Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you Single than jingle!!

For all the lucky singles out there, who are by far the most Happy-go-lucky people so far on earth, may I bow in salute? And wait before you proceed, this is not what you think it is, this is not a post on how to demolish your Single state and become committed!

So why am I saluting you, coz you do not go all mushy and gushy about real simple stuff in life. Coz you are your best when you are single. Coz you are you when you are single. And this post is going to prove all that I said just now and even more. Now don’t take me to be against Love and stuff, I am a romantic by heart and you would have known about it when you entered my blog, but let me tell you I am no idiot.

You should be happy that the ugly and chubby faced kid in a diaper who carries an arrow which is beyond his age, who has two shabby wings and is afflicted by the Mushy Moronitis disease is not pricking your ass right this moment with his rose colored pointed heart shaped arrow! Coz if he had pricked your ass but still you are not sure whether you are single or committed then just read on to find out if you are inflicted with that deadly disease or not for which there is no cure till you die, and my sympathies to you people. Some very well known figures are known to have been affected!

Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin like a mad idiot knowing very well you will fall if you don’t stop and still you are spinning, then that’s where it all starts…you are in the initial stages of the Mushy Moronitis!

Does your cell suddenly sing in the middle of the night when you are in deep slumber that too in some lame love song, you are slowly being dragged deeper into the disease!

Do you get chased by mad dogs all the way from your house till you jump into another house in the middle of the night just to wish the person who according to you has your heart ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’, I am really sorry my friend.

Do you often get yelled at in God knows what language just for greeting someone in the opposite sex from your beloved, I advise you to run far. The disease is getting serious.

Do you often pledge all your life, belongings, baggage and luggage to your beloved at your loudest voice from the top of a mountain where you cant even see your lovey dovey one who is standing at the foot of the mountain all misty eyed, I tell you just jump off from that mountain, before you get critical!

Do you ever grin like an idiot when you listen to all those crappy romantic movies and songs they put on radio and TV, you got it big time my friend.

Do you think it is cute to call some one by names pooh, babe (you know the pig) teddy, bunny, cutie pie, sweetie, honey, etc..etc, then I advise you to go test your Brain, coz some major transplantation needs to be done immediately, or else the condition will become worse.

Do you ever think that since you were young you never understood what happened in your life or around the world, but now everything seems crystal clear, then you are in some serious trouble friend, coz nobody can understand what happens in life no matter what the issue! It is just too complicated.

Have you turned sickeningly giggly all of a sudden, and you are no longer spending time with your much worthy friends, whom you now see as villains right now plotting your safe escape, but all of your waking and unwaking hours are spent with the one who according to you is the keeper of your heart, then my friend you digging yourself your own 6 and ½ feet pit!

Do you often hear dialogues like ‘I am never enough for you’, ‘you don’t love me enough’. ‘I know why you are ignoring me, it is because of the new guy/girl in your class’, or much worse ones like ‘Did you think of me?’, ‘why did you take so long to call?( when actually you would have kept the phone a few nano seconds back talking to your beloved), ‘ do you miss me?’, ‘will you do anything for me?’ and so on in all modes of communication available like, Chat, phone, mail, scrap books, facebook wall, A fully dedicated blog to your beloved. You have reached the mature stage, there is no backing now, you deemed to this fate.

In case of guys -Do you ever find 3-4 weeks old baby or babies on your door step on a Sunday morning, exactly when your parents are at home, with a letter saying ‘It has YOU written all over it’ or In case of girls – do you suddenly lose your size zero figure and become size 12 or 13 then let me welcome you all aboard to the world of Mush Morons, You have completely been transformed into one and the disease is spread completely and evenly on all your body parts!

So lets be single and enjoy life when we can, but if you get affected by Mushy Moronitis, then I advise you to do your best not to give in to their deadly symptoms and live life simply and with all the fun you can, coz if you are able to do that you need not reconsider your state of sanity when you are sane and wiser some day later and worse worry what your grandchildren are going to think of you.

Driving people insane as always!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Before Mummy Returns

My first journey into the kitchen. Actually there have been lot of journeys into kitchen to eat, this journey is to cook! Yes COOK you did not read it wrong.

Stop….Stop…where are you all running! I haven’t even started the post and I see you guys running a mile away from me. Don’t worry you guys won’t be asked to taste whatever I do. I have other people in my home to experiment with it.

So I have decided to start this journey on a sweet note. Yes I am gonna make Rasamalais. The only favorite sweet I like, coz am not much of a sweet tooth.

Aim: To try my level best to make Rasamalais in perfect shape and taste (shape and size is important for everything in life *wink*)

Things required:

For the sexy,supple,white things (courtesy : Twisted-DNA):
1 litre of Milk (let it be as pure as white, then you will know it is 100 % adulterated)
1 tsp of Lemon Juice or lemon juice (Our Villan who is going to kick out the juices of our Hero)
1 tbsp of all purpose flour (Note it is all purpose, be it cleaning, washing, everything….and if you get dire consequences I am in now way responsible for it)
Required Water (for thanni thelichu vittufying)
Required Sugar

For the cream syrup: (our Heroine in making)
½ litre of milk (same conditions apply as above)
Required quantity of sugar (depends on how sweet you want it to be, or how soon you want to be a sugar patient)
Almonds, Pistachios, Cardamom etc (those flavors that try to hide all the mistakes of our hero by decorating themselves beautifully in the whole picture just to add a bit of glamour)


Bring our 1 litre milk hero to boil, then add our Villain- lemon juice or Citric acid to fight with the hero and bring out all his juices, that our milk hero will end up like a mass of Fat. Then take this curds of white of our hero very gently and gag him completely by putting him in a cloth and squeezing all the remaining juices out of him.
Now make this into small balls by adding the all purpose flour. Bring our water to boil, and mix sugar to it. This is the energy drink of our hero who is now resting in small balls. Coz he is now tired after fighting with the Villain and being gagged. When the sugar dissolves add our hero balls, and cook for 15 minutes till our hero balls become puffed up with energy, then take it aside from the water.

Now keep our hero aside. It is Time to turn the attention to our Heroine.

Boil our ½ litre milk, add sugar to it and let it thicken half the quantity. This is because it is a rule that the heroine should be a tiny and dainty little creature, why break that universal rule? Now add some of those sinful pistachios and almonds which is our major glamor quotient. The heroine is ready, didn’t I tell you the heroine’s part is very very less! Even this is a universal rule which I do not want to break *wink*.

Now all that happened has to end well, so add our hero balls to our heroine syrup, and serve it hot to those who are cool, and serve it cold to those who are hot!


Our hero is floating with the heroine in its own paradise, while the kitchen where all this happened is a complete mess with loads of utensils piled up here and there!

Time to insert a Dream song
and our Hero and Heroine are in some dream location in obviously in some foreign country and are singing 'Kiss me'


Escape from said place before Mom the queen of the kitchen arrives in the scene!

Driving people insane as always!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dont Break my HEART

I stare at the Darkness
Tossing with restlessness
I fight a silent battle
A battle that I am losing
I never want to open my eyes
I want this all to be a bad dream
I am losing it completely
I know I said a lot of things
Things that shouldn’t be said
Things that were wrong
But I am only human
And seeing you with another...
Makes me lose it all
I do not know your rules
I do not know your game
I cannot work like you
Fast and furious
Sleek and efficient
With no need of a break
I need….
Clothing and
Without you my life is not complete
I can’t make a cup of coffee
I can’t cook my meals
Well I can’t even brush my teeth
Coz you are not there
Then how do you expect me to end it!
Just like that
After all these years
Well for god sake it is year 2200
Don’t you know the word commitment?
Or that once you belong to me
You are mine forever
Don’t do this my Robo Kat
There is lot of work to be done back home
Come back to your Mama!

Driving people insane as always!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chennail oru Mazhaikalam

Well this indeed is Gautam Menon’f film title. But then this blog is not about that. It is about the streets of Chennai and completely Chennai.

Yes I am in love with this place. Completely. Totally. And extensively. Don’t ask me why? That is such a ridiculous question.
I love Chennai because I belong here.

Because there is no where else I will be, rather than the Marina when there are slight showers. Have you ever watched the Full moon in the Marina. It is a magical experience. The moon glowing so bright over the sea waves. The gentle breeze that sways towards you while you sit in the sand near the waves eating the all time favorite Molaga bajji with that red chutney, which you purchase for 10 Rs and later go again and get some more for Rs. 5.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in Citi Centre, doing window shopping and trying everything and anything in the lifestyle trial room and walking out with purchasing even a small candy bar. Or sitting for all hours with one glass of juice or a piece of pizza in their food court, or just to walk up to the roof top restaurant there with absolutely no money just to gaze at the city from there. Or trying to get 10 Rs tickets of INOX for 30 Rs from a friend of a friend of my friend and watch the movie from the very first row.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than at Sathyam Cinemas trying to book tickets for the first day evening show, munching on their butter popcorn and so fresh sandwiches, Or reaching an hour before the show just to check out if there are 10 Rs tickets available as well if some cute guys are in the vicinity and tricking the people there from paying the parking ticket.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than at Kapaleshwar temple with my mom on festive days grumbling and grunting on the big queue that has formed and all the time that it takes to see the god! Or getting the puliyodarai from the Prasad counter and coming in a puraram around the temple to see all the lovely sights.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in any of the coffee days around the city, irritating the waiter by keeping him waiting and waiting for such a long time all in all to order a single cup of coffee which costs the very least and sit there for hours, or even threaten them to get up and go without ordering anything if their service is slow.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in Bessie loitering around the Planet Yumm as if I own the place and have done everything in life till date. Those streets near bessie beach is the best with all it lovely food hangouts that you will never know the time if the day when you go there. Not to mention all the good looking guys who come there to hang out is an added pleasure.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than driving towards the ECR with my family or friends either to watch a movie in a wonderful experience in the Prathana Drive in theatre or get into Mayajaal to have a whole day of fun and food or hit Muttukadu for a boat ride

Because there is no where else I will be rather than vrooming around in my Roger through all the roads in Chennai and getting into trouble with the policemen for not stopping in the Stop line or going and banging into the next vehicle that comes in my line of sight.

Because there is no where else I will get back the memories of the days spent so joblessly in Isphani centre or Gango3 or Spencer or just plainly by bunking classes and sitting under the trees of my college.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in the city which gave me my education and made me what I am today! This is the city in which resides the best school Chettinad Vidyashram which has been my second home and the world known Stella Maris College with their beautiful campus which just enlightened me on who I am and what I do here!

So you never can take the spirit of Chennai from me!

And if you are wondering why did I put the title as Chennail Oru Mazhaikazham….i do not know, I just found that phrase kinda cool, and it is usually only in rainy seasons you all sit and think about old days cause you cant go out and paint the town red due to some of its steady pours! Does it sound logical? Well if it does not I never asked you to read what I write with a logical mind!

Did I?

Driving people insane as always!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Creative Streak

I was always born with a creative streak, said my mom. She said that very statement when I guess I was 9 or 10, Coz everyday when I come from school CUBS class with all sorts of colors not on my drawing books but all over my school uniform!
Then I started pretty madly coloring all kinds of figures which i found in B & W. My mom couldn't bear anymore that she made me join some drawing classes. The result...I have managed to create some pieces of work, which can be passed as good. In my twenty years of my life, now I have become quite confident enough to preserve my work and frame them to protect them for a long life. The slide show will give you a glimpse of some of my works

Driving people insane as always!

I am Shifting Base

hello guys
people dropping in
let me just divert you all to my new blog
The Star, Me and Star Struck
i am upgrading from sea, shores ,sands, files to the ultimate stars
It would be good to have you people there in my new blog and continue encouraging me to rite

Driving people insane as always


Hello people!
guess what i have shifted base!
from the sands and the shore to my stars
yeah from my old blog
pages from zanyfiles
to here!

And lemme first wish you all a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
61 years of independence and we are still going strong as a developING Country!
I guess it is time for a new change, time we all geared up and brought forward the country. I think it has already set in motion by our very own ABHINAV BINDRA, our golden boy of the olympics who came back home. Time people took inspiration from him.

well it is a new beginning and i am gonna take this blog seriously!
lets all gear up for a new start
and for my inspirations check out my technocrati counter
those bloggers are simply amazing!

Driving people insane as always!

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