Sunday, January 3, 2010

Growing up!

We stand in the end. Totally clueless.

We look down at the last bit of rope in our hand, that helped us so far. We look back to find that we are standing at an alarming height. There is no way we can go back and grab hold of that rope in the bottom again.

We are left to our own devices. Do we chose to get struck here or move ahead.Depends on each of us.

People expect us to be mature all of a sudden. They expect us to take decisions that we weren't bothered so long.

We are running in a wheel, getting back again and again to where we started. Trying to catch up.

All of a sudden people talk some jargon that we don't understand. We look hither and tither and try to catch up.

They expect us to expend and still budget and save.

It happened all of a sudden. Our Student days are long over.

No looking back or no going back. No longer is there a rigid system that measures our performance by marks. Here actual, real performance matters.

No longer memorizing matters. Its application that counts.

If we cant apply what we learned, we aren't competent enough, nor are we ready for challenges.

We are supposed to be young, yet alert. Our minds are supposed to be sharp yet flexible.

We are supposed to know everything yet no nothing. We are supposed to be updated on all areas, coz concentrating on what you specialize isnt going to take you any further, Coz integration counts more today then differentition.

And in the end it is all a part of growing up, till you finish growing up. And when you finish growing up, it is when you finish living life the way you want.

Yeah, a confusing post - but then let it be, coz it is all a part of growing up :p

Driving people insane as always!

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