Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chennail oru Mazhaikalam

Well this indeed is Gautam Menon’f film title. But then this blog is not about that. It is about the streets of Chennai and completely Chennai.

Yes I am in love with this place. Completely. Totally. And extensively. Don’t ask me why? That is such a ridiculous question.
I love Chennai because I belong here.

Because there is no where else I will be, rather than the Marina when there are slight showers. Have you ever watched the Full moon in the Marina. It is a magical experience. The moon glowing so bright over the sea waves. The gentle breeze that sways towards you while you sit in the sand near the waves eating the all time favorite Molaga bajji with that red chutney, which you purchase for 10 Rs and later go again and get some more for Rs. 5.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in Citi Centre, doing window shopping and trying everything and anything in the lifestyle trial room and walking out with purchasing even a small candy bar. Or sitting for all hours with one glass of juice or a piece of pizza in their food court, or just to walk up to the roof top restaurant there with absolutely no money just to gaze at the city from there. Or trying to get 10 Rs tickets of INOX for 30 Rs from a friend of a friend of my friend and watch the movie from the very first row.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than at Sathyam Cinemas trying to book tickets for the first day evening show, munching on their butter popcorn and so fresh sandwiches, Or reaching an hour before the show just to check out if there are 10 Rs tickets available as well if some cute guys are in the vicinity and tricking the people there from paying the parking ticket.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than at Kapaleshwar temple with my mom on festive days grumbling and grunting on the big queue that has formed and all the time that it takes to see the god! Or getting the puliyodarai from the Prasad counter and coming in a puraram around the temple to see all the lovely sights.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in any of the coffee days around the city, irritating the waiter by keeping him waiting and waiting for such a long time all in all to order a single cup of coffee which costs the very least and sit there for hours, or even threaten them to get up and go without ordering anything if their service is slow.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in Bessie loitering around the Planet Yumm as if I own the place and have done everything in life till date. Those streets near bessie beach is the best with all it lovely food hangouts that you will never know the time if the day when you go there. Not to mention all the good looking guys who come there to hang out is an added pleasure.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than driving towards the ECR with my family or friends either to watch a movie in a wonderful experience in the Prathana Drive in theatre or get into Mayajaal to have a whole day of fun and food or hit Muttukadu for a boat ride

Because there is no where else I will be rather than vrooming around in my Roger through all the roads in Chennai and getting into trouble with the policemen for not stopping in the Stop line or going and banging into the next vehicle that comes in my line of sight.

Because there is no where else I will get back the memories of the days spent so joblessly in Isphani centre or Gango3 or Spencer or just plainly by bunking classes and sitting under the trees of my college.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in the city which gave me my education and made me what I am today! This is the city in which resides the best school Chettinad Vidyashram which has been my second home and the world known Stella Maris College with their beautiful campus which just enlightened me on who I am and what I do here!

So you never can take the spirit of Chennai from me!

And if you are wondering why did I put the title as Chennail Oru Mazhaikazham….i do not know, I just found that phrase kinda cool, and it is usually only in rainy seasons you all sit and think about old days cause you cant go out and paint the town red due to some of its steady pours! Does it sound logical? Well if it does not I never asked you to read what I write with a logical mind!

Did I?

Driving people insane as always!

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