Sunday, October 8, 2006

iS the WoRLd oBSESsED WItH THE no.2??

i have been wondering abot this number 2 for quite some time....come on think about it..most of the things in the world are in 2s...

from the basic y and x chromosomes....that is the male and the female the animals and the civilised homosapiens like us....

lets see wat else in thos world r in twos,

u hav the sun and the correspondingly the day and night......
u hav the land and water
u hav the estratereestrial beings from other planets and we human beings..
u hav god and devil
u can either go to hell or heaven
u hav school and college
u hav joint and nuclear family
u hav either the science group or the commerce(arts) group to choose from in ur last yrs in skool
u hav the modern indian family and the traditional indian family
u hav the normal citiezens of the country or NRI...non resident indians..a.k.a non returning indian
u hav govt and the pvt sector
u hav the central and the state govt
u hav fruits or vegetables

and u hav boring or exciting zanychild like me!!!

y am i boring the hell out of u ppl!!!

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