Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life is a dream! take fotos!

Hey ppl!
I went to dakshin chitra recently
A very good place to test my skills in taking Fotos
Here are the snapshots i have taken!
Hope U like them
And leave ur precious comments and words of thoughts

Well Life is full of memories to treasure
What better way to do them then to take Photos!
So live every moment of your life and treasure the best moments with a click

Driving people insane as always

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Best of Python hySsteria side A by EVAM

Finally they were back in Chennai after all the rounds in Bangalore and other cities. So I was back to my fun filled weekends of watching Evam plays. Well this ritual started recently in my last semester. When I came to know that they were playing near my house in Sivagami petachi auditorium in Alwarpet. So the play this time was Python hysteria, craziest British comedy ever based on the incredibly funny Monty Python series. This play was the one that won in the Evam community in orkut.

Evam is an English theatre group in the city formed by Sunil Vishnu and Karthik kumar. And now they are a big team, if I did not tell you Team Evam rocks.

This was side A. A series of comic sketches were enacted by the actors. The show was supplemented with slide shows giving us the most crazy information about the comic sketch, that is going to be enacted and further accompanied by the dancers who took us to each strip by dancing their way to get the stage ready. The whole experience of watching the play was further enhanced by the lighting that was just apt for each sketch.

“What’s abnormal and weird for us may be absolutely normal and logical for someone out there!”- This is from the director’s note of python hyssteria.

So people with that let us enter the forest where the python is the king and Evam is the keeper of the python and now it has been let loose.

We have 4 hyssterical gentlemen watching a hyss cricket match and talking among themselves about how poor they were and due to which they were happy (this was really hilarious) these are gentlemen who will get up in the morning as early as 10 o clock in the night, and when they come back home will be assassinated by their father who will sing around the graveyard halleluiah!

We have a hysspital where if you are a person wanting to experience adventure and fun is welcomed gracefully. This hysspital treats you with abuse, damage and argument!

We also have the 20th century python which produces hysteric movies by an amazing director and with six best writers .The sketch of six best writers was the most rib tickling one. Especially their discovery of the word splunch!!! (MS word isn’t accepting this word ‘splunch’ and is giving me a big red line under it!!)

We have a hysspital where the doctor says, ‘me doctor, u Mr.B , your wife patient and she nurse’ and in the end gets confused and makes himself the nurse and searches for a doctor!!

We have a hyss airport where pilots play while flying, and a terrorist who enters to hijack the plane and ends up asking if I am troubling you, and asking to be thrown on a haystack, which he misses too!

We have a smuggler who blabbers everything about smuggling watches from Swiss, but even after confession the police will not accept him guilty and let him go, and catch a priest instead!

We have a hyss book warehouse store which doesn’t have books by David Copperfield, Oliver Twist by Edmund west, Charles dickkens. The book store will also buy you the books you want and even read to you if you can’t read.

We have sergeants who are to be spoken at different decibels-high, low and fast. Otherwise your case cannot be registered.

We have a hyss salesman who puts a bucket on his head as soon as he hears the word mattress and have to be sung ‘how can we solve a problem’ to get the bucket out of his head.

We have a hyss wig seller who will not sell you a beard without bargaining with him, he sells mayavathi, sania, Sonia…etc beards!

We have a hyss pope from Rome and a hyss Michelangelo who paints last supper with 28 disciples, 3 Christs and a cute little kangaroo at the back!

And Team Evam’s Python hyssteria has a lot more to offer in side A. the above was just a gist of what to expect from the play. If you read this blog before 28th 3:15 or 7:15pm. You have no time to lose. Quick go block your tickets at, or get the tickets from landmark. If you read it later than this date. Then not to worry you can still catch Evam’s Best of Python hyssteria side B at the same venue on June 16th and 17th.

Well I thought I would write a review on the play, but I am not a best critic and nor are their any glitches with the show for me to showcase. They are awesome. And if they have drawbacks I wouldn’t publicize them. Coz the best side of Evam covers all their drawbacks (if they have any… far as I know they are great!....I don’t see any!)

Well log in to and look for their further updates, and they do relieve you of your stress, coz comedy is their tagline for all plays. You can laugh your heart out in their plays. And if you are in Chennai and haven’t watched Evam plays, you have lost some of the best memories you could have treasured. So don’t wait anymore and lose more. Block tickets and be seated in their next show.
What you guys still waiting for, quick block the tickets!
I have to tell you guys everything huh!

Driving people insane as always

Friday, May 25, 2007

ZAny BLoG Station 123.56 Fm...LIvE tHe moMeNT!!

Hey people
Welcome, Vanakkam, Halo
This is your zanychild and you are going to listen to zany blog station the momEnt!
And you are looking at ZAnychild the WanNaBe RJ!

Yes i have finally made it
The first ever blog station created
In this station you will get to hear anything you want
It is listener's choice
I have worked on this for 3 Days and it finally is here
Mostly every week i will record programs and put it in this blog station
I look forward for your support
And please bear with me for the first program as i am on the way of knowing the nuances of Rjing and may not be very good at it.
I have given my best efforts to it
So here we go
Listen up to the program and give in your comments!

zany blog station ...

Now you have heard the program do feel free to comment on the pros and cons of it
And if you are interested to participate in this show and help me develop this blog station please read on
I need nice RJs unlike me ;)
I need good participants
For being these two
U need to have the following
-A mike in the comp
-A gtalk,yahoo or Msn id to transfer the files you have recorded to me
my id is
Don't send a mess to yahoo it is over loaded but the yahoo messenger works for this id
Please do let me know abt your views
And i would like to thank all my friends for encouraging me
Abby for helping out and participating
Alice for encouraging and listening and giving me feedback
Chitra for encouraging and listening to it---hey chitra i couldn't do anything to the second music track...will try better next time
Shilpa: for encouraging and listening
Dvija: for as usual joking around and not listening and commenting on my pics ;)

Driving people insane as always!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sing for a moment and scream for a moment!

Now ppl dont you all get scared listening to the below songs.
The specialty of the below songs is nothing but they were sung by me!
Yes indeed by me....
I was thinking why not make you people light up a smile in your faces...even it is a mocking one ;)
And the way to do it is none other than to sing myself :D
I was breaking my head what to sing...
Yesterday i was going in the car and this song was playing in the radio.
One of my favorites
I thought why not this one
so here i am with the song
and that too a song praising the Lord....i know irony of me saying it (i guess you understood this alice!)
the first song is from the movie 'mayavi'....'kadavul thantha azhagiya vazhvu'
so lets listen to it on zanychild fm the moment
This song is dedicated to all my lovely friends out there and to all my blog visitors too..

kadavul thantha az...

The next song was specially requested by abby, my close buddy
so here it goes to you abby and dvija(if i donut dedicate it to her also her slippers will come flying from ra puram to mandaveli!!...lolz....just kiddin is for u too!) and too all my close buddies!
so this is zanychild fm...wat no.. i forggot...oh yeah...123.56!
live the moment!
netru illadha matr...

Note: my friend arunesh said he will not comment on the blog as he has already said what he thought about the song...but how can i leave it...shouldn't you blog people know what he said...
My biggest compliment!
He said i sing like a LKG kid
and it is kangal in the song and not gangal!
I take it as a compliment buddy
If i was allowed to participate in super singer junior
I would have bagged the most kiddish voice award maybe!

WARNING: breaking of glasses,windows, or donkeys coming into your houses due to you listening to these two songs is not my responsibility...better be well equipped with cotton..and you can send all those eggs and tomatoes to hit me by atleast i can make an omlete!!

Have fun ppl.
Driving people insane as always!

Friday, May 18, 2007

He ANd ShE Are CrAZy!

4 years before:
She stood with a hand on the desk towering over him who was sitting as casually as he could in the bench. She was burning with rage “what’s you botheration?” she exploded. “No concern of mine” he replied. “You are a chauvinistic creature who doesn’t want me to win you in this competition, you couldn’t stand losing to a woman” she shot back. He said “I did not do anything wrong. All I said was your model building if constructed cannot have a sound foundation due to the structure designed. It is well allowed in the competition to criticize your opponents work” and gave her a triumphant smile. She hated him, completely hated him. This was not the first time, he was doing this. All through her 4 years of college, he found ways to make her lose her cool. He loved irritating her. He had a strong dislike for her. They both could not stand each other.

That was how karthik and vaishnavi spent their college days, always at each others throat. The professors’ always had a tough time finding who excelled whom.

Karthik worked with a leading architect firm in California. It has been 4 years since he came to the U S of the A. he was moving up the ladder of being a great architect. His dreams were getting realized one by one. He was the best in his job. Now, at the airport waiting for the new employee due to join them from India, he counted the minutes being wasted by waiting for some first time Indian to the US and that too with a bouquet of flowers. He cursed himself for agreeing to pick up the person and here he was waiting for almost 20 minutes and there was no one Indian in sight!

Vaishnavi was in the airport terminal, thinking who it was who had come to pick her up. She was a bit dazzled about the new environment. They said someone would pick her up in the airport and take her straight to the apartment provided for her. And it had been a good half an hour and here she was standing stranded in a new country.
He saw the lady standing in the waiting area. She looked as if she was waiting for someone. He wondered whether this new employee was one of the female species. He wished it would be. He approached her.

She heard footsteps behind her and turned around and froze.

He froze.

He coughed “ugh…have you come to join ‘dreams Construction Company’”
“Yes” she said almost in a whisper.
He gave her the bouquet awkwardly and it was accepted awkwardly and said “welcome well I have come to escort you to your apartment.”
“I must have thought of you” she replied.
“Excuse me”
“I just thought who else will make me wait for almost an hour in this unknown country”
“Err. You are mistaken. I have been searching for you for the past 20 minutes, and if that female brain of yours can’t look around and will only stare in the front, it isn’t my fault”
“You haven’t changed a bit have you?”
“Well... There was no need to change”

It was the company meeting to discuss the new project. Everybody was asked to submit their plans. The best one would be selected. He entered the meeting room seeing her running towards the meeting room door. Their plans were shown, and he noticed that her plan was a better improvisation of the plan that she submitted in that competition 4 yrs. back. He noticed that she had accepted his advice, and made the structure strong. He chuckled to himself.

It was lunch. He confronted her and asked her “So you did pay heed to my suggestions”.
“Suggestions?” she blinked at him.
“Your plan, wasn’t it the improvisation of the one submitted 4 years back”
“Hah…that one, well don’t you put up your collar and go around saying I agreed with you. Even before your suggestion, the professor asked me to redesign it at that time itself. But it was too late; the entry had already been submitted. I hoped no one would notice. But you; always waiting for an opportunity to pick on me. And now look at what you said. I heeded your suggestions. Duh! Never!”
“Hey it was just a harmless suggestion…”
But she did not let him finish.
“I know you and you male ego karthik; you need not prove it again” and she stormed from there

He closed his mouth just in time, he was about to ask her for coffee; he stood looking at her disappearing back. He had not felt so happy in all these 4 years. She was here. She was back to biting his neck, and now he admitted how much he missed all those arguments and those sharp remarks about his chauvinist attitude and bigger than world male ego.

She was surprised to see the ‘sorry note’ in her desk. It was signed karthik. She looked around to see where he was. He was nowhere in sight. She felt a sense of satisfaction, a sense of happiness. She was bound with joy. A familiar face in an alien country, even if that familiar face hated her, she was happy.

“Congratulations” Brad her office cabin mate shouted at her as she reached office. “For what?” she inquired him
“Your plan has been approved for construction, the chief wants you to meet him immediately in his office” he said

As she entered the chief’s office, she saw Karthik sitting inside. The chief asked her to sit and said Karthik was just going to make some minor changes in her plan and they were going to work on this project together. She was taken aback, but saw the smile on karthik’s face. Was he mocking her, she wondered.

They worked days and nights, fought through the afternoons, had impossible arguments. Tried to compromise for the company, and they were finally done with the project. But instead of being relieved by the end of the project and the prospect of not working together again, they both felt disappointment that it all got over so soon.

“Shall we…” both of them said at the same time.
“Go ahead karthik”
“No, ladies first!” he said and smiled at her.
“Surprising… shall we celebrate the close of this project?”
“Bingo” he laughed at her. She blinked.
“I was about to say the same thing” he equipped in.

At the restaurant, after dinner he told her he would be working on a new project, due to which he would be going to Chicago for a few days. He saw disappointment cloud in her face. She recovered quickly and did not see his amused glance.

He dropped her in her apartment, when she was about to get down he laughed. She gave him an inquiring look. “I was just thinking of the achievement we have made”
“Oh the project…of course it was a grand success!” she remarked
“Nay, not the project. We both had not bit both our necks for the past 6 hours!” and chuckled

She murmured a yes smiling and bade him goodbye. She was about to go when he called her again.
She gave him another inquiring look. He put out his hand and asked “friends?” she laughed at it and shook his hand back “ok…friends”

When she turned to leave he coughed again getting her attention.
She turned again “Now what karthik?”
“Did I ever tell you I love you?”

She froze in her place.

He continued “I would not have told you. Because all we did was argue. I have been in love with you from the first time you stood against me. I loved the way you stood stubborn on your point. I have been nurturing my feelings for the past 8 years. I thought you will laugh at me. You always saw me as the male chauvinistic pig with a big male ego. I tried to change what you thought of me. Now I have a tinge of hope that I succeeded. I am not a person who waits till the other person also falls in love with me. When I am clear and confident about my feelings, I thought this was the best time to tell it. So here I have done my job. It is up to you to decide where we go from here”

She stood speechless. She was completely flabbergasted!

Driving people insane as always

Monday, May 14, 2007

WroNg plAce riGHt tiMe!

Have you ever been got caught in a situation that has made you accelerate between peals of laughter, anxiety and fear?
Have you ever done something wrong and have been caught red handed?
In this post I am going to explore some of those funny and hilarious moments that happened in my life. And maybe that will involve revealing many secrets and getting my friends on the candid camera. I would like to say at the beginning of the post to my friends who might get entangled in a web of problems after reading this post
“A ‘sorry’ buddy…life is full of ups and downs!!”

Once I went for the first time for a movie with my friends. Dvija my friend had got us balcony tickets for the movie ‘Main hoon Na’ we were already late to the theatre and went there five minutes to the title…all the lights had already been switched off…we went like cats creeping through the light of the torch to our seats…being a balcony seat, it was so cozy as we had cushion seats. Only when then lights came up for the interval did my friend realize that next to her was a couple seat and there sat a couple so intimate unaware of their surroundings….wrong place and right time for my friend to see. And that look on her face, nothing can beat it, such a bewildered look!!

Alice was the assistant class rep of my class for 2nd yr…so whenever the class rep was absent she took complete responsibility, a great thing indeed given her size ;) on one day we had to register for some core paper, and the teacher taking that paper was down with fever or something, she wasn’t present to college. Alice had to find out with whom we all had to register. The next section teacher told her to go and meet one Miss Valentina ma’am in the dept and she will come and register for us. Alice went obediently to the dept as per orders and found Miss Valentina. But the ma’am told her that she was going out for some work and said that we can register tomorrow. Alice came out the dept where we were all standing. One of the girls from the class asked Alice about the registration to which Alice replied exactly like Valentina ma’am in a singsong voice ‘she is going outah, so she said tomm’ mocking Valentina ma’am a little only then did she turn around to see Valentina ma’am right behind her!! Wrong place right time again…we around her couldn’t control our laughter at the guilty look which Alice gave, and immediately sped from the place before ma’am could catch us, and splitting in laughter each time Alice asked us ‘did she hear me?’

Chitra is one friend of mine who is accident prone. She just can’t stop bumping into something or the other (guys beware she may bump very soon into you!) our first yr class was in the end of the campus, and there was cement platform put over the mud for us to walk. After exams one day, we were all walking back to canteen and Chitra was walking in one corner and she turned to talk to some one behind ‘thud’ she fell down the platform into the mud pit! We couldn’t stop ourselves from freaking and getting her back on feet. This done, a few days later we were sitting around the hut in our campus and Chitra got up and was standing close to the garden separated by a pile of stones ‘thud’ she fell again backwards into the garden, and her white top turned green by the grass. There was also this other incident where I myself fell down. It was near the basketball ground…and I was very enthusiastically reading my friend’s answer paper that I wasn’t looking front when I was walking. ‘Thud’ everyone were walking in front of me, and then they realized I wasn’t coming, they turned to look at me struggling to get out from a shallow pit and they burst out laughing. Coz I fell the same way as if I was reading something. I fell as if I was kneeling down!.... wrong place but right time indeed!

After attendance I was squatting on the floor well engulfed by my friends in the chairs and was having a leisurely chat with them without the knowledge of the substitute teacher who had come to our class. Suddenly the substitute teacher had a notion that somebody would have given a proxy that she started to count the heads. All my friends asked me to go back to my chair, but by that time the teacher had started walking to wards my chair and I was hiding between chairs and started to crawl…and if this is not enough, my friends started taunting me saying ‘Vidya get up, ma’am is calling you’…thank goodness, the ma’am did not hear them, when she had gone back I crawled back to my chair and sat like a innocent girl! The count was over and obviously she had one less, and she gave a confused look and started to count again, and once she came to me, she gave a quizzical look, I just looked down, and she continued with the count and was satisfied now that the attendance tallied with the no. of heads! Whew! Wrong place at the right time!

Our class was once making a hell lot of noise during our free hour, that the teachers could not bear and asked us to go to the canteen area! Surprising it was! Coz usually they would tell us to go to the library and we would sneak to the canteen! But me and my friends were bone tired, I do not know for what reason, that we decided to stay in class and chat, and we do love our class so much, that we mostly never leave it…in the course of time, a silent chat turned a bit noisy and we started chasing each other around the class with dusters and chalks…we never realized that the Hod has come up to see what the commotion is, and was staring at us silently for how much time we wondered…I was the one of the few of my friends who saw her first and got up, and everybody stopped their play and turned innocent looking faces to her!
Hod: what are you 7 ppl. Doing in class, where are the rest of your classmates?
Us: we had a free period and were asked to go to the canteen ma’am
Hod: is this ur canteen?
Us: no ma’am
Hod: give me your numbers
Us: sorry ma’am
Hod: do you realize the amount of noise you were making, bringing the roof down; I don’t care about your sorries give me your numbers!
One by one we gave her our dept numbers, and when it came to me, Hod looked up at me, coz only a day before was she so good to me as I was roaming around in the dept to submit my late Philadelphia scholarship entry, and getting good lectures from her on how we must be responsible and not so careless. I had forgotten to bring my entry that day, and it was supposedly the last date which I did not know, and she took pity on me and hearing my entire bio data on my parents and brother gave me an extra form! And now here I am giving my number for braking rules! Wrong place right time!

This is one funnier incident which I will never ever forget in my life…I had gone for a get together of my friends and we were chatting, one of my friends had brought her cousin along with her and I was chatting along with this cousin, he was so sweet and everything, when the topic came about one particular girl whom I very much did not like, I heard she was engaged, and I told this cousin that she should get a guy who has no looks, no money, and who is so crazy that she couldn’t live with him…and also that I am very bad to think like this! (Note: after thinking!) Then I asked this cousin if he had seen this girl, to which he replied of course I have, she is the one I am engaged to! I wished at that time, that the earth below me would open up and gobble me inside, only to drown my thoughts by the shrieks of laughter from my friends shot at me! Wrong place to open my mouth at the right time!

Alice was sitting in marketing class with deepthi, ma’am was giving us a boring lecture on penetrating and skimming prices, when she was taking skimming price, Alice was so frustrated that she told Deepthi that she wished to ‘skin’ ma’am, and they giggled over it. After fifteen minutes ma’am called ‘502’ that is Alice’s number, and asked what was so funny to laugh? Alice replied that she did not laugh. Ma’am went into a big lecture on how irresponsible we all are, we never realize the importance of education and blah, blah, blah…then she told Alice that if she did not tell the reason she would give this chapter as self study, Alice had to come up with something, she told ma’am that she wrote ‘skinning’ instead of ‘skimming’ and laughed at her spell error! And all this while she was giving a look filled with innocence, guilt, fear! Ma’am asked her to bring the notebook to her. She did not know what to do, she hurriedly scribbled ‘skinning’ and stroke it and wrote ‘skimming’ and took the notebook to ma’am. Reaching ma’am she said that she was laughing at herself and her spell error and not at ma’am! See how honest Alice is? Learn to be like her! ;)

Well I guess that’s time enough I have to write abt all the wrong places and right times…see you soon with a brand new post!

Driving people insane as always!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blogiversary the day has come!
Today May 8th, 2007

is my first BLog anniversary....

.I started proper blogging a year back on the same date

A Yummy CAke to CUT on my BLogiversary!

My blog may show that i have 132 posts!
But only 69 of them are original
Rest were forwards or wat my friends rote abt me!
My blog emerged on 24th april 2005.....but it was in the process of development...and saw the real blogworld only on may 8th 2006!

So wat gud to blog today then how it all started....
Well I never knew I could write....
It all started so suddenly in my college 1st yr, coz i could not bear the boring lectures given......
And all the credit to my writing skills goes to my marketing, banking, and business law teachers!
They were so cooperative, that they took boring classes....that me on the view of taking notes was writing crap all over my book!
In school days I heard about blogs and was fascinated about them..... so even I started one....but at that stage there was actually no idle time that my mind was mostly preoccupied with one thing or the i started a blog and was just posting forwards I got in my mail....and once in college....creativity spurred through me...that I couldn't stop writing.....and mostly they were ramblings of a normal college girl....slowly i started to write stories......and tried to instigate humor in my writing...and have so far achieved very lil progress in the humor area though!
Let me tell u sum of the favorites I have written!

1. An OlD brEeZe
2. DreAMZ-supposed to be not know when I will rite the remaining!
3.DiscOVering MYself
4.sHow me the MEaniNg-my first ever try to write a poem!
5.A rusTed BRaiN by NErve A
6.Sobs oF the rAin-another poem
7.SelF conFession
8.Fresh experience- i wrote this for ma college interview with the first yrs.!
9.We R gOD-thinking on the spiritual side!
10.Weird -O- MetER-the weird me
11.AccidenTS r PArt oF liFE
12.cOMplete ChaOS- the test paper of a Rank holder!
13.Love-An AuRA of MYSterY
14.Smiling MY remOTE dReam
15.Love is IN tHe aIR
16.LovE is BLInd
17.Lil Did i knOw-poem
18.tHrEE MonkeYteErS
19.RenaissanCe-life after death!
20.MR.riGht-the to be perfect partner!

And moreover the very reason for me to write blogs is no different from any other express myself...!
Here on the birthday
Let me share some of the things I am crazy about far as sports is concerned
I love CricKEt and our INdian Skipper Rahul dravid is one of the reasons for tht!

Rahul dravid and his son

Then I like Manirathnam and his films has such a classy touch!

I luv all his films.....but the one film that made me change my views to cinema was

I luv this film for a lot many reasons...and I did not see this film when it was released....I saw it after 2 to 3 months....still it made an impact...and so far I must've seen it a triple dozen times!

My all time favorite Tamil song is
Kadhal sadugudu gudu from Alaipayuthey
I luv the lines

un ullam nan kanna en ayuil pothathu
en anbai nan solla un kaalam pothathu
en kadhal nee endru un nenju kanathu
aanalum en mutham sollamal pothathu


And I am such a music buff.......another of my favorites in tamil is from the movie Vaanam vasapadume

Though it did not fare well in the box office I like it for its cinematography!
I luv the song kangal theendi theendiye and uyire from this movie
especially the lines

kangal theendi theendiye kayam nernthathu
nizhalgal neerai theendinal kayam ethu

and from uyire song

swasam thantha katreuyir enge ullathu
uyiril uruvam illaivingnyanam sonnathu
uruvam ullathe oru peyarum ullathe
ennum pothellam athu ethuril vanthathe

If u ask me abt music and lyrics I can go on and on....another favorite music maker for me from the international scene is rapper eminem! Surprising isn't it...not many girls like him is what I have heard...but his rap has a deeper meaning that makes u want to cry with him

My favorites of his is mocking bird....and Cleaning out my closet…..from mocking bird

Now hush little baby, don't you cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Stiffen that upper lip up little lady, I told ya
Daddy's here to hold ya through the night
I know mommy's not here right now and we don't know why
We feel how we feel inside
It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby
But I promise momma's gon' be alright

Eminem - Encore - ...

And well I guess thts abt music in my life……and other than these is my passion to write…even if it is crap….
Now for my most fav topic!
Colours and Paints!
I am an amateur painter who does oils....waters, and sketching!
once i take my brush i am filled with colors all over! I did French paintings in college as a general electives paper....even though i did not like it much....I liked the part where i was asked to study how the paintings have been done....the strokes used and stuff....out of the French paintings the one i like the most is by
Henri Rousseau- tiger in tropical forest-surprised

My first ever oil painting i did was in my 8th std....and it is till now close to my heart....the one below is the first of my big boards

some other stuff i do is to try and learn various techniques in Photoshop....below are some pics tht i have edited in photoshop

this is DVija my friend...she gave me a black and white photo i edited it into color

thts my friends and me

so those were abt my other passions and skills.....and i hope to make the world turn on me sum day!
And I sincerely hope I would improve my blogging skills…..and go years and years through happy blogging!

Driving people insane as always!

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