Saturday, October 7, 2006

Things to do in my CHAOTIC life!!

Halo..ppl….I am bak…….reactive I shud say…..I have decided to do some useful things in my life…..

One ~ Be serious in my studies
Reason: jus without being serious, I am okai with my studies..if I am a bit more serious…I will do really great (my friends will full heartedly agree with this!! I not rite ppl..I am only ok in my studies!!)

Two ~ Read the newspaper daily and blog about it!!
Reason: I need to get in touch with the world properly,..I have been trying to read the news paper properly for the past 5 to 6 months..but I never succeed more than reading the metro plus and particularly the calvin and hobbes comic strip!!...I never ever flipped through the main paper…inspite of getting ‘business line’ in my college everyday..i am not reading it..all I do is the sudoko in it..and fold it and put it in my bag and deliver it to my mom!! Being a commerce student I definetly need to have some amount of idea about the corporate world….and I must remember that I half way through my graduation..even now if I don’t start to read the newspaper properly..god only should save me!!

Three ~ Be serious about my CWA classes
Reason: I am properly attending only my Cost accounts class due to the love of the subject..all my other classes as to TAX..most importantly INDIRECT tax (groan..whoever found the tax department..i hate him!!)..and LAW (nothing cud be more boring than this..really all u law ppl. Are super human u all studied law!!...) my percentage attendance in these classes is only half the percentage..i need to clear all the papers…so I need to attend these classes properly..jus a couple of months left for the exam…..I need to be MORE SERIOUS (one thing I cant be for nuts!!)

Four ~ Concentrate on my writing skills
Reason: I don’t know for wat reason it is sucking a bit now….and reason to concentrate is I jus luv writing and typing!!

Five ~ Read BANKING every day till the end sem!!
Reason: I have not even listened to a single class all this semester (I really feel for it that I dint listen to a single class now..tht the sem is almost over!!)….and well u know wat I was doing in this class….writing!!..and I also missed one of my have to do properly in the last internals..if I need to keep up to my 80 % of my first yr aggregate!!

Six ~ Reduce my online hours
Reason: my TELEPHONE bill hit the roofs…..!!!.. :-(

Seven ~ Blog more
Reason: I have not been quite active. So see to that I blog more..and that too nice the different facets of my friends!! (Look out for this blog is going to be fultoo fun!!)

Eight ~ Try to do more paintings
Reason: its been half a year since I touched my paint brush!!..i need to do more paintings….coz even though I fret on the time spent to paint..the end result is really great!!

Nine ~ Start going to the gym maybe
Reason: I am thinking of keeping myself fit for a change

Ten ~ Start to live like a proper girl!!! (ppl..dont get weird ideas!!!1)
Reason: I hate shopping, I hate beauty parlors, I hate make up. I should try to like them as normal girls do!!

Eleven ~ Develop a liking towards banking and the tax dept
Reason: only my accountancy skills is not going to fetch me the best of jobs it seems….however passionate I am about the subject

Twelfth ~ Last but not the least..try to follow all these decisions
Reason: I always will say wat I wish to do..but till the end it will remain only as a wish, I would not have done it!! try to change this behavior!!!

Hopefully I wud have done some of these useful things before my next blog!!

Seeya in my next blog

Driving people insane as always!


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