shining above her.


Driving people insane as always!

ps: snapshots from the event

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