Sunday, October 8, 2006

my news report

okai..ppl...i have started to read the newspaper properly

this is the report for 7th october

well i heard about this social activist..Irom..from manipur who has been on a fasting for the past 6 gosh is she mad or wat...she was fasting against the Armed forces (special powers) act....this act gives more freedom to shoot..Under this Act, all security forces are given unrestricted and unaccounted power to carry out their operations, once an area is declared disturbed. Even a non-commissioned officer is granted the right to shoot to kill based on mere suspicion that it is necessary to do so in order to "maintain the public order"...isnt that ridiculous......and for that reason this lady has been on a hunger strike..and she was arrested and made to take jantar mantar i gues..from there she fled to delhi...and continued her darna before gandhiji's that time her pulse rate was very low...just 40 and she was running a high temperature..she was again arrested and made to take liquid foods in the AIMMS hospital..but she says she will not and death is in the hands of the GOD...she will struggle against this act...and all the forces did was to arrest her..and did not ddo anything to consider her protest...

way to go INDIA...and hats off to social activists like her....

well ppl..great to read the news..the next item that caught my eye (would have caught my eye somehow, even if i had not read the paper!!) was joilie's and pitt's visit to INDIA
they r in shoot for a film about daniel pearl..a journo..who was killed by terrorists..pitt is the producer of the film..while jolie plays the widow of was a complete low profile visit..they were seen in the le meridian..and a spacious bunglow was set for the shooting..all the crew members were threatened from leaking any further information to media as it wud cost them their jobs..the irony of it wud cost the leakers job..and hype the media person's job!!

and well they arrived in a private jet..and fled away from the reporters..other than that they shud have got full permission to shoot here in india i gues..bcoz reports say that crew members ran into trouble in pakistan n july for filiming without permission!!..

watever...still...Indian places will be seen in international films..lets wait and watch it!!

Driving people insane as always

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