Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dont Break my HEART

I stare at the Darkness
Tossing with restlessness
I fight a silent battle
A battle that I am losing
I never want to open my eyes
I want this all to be a bad dream
I am losing it completely
I know I said a lot of things
Things that shouldn’t be said
Things that were wrong
But I am only human
And seeing you with another...
Makes me lose it all
I do not know your rules
I do not know your game
I cannot work like you
Fast and furious
Sleek and efficient
With no need of a break
I need….
Clothing and
Without you my life is not complete
I can’t make a cup of coffee
I can’t cook my meals
Well I can’t even brush my teeth
Coz you are not there
Then how do you expect me to end it!
Just like that
After all these years
Well for god sake it is year 2200
Don’t you know the word commitment?
Or that once you belong to me
You are mine forever
Don’t do this my Robo Kat
There is lot of work to be done back home
Come back to your Mama!

Driving people insane as always!

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