Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yippe….can u hear the non stop sound of crackers bursting? it deafening your ears……is the night a delight to your eyes…with all the rockets and crackers lighting up the sky so beautifully… see spontaneous twinkling little stars in the sky that glimmer and fade in an instant…well welcome to the festival of lights. Sound, and more action…..the biggest festival of the sub continent…..nonetheless it is diwali….deepavali….deepathinvali……..the paw vali!!..lolz….okai for the uninitiated vali means pain in tamil!!

So finally a day for celebration is here…all the houses are filled with delicious aroma of the sweets in making..few days before diwali…and everyone eagerly waits for sampling it!!..yummy!!....and on the day the sweets are exchanged between the dear and near ones with great enthu!!....come diwali….everyone in my house is whacked to get up early in the morning……take the traditional oil bath which is supposed to be a custom….(so all those heads that did not see oil for the past year….your head is waiting for this day!!;))……and wear there diwali clothes and burst crackers..all that 100, 500, 1000, 2000 wallas….and lakshmi vedi, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb….everything is blasted with no fear….there is a bomb blast taking place in every corner of the street!!..which the police has no authorization to diffuse!!....and everybody at home is dragged to the temple….to visit the lord of all!!...
At the comes across all there relatives…and well you know the usual greetings and stuff..and where did you get your diwali clothes…if it is the ladies of the family..thats it..where did you get this sari?..did you do the embroidery work on it separately?...where did you stich your blouse?.....your sari looks good..does mine look good?...this colour suits you…and the list of things to be asked about a single sari is endless!!....

Outside the temple….watch your steps!!...coz you don’t know what is lying beneath your may be the explosive atom bomb….a tiny 1 strip cracker…and everywhere you will be halted by enthusiastic bursters of crackers…coz they have just lit a cracker before cannot pass that way without the cracker bursting!! There are also instances..when the cracker that has been lit does not burst…and you will be made waiting for a longer time…..patiently!!!...and at last after some 20 minutes or so….the cracker will just go ‘fissssss’…!!

Come evening…..then the whole roads will be filled with the flower pots, and chakras…that just lit the entire place….you get to see wonderful fire fountains and swirls...right before you through these flower pots and chakras!!....and rockets are sent to the sky...they go burst in the sky and lit the sky bright enough….at times they even lit your next door neighbors curtains..Or may even break through there windows…..if such an incident happens…and you gotta escpape..there is just only one way….vanish completely from that place..before your neighbor realizes what you have done ;)….

And what is a festival day without all those special programs on television…all your cable channels will celebrate a diwali among themselves…as to whose programmes should be the best…and the end result...the viewer will have a tough time as to chose what to watch..and if there are kids at home..the remote would have encountered its own diwali…of being the item to fight with….one would want to watch one channel….while the other would wail his/her way to watch another programme at the same time in another channel!! the end with nice bursting…sorry blasting from the parents…nobody will watch TV….and will go out to burst crackers….so all the efforts of the channels to make the viewer watch there programmes goes in vain!!

Anyway….here the day is filled with light sound and action……wish you guys a blasting diwali…..burst all those crackers with the maximum sound…your day is not made if you don’t make at least 1 person deaf ;)….and u must burst crackers and send rockets in such a way that all your neighbors windows are broken ;) it is equivalent to tearing the sky apart with your rockets ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Its about the WeiRd me!!!So…this blog is about the weird persona in me….and it is supposed to be a tag..but I don’t have that great many blog friends to we shall jus stop with my tag on the weird me!!

Hmmm……are u guys ready for the tag…

I warn you beforehand after reading this tag … if you change your entire opinion of me from what it is now….I am not solely responsible for it…you have to get your brain cells tested, if need believe the down stated things!

Ok...ok….don’t become tensed up, thought to give some nice build up to start with!!

1. The very weird fact, is this tag…I went and took it myself from marutham’s blog…..the whole tag purpose comes up, when some one tags you…but in my case I got myself tagged!!.....(this is no longer applicable i got tagged ppl!!)

2. I hate shopping, being a girl!!.....I love my comp, my bike, my story books….I also luv gadgets…I always tinker with any new electronic gadget they bring home…and always find the way it operates without reading the instruction manual!! I do not spend time on shopping; getting dresses and stuff…but if u call me for gadget shopping I will definitely come…I am not completely knowledgeable in it…but love to know those stuff!!

3. People usually run away from receiving their test papers…but I just wait for that very moment…I cant express the feeling I would have when I receive my test papers….I am this very impatient person. and when the lecturer is giving the papers in the roll no. order….I would be bugging my friends saying…see I am roll no. 27..there ARE 26 PEOPLE before me….I have to wait sooo long to get my paper!! I would be counting….26 more to go…25 more to go………….20 more to go…..15 more to go…at last is my no…if suppose the papers are given in the random order…even then somehow my paper will not come first…I would be like….what happened….my paper is not there…when still the lecturer will have some 40 papers in hand!!

4. I love accounts and math’s…I need not explain why this is weird…all you math haters will know it…and I cant take anything less than a centum in these papers…if I don’t get a centum, I will blame myself in numerous way!!

5. In all the profiles I have filled…my abt me column will be the weirdest and mostly the longest. I just love to write abt the confused me

6. I confuse others as well as me…..and make it a point to make my friends read my blog...Even though they have read it in my note book…when they ask me why do I have to read it again. I would say...Coz u did not read it in my blog.

7. I love to paint, but at the same time I hate painting..coz of the time it takes for me to paint….I want everything and anything to happen instantaneously, this minute, this second…I hate waiting!!

8. How cud i forget this...i dont have a cell phone!!!!

9. you must see me when i drive my scooty pep..i out the breaks the flinstone style....u know wat i mean...i put the brakes...and go drag my feet for another 10 mts...and then will my pep stop...see even my pepe is weird like me!! wat i am saying is...beware ppl..wen u cum wid me in the bike....i might not stop at the right place at the right time....i remeber an incident..the police had stopped all the veichels..i dint kinda notice i went straight past all the veichles that has stopped...and stopped 10 mts ahead....the police was behind me..i could not see him...and later my friend who was in the other bike said..the policeman was frowning at me!!!

So there ends this weirdo column….when I asked my friends what is weird about me..they replied…what is not??

I just can still come up with more weird facts about me…but right now I am not in a mood to blog…..that itself is a weird fact….coz I love blogging!!

Driving people insane as always

Monday, October 9, 2006

They call themselves DEMIGODS!!!!!!! Or much worse….ANGELS!!

Okai…ppl…this is going to be my fulltoo fun blog…if I say this entire blog is fictional..then I am not doing justice to my writing… lets say this is part fictional and part true (I wud like to say this is entirely true…but u know the demi gods will kill me then!!!)

So let’s get started!!

Wondering who these Demigods….or Angel’s maybe are??….none other than my stupid gang of friends…I wud have liked to title this blog as ‘Meet the weirdos’...But was threatened by these so called angels in keeping that….see wat weirdo’s they are…..

(Sound effect:..Thalak…thalak..thalak)…(jus imagine the sound of pots filled with varying levels of water being beaten..or played!1)….(enters weirdo No1).. Miss. Abirami… or Abby….my friend from school….we have known each other for the past 7 years I guess ( long huh!!)….she is an exciting personality…...a sweet, caring, advising friend and all that goody goody stuff can be said about her…..that is not our concern over here…our concern is how weird she is?...well not as much as weird as me I guess….she just cant stop talking I shud say…and yet in a matter of few hours, we both will not know wat to talk about on…even though we have got a lot to share upon as we are in different colleges….she can play the jaladarangam (the instrument with a lot of mugs filled with water)…and so she plays the drum pad in her college light music team..that is one weird fact….wat is weird is cud she be my friend…who is participating in stage shows…when I run away from stages ;)….but all my friends turn out to be like that..wat cud be done..?? Other than that.she gets along well with almost anyone and everyone…everybody likes here everywhere she goes!! And she is somewhat a perfectionist!!...keeps everything neat and tidy!!..(Very unlikely of me!! did we ever bcom friends I wonder!!)

(Sound effect: .thalanku thaka jum..thalanku thaka jum )……(enters weirdo no. 2 dancing!!) Miss.Dvijavanthi or Dvija….or DJ….or Duja…or’Kutti jess’!!!......jus her name can make you imagine how weird she is!!....poor dvija..her name will be screwed like hell by everyone who calls her for the first time…..she too is my school friend..i am supposed to have known her for the past 6 years..but I actually know her properly for the past 4 years!! seems like I have known her all her life I mean my life!!….such an amazing personality..exactly like me!! we just stuck glue!!..we have similar tastes….tht makes us weird….as our tastes r weird..she is one total loosie like me!!....I can never forget this incident back in school...We have just received our hall tickets for our twelfth board exams…I gave mine to her to keep it in the Bag….this loosie went and happily kept it in HER bag. I reach…then call her up..she smiles shyly and is in my bag di….then well that’s not the end of it..i go to her house (point to be noted..i have already gone to her house twice) she gives me the address via phone..i go wid my mother..i forget her substreet..and search through out the avenue…searching for red santros coz she has one!!....and at last finds her home with the help of some auto drivers..go and tell her why she didn’t tell me the substreet name..she said loosie I gave you the name..I take out the Address slip (All along it was in my pocket only!!!)…and look at it..there it is the substreets name..bold and clear!!!.you must have looked at the expression both our parents gave!!..and of course she dances well..a stage performer too…well see all my friends are doing something great..while I am very vetti….doing nothing!!!..anyway that too is a part of my weird friends I should say!!

(Sound effect: silence…..silence…..whishk…..)…(enters a weirdo no. 3 little creature like a mouse..making no sound!!)…… Miss. Alice George John….the kiddo…the kuttichatthan…..enthu personality…..she is my college friend…..people who look at her wud think intha ponnu valarave matala (wont she grow!!)….well…one hell of a charcter she has…..sweet lil angel!!......she will ask ‘aint I looking cute?’ her poor sis..who wud reply..’yeppadi unnala mattum!!’…..Archana (u will meet her)…asked me to compare alice to Jennifer ainston..plz…wat harm did she do..i mean Ainston do…this lil devil….u know..will do all the Chuttithanam in class…and will smile like a Samathu ponnu!!... how cud u alone alice?....and she is the sweet little assistant class rep of my class…poor class u see….I tel u ppl. U must accompany her on her clothes shopping expeditions…the sales person will ask her to go the kids section and see if she likes anything there..coz there is no size for her in the normal adult she will be wearing all this kiddo stuffsl!!....and well all the old oldy proffessors…are her sweet hearts..seriously..and my Great accounts maam is also her favorite!!... The entire teachers luv her as 502!! (thts her dept no. in college!!)….she can do some piece of acting….had participated in english plays, and dumcharades in my college culturals ..see didn’t I tell u ppl..that all my friends are stage performers..lolzz….how can I forget her frustration…when I call her before the exam to say I just finished studying when she is just starting to study!! if this is not enough I will tell her..i am not confident. I finshed so soon..and u shud look at her face when my mark comes…(seriously ..I still don’t understand how this cud happen!!...I am not confident..yet I get some not bad marks…wen I think I hav done really bad .and my marks r gonna blow!! u understand??)

(Sound effects: VrOOom….)…(enters weirdo no. 4 in full speed in her pep).Miss.Kanaga. Chitra…..the person who underwent so many changes from our first year of college into our second year of college!!...she is one person who strictly followed college rules..but now..she is one among us!! more proper rule following!!....she is one funny u know wat same side goal means… I do it a lot with her..i will be with her, but at the same time..silently pulling her leg …..She will be suddenly surprised at this…now being the little moderator between her and althea. I am having too much fun..she is really very immature I should say…..she is accident prone..gets hurt wherever she goes….does awesome social service…drives her bike and car at super speed..thinking she is Schumacher’s sister!!...and luves to go to the beach..wondering wat is so weird about going to beach..well nothing much…she luves to go to the beach at 12:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon, in the scorching sun!!....and also makes us come with her..if we plan and do not go..that is the end of your story…she gets really frustrated if anything she plans doesn’t happen!!......she cooks…that too it also tastes good!!......well see how different I am from her..and how cud I forget..she taught me to properly drive my pep..i mean to properly make a ‘U’ turn..u know where I leartnt full traffic…in the signal..i was very nicely trying to make an “U’ turn..if she weren’t there..some of the cars and bikes there wud have received a scratch or two from my pep!!...

(Sound effect: VrOom….)…(enters weirdo no. 5….in her pep...loose hair and pretty pink in her face)..Miss. Shilpa gulati….a great personality… her own way….she speaks tamil so well..ppl…being a Punjabi…you must listen to her…she is really good….thinking why shilpa I am soo good to you..the reason is we both are good to each other….coz of Aruna..mera chrismom..and ur enemy (read: friend)…well…we have to maintain a standard relationship you see..actually I can be really good to you..coz…u have been to me!! incident you remind me is when..’bluffmaster’ was released…your brother had this caller tune of ‘right here’….and you called him up to listen to the kept the phone in my ear..and some one actually picked..I did not realize it was your brother..told you..hey someones..talking …someones..talking..what happened to the tune!!.....wat weirdos we are!!

(Sound effect:…keech the sound of a mouse)…(enters weirdo no. 6 like a mouse)..Miss. Althea Rozario….another little creature in my class…well I have known her really well only in my second year….she is pannikutti or pig baby of our gang…with the size she is..imagine what not she does….she makes it a point she will spoon feed chitra during our lunch hours….fight non stop with her….I act as the somewhat stupid moderator between her and chitra!!...both of them will come and pulambify to me about each other...I would be like..’huh..yeah..huh…hmm… is because of this maybe!!’....very sweet personality…and a great friend to partner with during our sessions of pulling chitra’s leg!!

(Sound effect:..footsteps….little like a catwalk style of….)…(enters weirdo no. 7. with a bag on one side and RED waterbottle in hand) Miss.Archana…I have known her only this year….being from the same clan..we just stuck to each other….she is lovingly called ‘papa’ by her watchman…and ‘chinamma’ her driver..kool isn’t it ;)…that too loudly and clearly so that the whole street can hear…other than that….addicted online like me…and well started writing coz I inspired her!!! (this one point alone makes her weird!!)….and luves her ‘motorola’ cell..serioulsy ppl..she is in luv with it!!. You can always see her with her dust brown coloured bag..and the trademark red water bottle..throughout the campus….and is very much hyper active and over sensitive….some dumb person in orkut called her “Angelina Jolie”..please.. …wat harm did brad pitt do now!!!..and she is very keen in making me accept way….I never will…(u can sense my head shaking left and right saying NO!!)…u r just u and no one else !!!..Other than that….She calls me AZAGHU!!!.....I just do not like my other name very much….and she also popularized it too jus telling…everyone who is anyone..hey vidya’s other name is azhagamai..thanks a ton for the free publicity archana!!...

And on the whole..just me….being friends with them makes me weird enough!!..doesnt it guys..if I weren’t weird enough….y wud I write a weird blog like this!!! ;)


Driving people insane as always

Sunday, October 8, 2006

my news report

okai..ppl...i have started to read the newspaper properly

this is the report for 7th october

well i heard about this social activist..Irom..from manipur who has been on a fasting for the past 6 gosh is she mad or wat...she was fasting against the Armed forces (special powers) act....this act gives more freedom to shoot..Under this Act, all security forces are given unrestricted and unaccounted power to carry out their operations, once an area is declared disturbed. Even a non-commissioned officer is granted the right to shoot to kill based on mere suspicion that it is necessary to do so in order to "maintain the public order"...isnt that ridiculous......and for that reason this lady has been on a hunger strike..and she was arrested and made to take jantar mantar i gues..from there she fled to delhi...and continued her darna before gandhiji's that time her pulse rate was very low...just 40 and she was running a high temperature..she was again arrested and made to take liquid foods in the AIMMS hospital..but she says she will not and death is in the hands of the GOD...she will struggle against this act...and all the forces did was to arrest her..and did not ddo anything to consider her protest...

way to go INDIA...and hats off to social activists like her....

well ppl..great to read the news..the next item that caught my eye (would have caught my eye somehow, even if i had not read the paper!!) was joilie's and pitt's visit to INDIA
they r in shoot for a film about daniel pearl..a journo..who was killed by terrorists..pitt is the producer of the film..while jolie plays the widow of was a complete low profile visit..they were seen in the le meridian..and a spacious bunglow was set for the shooting..all the crew members were threatened from leaking any further information to media as it wud cost them their jobs..the irony of it wud cost the leakers job..and hype the media person's job!!

and well they arrived in a private jet..and fled away from the reporters..other than that they shud have got full permission to shoot here in india i gues..bcoz reports say that crew members ran into trouble in pakistan n july for filiming without permission!!..

watever...still...Indian places will be seen in international films..lets wait and watch it!!

Driving people insane as always

iS the WoRLd oBSESsED WItH THE no.2??

i have been wondering abot this number 2 for quite some time....come on think about it..most of the things in the world are in 2s...

from the basic y and x chromosomes....that is the male and the female the animals and the civilised homosapiens like us....

lets see wat else in thos world r in twos,

u hav the sun and the correspondingly the day and night......
u hav the land and water
u hav the estratereestrial beings from other planets and we human beings..
u hav god and devil
u can either go to hell or heaven
u hav school and college
u hav joint and nuclear family
u hav either the science group or the commerce(arts) group to choose from in ur last yrs in skool
u hav the modern indian family and the traditional indian family
u hav the normal citiezens of the country or NRI...non resident indians..a.k.a non returning indian
u hav govt and the pvt sector
u hav the central and the state govt
u hav fruits or vegetables

and u hav boring or exciting zanychild like me!!!

y am i boring the hell out of u ppl!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Things to do in my CHAOTIC life!!

Halo..ppl….I am bak…….reactive I shud say…..I have decided to do some useful things in my life…..

One ~ Be serious in my studies
Reason: jus without being serious, I am okai with my studies..if I am a bit more serious…I will do really great (my friends will full heartedly agree with this!! I not rite ppl..I am only ok in my studies!!)

Two ~ Read the newspaper daily and blog about it!!
Reason: I need to get in touch with the world properly,..I have been trying to read the news paper properly for the past 5 to 6 months..but I never succeed more than reading the metro plus and particularly the calvin and hobbes comic strip!!...I never ever flipped through the main paper…inspite of getting ‘business line’ in my college everyday..i am not reading it..all I do is the sudoko in it..and fold it and put it in my bag and deliver it to my mom!! Being a commerce student I definetly need to have some amount of idea about the corporate world….and I must remember that I half way through my graduation..even now if I don’t start to read the newspaper properly..god only should save me!!

Three ~ Be serious about my CWA classes
Reason: I am properly attending only my Cost accounts class due to the love of the subject..all my other classes as to TAX..most importantly INDIRECT tax (groan..whoever found the tax department..i hate him!!)..and LAW (nothing cud be more boring than this..really all u law ppl. Are super human u all studied law!!...) my percentage attendance in these classes is only half the percentage..i need to clear all the papers…so I need to attend these classes properly..jus a couple of months left for the exam…..I need to be MORE SERIOUS (one thing I cant be for nuts!!)

Four ~ Concentrate on my writing skills
Reason: I don’t know for wat reason it is sucking a bit now….and reason to concentrate is I jus luv writing and typing!!

Five ~ Read BANKING every day till the end sem!!
Reason: I have not even listened to a single class all this semester (I really feel for it that I dint listen to a single class now..tht the sem is almost over!!)….and well u know wat I was doing in this class….writing!!..and I also missed one of my have to do properly in the last internals..if I need to keep up to my 80 % of my first yr aggregate!!

Six ~ Reduce my online hours
Reason: my TELEPHONE bill hit the roofs…..!!!.. :-(

Seven ~ Blog more
Reason: I have not been quite active. So see to that I blog more..and that too nice the different facets of my friends!! (Look out for this blog is going to be fultoo fun!!)

Eight ~ Try to do more paintings
Reason: its been half a year since I touched my paint brush!!..i need to do more paintings….coz even though I fret on the time spent to paint..the end result is really great!!

Nine ~ Start going to the gym maybe
Reason: I am thinking of keeping myself fit for a change

Ten ~ Start to live like a proper girl!!! (ppl..dont get weird ideas!!!1)
Reason: I hate shopping, I hate beauty parlors, I hate make up. I should try to like them as normal girls do!!

Eleven ~ Develop a liking towards banking and the tax dept
Reason: only my accountancy skills is not going to fetch me the best of jobs it seems….however passionate I am about the subject

Twelfth ~ Last but not the least..try to follow all these decisions
Reason: I always will say wat I wish to do..but till the end it will remain only as a wish, I would not have done it!! try to change this behavior!!!

Hopefully I wud have done some of these useful things before my next blog!!

Seeya in my next blog

Driving people insane as always!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PeEk A bOo!!

It has been almost a month since I properly blogged….!!..How unlikely of me….so lets “JET SET ACTION”. I mean BLOG through my life….well so much has happened in my life….but noting much actually happened to my life!!....I know I am confusing you people. ….But you know I am one confusion myself!! wats actually going on in my confused like…lets take a ‘peek a BOO’…hmm….for the past one month….I had become almost addicted to orkutting!!...other than that…….well….you know…..wat I have been doing…….well……….I was………wat crap..Wat was I doing all these month..Except getting almost addicted to orkutting…..nothing comes to my mind as to what I did….that was constructively useful……hmm…yeah one great thing happened..I am contributed one of my poems to my college magazine..and well the editor mailed me back asking me if I could write an article about first yrs….well..isnt tht cool. I did that..and well I also blogged that is my previous post..though wat is appearing in the magazine is just an half of it..due to the size constraints…the editor had to edit it!...other than that…I guess I have been really jobless….bunking my internal exams..relaxing at home..when all my friends were sweating it out in the exam hall!!....

How could I forget the most important moment of my life..?I donated blood…..for the first time in my life…it was an awesome experience..well we bunked all our classes for our noble cause..went and waited in the blood donation camp for almost 3 hours..going through some tests proving that we are fit enough to donate blood…myself, chitra, shilpa and Helen..from my gang donated blood…it was our long time wish to donate blood!..the first test was for seeing whether we were anemic…well your blood had to dissolve in one blue solution they had..they pricked my finger (ouch, it actually felt like an ant bite!. seriously)..took a drop of my blood, and put it in the solution….well I was holding on, actually muttering to myself ‘dissolve, dissolve’…it took time..the person who conducted the test almost decided I was anemic. And at last the blood dissolved (thank god!!)..then was my blood test..i knew it already, but they checked it again..and told me ‘be positive’, I mean my blood group is they confirmed it with me!...then was my Blood pressure test…I don’t know for wat reason, they checked my pressure almost thrice!!...and the consultant who checked, said that (some two values they check huh..i am ignorant about it, as I am no medico!!) One was low, while the other was high! See wat amount of confusions, even my metabolism has!!..then she shooted all kinds of questions to me…did I have wheezing, sinus, tooth extraction, cavity and which I replied…no I had all of them a year or two back!!..(so I actually dint leave anything), and currently I was fit as a fig (is that an Idiom?) after this they finally said I was fit and asked me to proceed to the next BIG queue for the final stage, that is to donate blood…all others have reached there before me…as they weren’t bombarded so much questions like me!1..and their pressures were all in fine level!! we were waiting..this was around 11:40 I guess….I had just had a cup of milk at 5:20 in the morning..nothing else had I taken for food!! well I was preparing before hand that I might faint as soon as I donate blood (I was scared though!!..coz I have never ever fainted in my life)…and then the coordinator of the camp asked..who all last ate food at around 8’o clock, I shoot my hand up saying I ate last at 8 (I was scared she might ask me to go back, if she knew the truth that I ate , I mean not ate, drank milk at 5!! it was too early..coz even for 8’o clock, she gave the expression of ‘my god, so early..and it is gonna be 12!! is too early ma…u will be weak after donating blood)..I being next to the door, she told me to go in FIRST!! (okai, not first..there were a lot of people b4 me, but in my batch I was first!!) I ate early, ..I was speechless…there was this inner fear you know..i had that at that time….I just went in, the people there asked me to lie down….she came checked my vein, inserted the tube (it did pain, but I shut my eyes tight)…and let me there for the blood to fill in the packet!! all happened in a matter of 15 minutes, my packet was full.. she came took out the tube, asked me to hold my hand..i saw the packet…bright, dark (how can it be bright and dark at the same time!!..gud question I myself don’t know!!)…red, maroon. A thick liquid! is gona save a life..i feel proud right this moment!!....she asked me to hold my hand, and went to the other donors, by this time..everyone, chitrs, shilpa, Helen..were donating blood..i lay there for like some 20 minutes…you know people my patience level tends to zero..i am the most impatient person known to me in this world!! I was waiting…..waiting..i actually tried to get up..i just wanted to get out of the place!!..but the person who took my blood, came and asked me to lie down for five more minutes….finally she asked me to get up..but even know she didn’t let me go!1..she asked me to sit for five minutes…and see if I felt giddy!!.....well miraculously I did not!....(my metabolism is actually great you see!!)….I said to her no I didn’t ..and jumped out of the two minutes instead of the said 5 minutes..and went to take my refreshments to replenish the blood taken!...well I am still pretty excited about the whole incident, and I am waiting for the next time to donate people, please come forward and donate blood, save a life, and donating blood is actually good you know..and I also received a certificate for donating blood..isn’t that cool!!!

Other than that..well, I am trying myself hard to concentrate on my studies!! and a month I have to give my semester, and in a couple of months I have to give my CWA inter Stage 1..papers…the biggest one!!..and my level of preparations is not even 2 % right now!!..i wonder why I am turning into such an hopeless person these days..not knowing what to do with my life!1….and well not even following the path I have taken properly, not giving my fullest contribution to what I have taken!!....I will only fuss over it like this, I never take a proper action!!...why am I like this??

Well, I have also grown addicted to music that was an all time addiction though… recent favorites were..Or should I say lines were...

Kayil mithakum kanava nee
Kai kal mulaitha katra nee
Kaiyil enthiyum kanakavillaya
Nuraiyal seitha silaya nee

Nilavil porugal idai ilakum
Neerilum porul idai illakum
Kadahalil koda idai ilakum
Indru kandenadiya
Ithai kandukonden adiyai

From the movie ratchagan...and old one
And then from the recent movie,’Silunu oru kadhal’

avalukena amba samuthara ayyar hotel aluva mathiri
thalampooven thala thala venna vanthal vanthal!!

Cute lyrics...just for this I listen to the songs...well I cud say they r my recent obsessions of my one two many obsessions…

Anyway jus wanted to make a note of I wrote the lyrics!....other than that I have the same old zany confusing life

Seeya in my next blog

Driving people insane as always!

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