Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Hey.....so the day has come!
Today May 8th, 2007

is my first BLog anniversary....

.I started proper blogging a year back on the same date

A Yummy CAke to CUT on my BLogiversary!

My blog may show that i have 132 posts!
But only 69 of them are original
Rest were forwards or wat my friends rote abt me!
My blog emerged on 24th april 2005.....but it was in the process of development...and saw the real blogworld only on may 8th 2006!

So wat gud to blog today then how it all started....
Well I never knew I could write....
It all started so suddenly in my college 1st yr, coz i could not bear the boring lectures given......
And all the credit to my writing skills goes to my marketing, banking, and business law teachers!
They were so cooperative, that they took boring classes....that me on the view of taking notes was writing crap all over my book!
In school days I heard about blogs and was fascinated about them..... so even I started one....but at that stage there was actually no idle time that my mind was mostly preoccupied with one thing or the other...so i started a blog and was just posting forwards I got in my mail....and once in college....creativity spurred through me...that I couldn't stop writing.....and mostly they were ramblings of a normal college girl....slowly i started to write stories......and tried to instigate humor in my writing...and have so far achieved very lil progress in the humor area though!
Let me tell u sum of the favorites I have written!

1. An OlD brEeZe
2. DreAMZ-supposed to be continued...do not know when I will rite the remaining!
3.DiscOVering MYself
4.sHow me the MEaniNg-my first ever try to write a poem!
5.A rusTed BRaiN by NErve A
6.Sobs oF the rAin-another poem
7.SelF conFession
8.Fresh experience- i wrote this for ma college magazine...an interview with the first yrs.!
9.We R gOD-thinking on the spiritual side!
10.Weird -O- MetER-the weird me
11.AccidenTS r PArt oF liFE
12.cOMplete ChaOS- the test paper of a Rank holder!
13.Love-An AuRA of MYSterY
14.Smiling MY remOTE dReam
15.Love is IN tHe aIR
16.LovE is BLInd
17.Lil Did i knOw-poem
18.tHrEE MonkeYteErS
19.RenaissanCe-life after death!
20.MR.riGht-the to be perfect partner!

And moreover the very reason for me to write blogs is no different from any other blogger.....to express myself...!
Here on the birthday
Let me share some of the things I am crazy about
Well......as far as sports is concerned
I love CricKEt and our INdian Skipper Rahul dravid is one of the reasons for tht!

Rahul dravid and his son

Then I like Manirathnam and his films has such a classy touch!

I luv all his films.....but the one film that made me change my views to cinema was

I luv this film for a lot many reasons...and I did not see this film when it was released....I saw it after 2 to 3 months....still it made an impact...and so far I must've seen it a triple dozen times!

My all time favorite Tamil song is
Kadhal sadugudu gudu from Alaipayuthey
I luv the lines

un ullam nan kanna en ayuil pothathu
en anbai nan solla un kaalam pothathu
en kadhal nee endru un nenju kanathu
aanalum en mutham sollamal pothathu


And I am such a music buff.......another of my favorites in tamil is from the movie Vaanam vasapadume

Though it did not fare well in the box office I like it for its cinematography!
I luv the song kangal theendi theendiye and uyire from this movie
especially the lines

kangal theendi theendiye kayam nernthathu
nizhalgal neerai theendinal kayam ethu


and from uyire song

swasam thantha katreuyir enge ullathu
uyiril uruvam illaivingnyanam sonnathu
uruvam ullathe oru peyarum ullathe
ennum pothellam athu ethuril vanthathe


If u ask me abt music and lyrics I can go on and on....another favorite music maker for me from the international scene is rapper eminem! Surprising isn't it...not many girls like him is what I have heard...but his rap has a deeper meaning that makes u want to cry with him

My favorites of his is mocking bird....and Cleaning out my closet…..from mocking bird

Now hush little baby, don't you cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Stiffen that upper lip up little lady, I told ya
Daddy's here to hold ya through the night
I know mommy's not here right now and we don't know why
We feel how we feel inside
It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby
But I promise momma's gon' be alright

Eminem - Encore - ...

And well I guess thts abt music in my life……and other than these is my passion to write…even if it is crap….
Now for my most fav topic!
Colours and Paints!
I am an amateur painter who does oils....waters, and sketching!
once i take my brush i am filled with colors all over! I did French paintings in college as a general electives paper....even though i did not like it much....I liked the part where i was asked to study how the paintings have been done....the strokes used and stuff....out of the French paintings the one i like the most is by
Henri Rousseau- tiger in tropical forest-surprised

My first ever oil painting i did was in my 8th std....and it is till now close to my heart....the one below is the first of my big boards

some other stuff i do is to try and learn various techniques in Photoshop....below are some pics tht i have edited in photoshop

this is DVija my friend...she gave me a black and white photo i edited it into color

thts my friends and me

so those were abt my other passions and skills.....and i hope to make the world turn on me sum day!
And I sincerely hope I would improve my blogging skills…..and go years and years through happy blogging!

Driving people insane as always!

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