Monday, May 14, 2007

WroNg plAce riGHt tiMe!

Have you ever been got caught in a situation that has made you accelerate between peals of laughter, anxiety and fear?
Have you ever done something wrong and have been caught red handed?
In this post I am going to explore some of those funny and hilarious moments that happened in my life. And maybe that will involve revealing many secrets and getting my friends on the candid camera. I would like to say at the beginning of the post to my friends who might get entangled in a web of problems after reading this post
“A ‘sorry’ buddy…life is full of ups and downs!!”

Once I went for the first time for a movie with my friends. Dvija my friend had got us balcony tickets for the movie ‘Main hoon Na’ we were already late to the theatre and went there five minutes to the title…all the lights had already been switched off…we went like cats creeping through the light of the torch to our seats…being a balcony seat, it was so cozy as we had cushion seats. Only when then lights came up for the interval did my friend realize that next to her was a couple seat and there sat a couple so intimate unaware of their surroundings….wrong place and right time for my friend to see. And that look on her face, nothing can beat it, such a bewildered look!!

Alice was the assistant class rep of my class for 2nd yr…so whenever the class rep was absent she took complete responsibility, a great thing indeed given her size ;) on one day we had to register for some core paper, and the teacher taking that paper was down with fever or something, she wasn’t present to college. Alice had to find out with whom we all had to register. The next section teacher told her to go and meet one Miss Valentina ma’am in the dept and she will come and register for us. Alice went obediently to the dept as per orders and found Miss Valentina. But the ma’am told her that she was going out for some work and said that we can register tomorrow. Alice came out the dept where we were all standing. One of the girls from the class asked Alice about the registration to which Alice replied exactly like Valentina ma’am in a singsong voice ‘she is going outah, so she said tomm’ mocking Valentina ma’am a little only then did she turn around to see Valentina ma’am right behind her!! Wrong place right time again…we around her couldn’t control our laughter at the guilty look which Alice gave, and immediately sped from the place before ma’am could catch us, and splitting in laughter each time Alice asked us ‘did she hear me?’

Chitra is one friend of mine who is accident prone. She just can’t stop bumping into something or the other (guys beware she may bump very soon into you!) our first yr class was in the end of the campus, and there was cement platform put over the mud for us to walk. After exams one day, we were all walking back to canteen and Chitra was walking in one corner and she turned to talk to some one behind ‘thud’ she fell down the platform into the mud pit! We couldn’t stop ourselves from freaking and getting her back on feet. This done, a few days later we were sitting around the hut in our campus and Chitra got up and was standing close to the garden separated by a pile of stones ‘thud’ she fell again backwards into the garden, and her white top turned green by the grass. There was also this other incident where I myself fell down. It was near the basketball ground…and I was very enthusiastically reading my friend’s answer paper that I wasn’t looking front when I was walking. ‘Thud’ everyone were walking in front of me, and then they realized I wasn’t coming, they turned to look at me struggling to get out from a shallow pit and they burst out laughing. Coz I fell the same way as if I was reading something. I fell as if I was kneeling down!.... wrong place but right time indeed!

After attendance I was squatting on the floor well engulfed by my friends in the chairs and was having a leisurely chat with them without the knowledge of the substitute teacher who had come to our class. Suddenly the substitute teacher had a notion that somebody would have given a proxy that she started to count the heads. All my friends asked me to go back to my chair, but by that time the teacher had started walking to wards my chair and I was hiding between chairs and started to crawl…and if this is not enough, my friends started taunting me saying ‘Vidya get up, ma’am is calling you’…thank goodness, the ma’am did not hear them, when she had gone back I crawled back to my chair and sat like a innocent girl! The count was over and obviously she had one less, and she gave a confused look and started to count again, and once she came to me, she gave a quizzical look, I just looked down, and she continued with the count and was satisfied now that the attendance tallied with the no. of heads! Whew! Wrong place at the right time!

Our class was once making a hell lot of noise during our free hour, that the teachers could not bear and asked us to go to the canteen area! Surprising it was! Coz usually they would tell us to go to the library and we would sneak to the canteen! But me and my friends were bone tired, I do not know for what reason, that we decided to stay in class and chat, and we do love our class so much, that we mostly never leave it…in the course of time, a silent chat turned a bit noisy and we started chasing each other around the class with dusters and chalks…we never realized that the Hod has come up to see what the commotion is, and was staring at us silently for how much time we wondered…I was the one of the few of my friends who saw her first and got up, and everybody stopped their play and turned innocent looking faces to her!
Hod: what are you 7 ppl. Doing in class, where are the rest of your classmates?
Us: we had a free period and were asked to go to the canteen ma’am
Hod: is this ur canteen?
Us: no ma’am
Hod: give me your numbers
Us: sorry ma’am
Hod: do you realize the amount of noise you were making, bringing the roof down; I don’t care about your sorries give me your numbers!
One by one we gave her our dept numbers, and when it came to me, Hod looked up at me, coz only a day before was she so good to me as I was roaming around in the dept to submit my late Philadelphia scholarship entry, and getting good lectures from her on how we must be responsible and not so careless. I had forgotten to bring my entry that day, and it was supposedly the last date which I did not know, and she took pity on me and hearing my entire bio data on my parents and brother gave me an extra form! And now here I am giving my number for braking rules! Wrong place right time!

This is one funnier incident which I will never ever forget in my life…I had gone for a get together of my friends and we were chatting, one of my friends had brought her cousin along with her and I was chatting along with this cousin, he was so sweet and everything, when the topic came about one particular girl whom I very much did not like, I heard she was engaged, and I told this cousin that she should get a guy who has no looks, no money, and who is so crazy that she couldn’t live with him…and also that I am very bad to think like this! (Note: after thinking!) Then I asked this cousin if he had seen this girl, to which he replied of course I have, she is the one I am engaged to! I wished at that time, that the earth below me would open up and gobble me inside, only to drown my thoughts by the shrieks of laughter from my friends shot at me! Wrong place to open my mouth at the right time!

Alice was sitting in marketing class with deepthi, ma’am was giving us a boring lecture on penetrating and skimming prices, when she was taking skimming price, Alice was so frustrated that she told Deepthi that she wished to ‘skin’ ma’am, and they giggled over it. After fifteen minutes ma’am called ‘502’ that is Alice’s number, and asked what was so funny to laugh? Alice replied that she did not laugh. Ma’am went into a big lecture on how irresponsible we all are, we never realize the importance of education and blah, blah, blah…then she told Alice that if she did not tell the reason she would give this chapter as self study, Alice had to come up with something, she told ma’am that she wrote ‘skinning’ instead of ‘skimming’ and laughed at her spell error! And all this while she was giving a look filled with innocence, guilt, fear! Ma’am asked her to bring the notebook to her. She did not know what to do, she hurriedly scribbled ‘skinning’ and stroke it and wrote ‘skimming’ and took the notebook to ma’am. Reaching ma’am she said that she was laughing at herself and her spell error and not at ma’am! See how honest Alice is? Learn to be like her! ;)

Well I guess that’s time enough I have to write abt all the wrong places and right times…see you soon with a brand new post!

Driving people insane as always!

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