Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PeEk A bOo!!

It has been almost a month since I properly blogged….!!..How unlikely of me….so lets “JET SET ACTION”. I mean BLOG through my life….well so much has happened in my life….but noting much actually happened to my life!!....I know I am confusing you people. ….But you know I am one confusion myself!! wats actually going on in my confused like…lets take a ‘peek a BOO’…hmm….for the past one month….I had become almost addicted to orkutting!!...other than that…….well….you know…..wat I have been doing…….well……….I was………wat crap..Wat was I doing all these month..Except getting almost addicted to orkutting…..nothing comes to my mind as to what I did….that was constructively useful……hmm…yeah one great thing happened..I am contributed one of my poems to my college magazine..and well the editor mailed me back asking me if I could write an article about first yrs….well..isnt tht cool. I did that..and well I also blogged that is my previous post..though wat is appearing in the magazine is just an half of it..due to the size constraints…the editor had to edit it!...other than that…I guess I have been really jobless….bunking my internal exams..relaxing at home..when all my friends were sweating it out in the exam hall!!....

How could I forget the most important moment of my life..?I donated blood…..for the first time in my life…it was an awesome experience..well we bunked all our classes for our noble cause..went and waited in the blood donation camp for almost 3 hours..going through some tests proving that we are fit enough to donate blood…myself, chitra, shilpa and Helen..from my gang donated blood…it was our long time wish to donate blood!..the first test was for seeing whether we were anemic…well your blood had to dissolve in one blue solution they had..they pricked my finger (ouch, it actually felt like an ant bite!. seriously)..took a drop of my blood, and put it in the solution….well I was holding on, actually muttering to myself ‘dissolve, dissolve’…it took time..the person who conducted the test almost decided I was anemic. And at last the blood dissolved (thank god!!)..then was my blood test..i knew it already, but they checked it again..and told me ‘be positive’, I mean my blood group is they confirmed it with me!...then was my Blood pressure test…I don’t know for wat reason, they checked my pressure almost thrice!!...and the consultant who checked, said that (some two values they check huh..i am ignorant about it, as I am no medico!!) One was low, while the other was high! See wat amount of confusions, even my metabolism has!!..then she shooted all kinds of questions to me…did I have wheezing, sinus, tooth extraction, cavity and which I replied…no I had all of them a year or two back!!..(so I actually dint leave anything), and currently I was fit as a fig (is that an Idiom?) after this they finally said I was fit and asked me to proceed to the next BIG queue for the final stage, that is to donate blood…all others have reached there before me…as they weren’t bombarded so much questions like me!1..and their pressures were all in fine level!! we were waiting..this was around 11:40 I guess….I had just had a cup of milk at 5:20 in the morning..nothing else had I taken for food!! well I was preparing before hand that I might faint as soon as I donate blood (I was scared though!!..coz I have never ever fainted in my life)…and then the coordinator of the camp asked..who all last ate food at around 8’o clock, I shoot my hand up saying I ate last at 8 (I was scared she might ask me to go back, if she knew the truth that I ate , I mean not ate, drank milk at 5!! it was too early..coz even for 8’o clock, she gave the expression of ‘my god, so early..and it is gonna be 12!! is too early ma…u will be weak after donating blood)..I being next to the door, she told me to go in FIRST!! (okai, not first..there were a lot of people b4 me, but in my batch I was first!!) I ate early, ..I was speechless…there was this inner fear you know..i had that at that time….I just went in, the people there asked me to lie down….she came checked my vein, inserted the tube (it did pain, but I shut my eyes tight)…and let me there for the blood to fill in the packet!! all happened in a matter of 15 minutes, my packet was full.. she came took out the tube, asked me to hold my hand..i saw the packet…bright, dark (how can it be bright and dark at the same time!!..gud question I myself don’t know!!)…red, maroon. A thick liquid! is gona save a life..i feel proud right this moment!!....she asked me to hold my hand, and went to the other donors, by this time..everyone, chitrs, shilpa, Helen..were donating blood..i lay there for like some 20 minutes…you know people my patience level tends to zero..i am the most impatient person known to me in this world!! I was waiting…..waiting..i actually tried to get up..i just wanted to get out of the place!!..but the person who took my blood, came and asked me to lie down for five more minutes….finally she asked me to get up..but even know she didn’t let me go!1..she asked me to sit for five minutes…and see if I felt giddy!!.....well miraculously I did not!....(my metabolism is actually great you see!!)….I said to her no I didn’t ..and jumped out of the two minutes instead of the said 5 minutes..and went to take my refreshments to replenish the blood taken!...well I am still pretty excited about the whole incident, and I am waiting for the next time to donate people, please come forward and donate blood, save a life, and donating blood is actually good you know..and I also received a certificate for donating blood..isn’t that cool!!!

Other than that..well, I am trying myself hard to concentrate on my studies!! and a month I have to give my semester, and in a couple of months I have to give my CWA inter Stage 1..papers…the biggest one!!..and my level of preparations is not even 2 % right now!!..i wonder why I am turning into such an hopeless person these days..not knowing what to do with my life!1….and well not even following the path I have taken properly, not giving my fullest contribution to what I have taken!!....I will only fuss over it like this, I never take a proper action!!...why am I like this??

Well, I have also grown addicted to music that was an all time addiction though… recent favorites were..Or should I say lines were...

Kayil mithakum kanava nee
Kai kal mulaitha katra nee
Kaiyil enthiyum kanakavillaya
Nuraiyal seitha silaya nee

Nilavil porugal idai ilakum
Neerilum porul idai illakum
Kadahalil koda idai ilakum
Indru kandenadiya
Ithai kandukonden adiyai

From the movie ratchagan...and old one
And then from the recent movie,’Silunu oru kadhal’

avalukena amba samuthara ayyar hotel aluva mathiri
thalampooven thala thala venna vanthal vanthal!!

Cute lyrics...just for this I listen to the songs...well I cud say they r my recent obsessions of my one two many obsessions…

Anyway jus wanted to make a note of I wrote the lyrics!....other than that I have the same old zany confusing life

Seeya in my next blog

Driving people insane as always!

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