Friday, July 28, 2006

We ARe GoD!!!

The very concept God enthralls me!!! I am not an atheist….I believe in God…but I am not into the process of praying, going to temples…I don’t think that it is a necessary criteria to be fulfilled to prove that you believe in God. I believe in God as in me… ‘My conscience’…that is my god. It keeps a constant watch over me... it is my conscience that makes me feel happy, guilty, sad… it shows me what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is bad…. Isn’t that what God should do… it even guides me in my life, my problems and my activities. So I take it that God is within me…. It’s my conscience…

Well I am not against people who are very God fearing, go to temples, churches and mosques… and who blindly follow God… let them follow their faith while I follow mine… but I always wonder how this concept ‘God’ or the word ‘God’ evolved… how did people start believing in God. From the evolution of homosapiens… from Apes to Nomads and Caveman to Civilized people now. Where did God come into existence.....? As a remember history ….. I think nature was worshipped as God first… and there comes the existence of God….Fire god, Water god, Mother Earth was also God…. But wait, my friend over here says God created nature… yes… I think people do believe God created Earth and nature… so … what period should I say as god evolved?? … Well all is well and ends well… God evolved someday… and he/she has evolved… so let’s get deeper into the topic of God… But… one more point. God was recognized only when proper humans evolved… it is only the humans who found the concept of God… it is us who says God evolved first… but it is discovered only in our period… so as of now I say…God came into existence as humans came into existence.

God evolved. Period. Then what happens… people give forms to the God for a more accurate picture. Except the Islam community and some parts of the Hindu and Christian community which do not perform idol worship… so thus a series of Gods came into existence… let me list the no. of Gods I know (God or Goddess all the same). Well I start with my Hindu religion… lord Shiva (the destroyer), Lord Brahma (the creator), Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Venkatachalapathi or Balaji, Ganesha, Muruga, Parvati, all kinds of Amman’s, Hanuman, Krishna (my personal favorite), The Navagrahas, Kali, Rama… the list is endless. Then there is Jesus and Allah… sees how simple it is to list the names of God’s of other religions… as the Hindu mythology… I think every day a God evolves!!!.... well there is one advantage… you wont feel bored going to the temples… as there is a great many temples for the great many Gods… you know you get variety to chose from!!! And each and every God has a fascinating story behind them… I tell you Mythology is a very fascinating subject… you just wonder, wonder and wonder more if you go deeper into the subject of Mythology.

So where are we in my article…? God evolved, he/she was given forms. Now what does that aspect of god do in your life? Why do we need a God? Why do we believe in a supreme power or force above us? I guess it is to keep us inclined to our respective paths in our life…to be stable… not to lose our focus of minds… to achieve our goals… Basically the illusion of God is created… so that people will fear doing the wrong thing. The essence of God watching over you will prevent people from doing bad…. The fear that God will punish them for their wrong doings in the future…. but you know what that God is… it has no form… it is within us, as I said our conscience…. It punishes you by making you feel guilty, bad… so people everywhere to escape this laud the good.

Well, well… while talking about good… we should definitely talk about bad (shouldn’t we?) Good and bad both are juxtaposed to each other… only when there is good we know there is bad, only when there is bad there is good… God symbolizes good, while Satan symbolizes bad… we can say that without God there is no Satan and vice versa...

SATAN …… the very sound of it brings a bad, dark, mysterious feeling to us… Satan symbolizing bad is actually a good thing… because for every positive aspect in life there must be an adjacent negative aspect. It is this negative aspect that makes the positive aspect much stronger.

Now, as I think….as my thoughts flow…. God primarily came into existence due to the bad or negative aspect of life… think about it yourself… if everything in your life is well and good why will you pray or believe in god? It is when things aren’t proper and life is not going the way you wish it to go, that you look up to God… after some time when things start taking shape and everything goes fine you thank God… for rectifying your life… thus you pray, thank, pray, thank….that’s how life goes on with its ups and downs. It is only and only when things in life aren’t proper and bad karma prevails in your life and bad things happen in the world that you look up and wonder ‘is there a God?’ Well the very question has the answer… if there isn’t a God… why are you wondering about him in the first place!!!

Now I think Satan is God (and I know you people out there are fretting when I am gonna end this article. but this one really set me thinking!!! About me and what I am doing in the world!!!) well now I say Satan is God because….he/she is God of bad…but as God is usually associated with good they gave him/her the dark name of SATAN (hey..But in Hindu mythology…Satan is also God. We have Yama dharma...Remeber!!!)

What ever name you give…God/Satan, the almighty, the supreme power… it is all a total illusion….if this illusion wasn’t there… the world would have been destroyed… people’s life would have been haywire… the words ‘guilty’, ‘feeling bad’, ‘conscience’ wouldn’t come into existence. The force of love would have become weak… people would be crazy, cold hearted, have a heart of stone… the world would be a living hell. There will be no balance in Earth… the balance of right to wrong, good to bad, God to Satan, heaven to hell is very much required for our lives to run smoothly…

But the whole point of my article is to find out who is God??? it is us…each one of us is God…we choose either to be God or Satan…It is within us… our inner feeling…our inner feeling exists because of us…so we are God…or Satan…we say God rules the world…in a practical point of view. Who rules? We right….so we are God….you may ask if we created nature…I suggest you to go and read the archeological and scientific research on how Earth was formed. Heard of big bang theory and all that stuff….so no supernatural force created Earth…it was all a natural evolution…so I stand to my point that we, each one of us is God/Satan…you might criticize my point of view…I say it is all in your mind….it is a funny thing….your mind I mean…you tend to believe what is not existing….but you don’t believe things that are right before your naked eyes…. Funny people we are…

Note:- I am not against anyone. This is purely my point of view and I believe each one of us is God…

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Self confession - of whom???me of course!!!!

People I encounter look at me and say….
To my parents…….such a lovely daughter.
To my brother……you are lucky to have her as your sister!!!
To my friends……a friend indeed
To my teachers…..good student isn’t she?

(Statements stated above are purely true and valid…seriously believe me people!!!!!)

Hmmm…..I wonder to how many they should have said these...

Why is it necessary to be good to people around you. I am not saying we mustn’t be good to people around us…but why deceive ourselves just to please others. I believe life should be lived fully cherishing every movement, every fight and argument one makes, every real praise one says to people around them and with full spirit of joy and cheerfulness and straightforwardness...

Why is it necessary that I will be accepted by the society I live, only if I live to its customary expectations?? Can’t I live my way of life? Can’t I follow my own crazy rules in life? Why should I always live to others expectations which envelop my original expectations from me, which I have perceived……..or would have perceived if given a chance!!!!

I am a good student…..and I hate being one! Till 10th standard….I was this girl who used to get ranks within the range of 5 – 15th … was great and rocking then…my parents were happy with me….as I was back then…but on reaching class 11 (miraculously and fortunately and unfortunately) I topped the class due to the increased interest in the subjects I took…..and from then on… was no turning back in my academic life….

Responsibilities, expectations and more expectations and workload came rushing to me….those things which I never cared about in my previous year…responsibility and me!!!......Lol……I am the laziest person on earth…and I guess the last responsible person on earth…

My parents, family, teachers, school started expecting more from me… if I fail to top anywhere…..they would be like…what happened?? Any problem??? Tell us, you didn’t top this time… something bothering you???? (Well what is bothering me is everyone around me!!!)

And slowly and effortlessly they changed me. They made me more focused on my studies and even made me possessive and what now mattered to me were marks, marks and more marks!!!! I even felt the first pangs of jealousy in me…..if anyone got more marks then me, I felt jealous and at the same time bad about being jealous….I couldn’t understand my behavior then. I develop instant hatred to the person (though I forget it quickly…) and feel low myself and start degrading my potentials. But I never (fortunately) express my feelings outside…so I was this nice good girl to everyone. Even though I knew I was deceiving myself portraying a false cheerful image to people around me…..

Well, I had my good times being a good student…people looked at me…and I turned suddenly from the not so popular to the somewhat popular girl…..but not that it mattered to me…I always wish to be unknown……and well my friends who used to call me to chitchat now called me to clear doubts…and some became my friends only for the very reason I study….and well life went on….

It was all well and good for two whole years…I topped the class consecutively….no one would ever dream otherwise that I will not top the boards….and really everyone was expecting my board results to be great….and the day of exams came…and I gave them pretty well….and on completion went into holiday moods.

The day of results……it came….and I stood 5th in my class…..what happened in-between…..4 of them raced me….it didn’t matter to me…I got an awesome 94%...but people around me, were shocked that I did not top the class….that made me feel bad…..and well I did not even talk to my grandpa…who called me to congratulate me for getting wonderful marks….but I was crying and whining the whole day….I was happy with my marks….but crying came natural…and I even remember my grandpa telling to his friend…who had called him happily saying his grand daughter got 90% in the boards and was celebrating it……that I was crying after getting 94%....!!!!

Well….at last I stopped crying…went to school….greeted everyone on their marks…..and even congratulated those who topped me….heartily….telling to myself…I can not top always…god gives everybody equal chances….and my chance too will come some time in future….

And thus school over…I joined college…there too I started studying…but let me tell you. I personally feel coming to coll…the amount of concentration I am giving to my academics had gone down drastically as compared to my school days……and well I have been giving my best…and class 12 board exams had brought me down to reality…that marks doesn’t matter…it is only the knowledge you gained matters….even now my school thinks…..well my school friends think I am still the topper in class no matter what marks I got in my boards…..and I have tried to change myself….no longer do I frequent the pangs of jealousy and hatred to people in me….

By the end of my college life… probability of becoming jealous of people should go down and reach zero…is all that I aim…and well I decided to live life completely…and it isn’t always study…it involves equal amount of fun too.....and when will you enjoy life if you don’t do it know…

All I want to say is…life is short enjoy it to fullest possible core…..with no feelings of hatred and jealousy….


Zany child as always

Monday, July 10, 2006


The great ‘game’ of cricket has us all enthralled in its captivity. To the extent that one time fans and long time connoisseurs of the game, have turned into fanatics of the sport. This is hard to deny especially after some Zealots gave vent to their feelings at the Indian cricket team’s poor performance, at the world cup by breaking the windows of cricketer’s houses and indulging in such barbaric atrocities. Things reached such a stage where the team was publicly castigated in the parliament by our honorable ministers.

That was definitely the height of ludicrousness. The cricketers were even threatened with dire consequences if they lost the World cup match to Pakistan. It is perhaps a sad reflection of our times that a Majority of the public couldn’t care less if India lost the world cup final to Australia as long as they thrashed Pakistan. The fanatics act as if the team Commit sacrilege by losing to Pakistan. For a true blue fan of the game like me it is certainly a deplorable situation that the game nowadays finds itself in, Especially in India.

Moreover the Indian team is praised sky high if it wins by every Tom, Dick and Harry but castigated too by all and sundry if it loses a match. Things need to be put into perspective here. Nobody is perfect in this world, the man who came closest; the great Don Bradman was dismissed in his last test innings for a duck. No team can win every match. Even the Australians lose from time to time. The spectators need to be broad minded for the good of the game at large. There exists a wafer thin line between fans and fanatics nowadays and it is too easily crossed by those who watch the game.

Even experienced, retired professional cricketers commenting on the game get carried away and become highly critical of their team when it loses. They blast the team in public and this sometimes leads to a lot of unnecessary bad blood between the players and the retired stars which must be avoided for the robust health of the game at large. The players are of the opinion that they appreciate criticism but sometimes when it is exaggerated and unjustified, they feel let down and hurt. Frankly tell me, does a team need the backing of its supporters when it is doing well and on top or when it is at its lowest ebb? It should be the latter, but unfortunately the contrary happens.

The team is derided by the so called loyal supporters when it loses. It doesn’t matter if the team fights bravely and loses a match by 3 runs or if it fails to put up any semblance of a fight and gets thrashed by 100 runs. In the case of the former,(the fans if they can be called so) claim the team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, while in case of the latter they claim the team is soulless and is not interested in playing for the country and are more concerned about their bank balance and their commercial ventures. Nothing could be more grossly unfair to the players.

When the same team wins and performs magnificently, they are hailed as world beaters though the players never think along such lines. A pragmatic approach is required at this point of time. Sachin Tendulkar never declared he will score a century each time he walks out to bat. He can only try to achieve it .It is only we who expect it of him. Hats off to Tendulkar for having delivered consistently all these years despite the enormous burden he has to shoulder every time he plays for the nation. Still we are insatiated.Our expectations increase manifold each passing day. The fans bay for his blood even if he fails in a couple of innings ignoring what he has achieved in 15 years of international cricket. I can only pity the man and his profession. To err is human, but to forgive is divine.

But the paying public is not prepared to yield even an inch let alone forgive the team for losing which is a sad reflection of our times. We all fail to appreciate the fact that the 'gentleman's game' implies that not only the players but also the spectators and those connected with the game too should behave like gentlemen. We have allowed the great game to reduce us to fanatics which doesn’t augur well for the future of the game. It is an irony that if the same fervour, unity, commitment and loyalty exhibited towards cricket in India were shown in all other walks of life, we would have become a world superpower a long time back.

** This article was purely and entirely written by my brother and I take no credit for it……it was written a year back…

Friday, July 7, 2006

sobs of the rain

she was playing in the rain....
A beautiful child she was....
she had a little face....
tiny hands and tiny feet in tiny shoes....
she was adorable
she loved the rain....
bcause she and the rain share a special relationship...
yes indeed
like the rain she came down to earth
fresh and pure....
but on reaching earth.....
the rain either becomes usable water or dirty stagnant water.....
and she became a victim of blood cancer.
she was ignorant of it
she was hospitalized her whole life.....
she did not make much friends
her only friend was the rain...
it rained when she was happy
it rained when she was sad
it rained when she was lonely
the 1st drops of rain touched her face
she felt as if a warm and comforting hand touched her...
her company with the rain was coming to an end....
she was ignorant of that too
the doctors had marked her date...
the date of her departure from the world...
they said in a day or two...
the weather reports read
'monsoons are over
no more showers in the comin days'
she was completely drenched
she refused to change into dry clothes......
she slept.....
she died the day after at noon...
the day was hot till noon...
but black clouds appeared around noon
it rained harder and mighter.....
it bid adeiu to its dear friend....
no body understood the weather that day...
nor did they know that the rain cried....
only the soul that rested in noon
could hear the sobs of the rain..........

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Alaipayuthey – revisited…part 1

It started as a slight drizzle and became a huge shower. Shakthi looked through the window into the outside world. It was dark, gloomy, raining, cold… she felt secure inside the house. The feeling pf warmth… light… the sense of protection one felt here was inexpressible. This small home built in the not so posh area in Chennai, taken for rent by her and her lovely husband Karthik was heaven for her.
Karthik opened the door, came in drenched and said “are you feeling alright now… are the tablets working?” “I guess so” she smiled at him. He gave her a peck on her cheek, and asked her to sleep and said he had a project to submit tomorrow and so will be busy that night.
She had met with an accident 3 months ago. A bad one, which made them realize their true love….

3 years before…

‘yaro yarodi unoda purushan’

It was a friends wedding. That was when she saw him. He was goofing around with the bridegroom, telling him he was going to dread marriage life. When she asked him …“why dread marriage life? What is wrong with our bridegroom?” He smiled and said “why…nothing wrong with the bridegroom. But who will leave enjoying life to come entangled in marriage blues and commitment”.
She interrupted “you aren’t lucky enough. It’s ok; there are many handsome guys around” and left the place with her friends. He stared back at her with his mouth open, while his friends asked him to stop flirting around.

That was their first meeting… in some small village in Tamilnadu…

Few weeks later…

Shakthi was going to her college via electric train. Karthik saw her from the opposite train. They just stared at each other…
That night Shakthi told her elder sister Poorni about seeing him…while Poorni asked her why is she bothered about some guy. She just replied “some stupid fellow is hanging out of trains and looking at girls” and sighed and went to sleep.
Karthik started following her. He used to ride his bike in full speed raising the engine at her street. He used to come to the station everyday. His friends said he was crazy…he did not even know her name. The only information he knew was that she was a medical student…
Finally, one day he saw her in the train, came to her, took her college book, saw her name and said
“Shakthi, I am not in love with you… I don’t think you are so beautiful… but I fear… all that will happen… think and tell me…” and left the place without waiting for an answer.
The next day he came to college. She went to him
“What is your name?”
“Karthik… are you rich, do you fail in class often, sit in the last bench… because only rich guys like you come behind girls like this” and turned to go… he called her and waved a bye. She smiled at him…
There goes our next song ‘pachai nirame…pachai nirame’
Karthik made his little niece call her home and speak like her friend’s sister. Shakthi came to the phone. He said “hello...”
“You… who gave you my number?”
“It doesn’t matter…there is a function at my home tomorrow. You have to come…”
“No, I can’t how can I …”
“Look, I am not calling you out to a movie, park or beach… just my home for a function. If you don’t come, I’ll come there to your home. Note down the address. No.17, Ram Chandra Avenue, T.nagar. And come in a sari and not in chudithar”
Without waiting for an answer he kept the phone down.
The next evening… Shakthi came to his house with her sister, dresses in a traditional silk sari. He smiled at her, she just looked at him.
It was a function for Karthik’s sister – in – law, who was 7 months pregnant. She sat with the women who had come, and was singing bajan songs with them. His mother wanted to know who she was. He said ‘the girl he was going to marry’. The word spread like fire in the house. Everyone was pointing at her and saying that Karthik was going to marry her.
Karthik accompanied her and her sister back home in the train. She was very angry for what he said. He said “did I say you wanted to marry? I said I wanted to marry? Anything wrong in that?”
“But you must’ve asked me before….”
“Ok, shall I ask now…?”
“You are angry that I didn’t ask… If I ask. You say no”
“What now”
“Shall I Say?”
“That… ‘I love you’”
“What does it mean?”
“Hmm… I love you means, I will do anything for you”
“Will you jump out of the train?”
“What now”
“Is love more important now…?”
“I think so…”
Her station came; she left him standing at the door of the train…
It was Poorni who started the topic at home. She asked her parents what they will say if someone’s parents came to ask for a bride in their home. She added it was not her; it was Shakthi they are going to ask for. Shakthi fled from the place. Her mother called her asking what was happening. Shakthi did not reply. It was Poorni who said “yes mom, Karthik, son of famous criminal lawyer Narassiman… he is a good guy. His parents are coming tomorrow to ask Shakthi’s hand in marriage to their son….”
Her mother shouted at Shakthi, “what is happening Shakthi. Is Poorni telling the truth? We sent you to college to study, not to go behind some guy… you know, even Poorni is not married, she is working to pay your final year fees. You are so irresponsible”
Only her father asked her mother to stop scolding her. They will deal with matters as they come he said.
The next day… Karthik’s parents came to their house. Their house was one of the railway quarters; her father was working in the railways.
Karthik’s father remarked, they had difficulty finding the house. All houses looked similar. Shakthi’s father said “middle class families will be like this only…”
“Oh….ok…so is this your daughter” he asked indicating Shakthi.
“Yes… Shakthi and Poorni.”
“What Poorni, you are the older one I guess. So are you planning for an arranged marriage or like your sister you too…?”
While Karthik’s mother nudged him to keep quiet and said “he is always like this, asking one question or the other, he is a criminal lawyer you see…”
Karthik’s father then said “I have brought up my son Karthik, just like a normal son. I never showered him with luxury.”
“But I have brought up my daughters like princesses”
“Well I thought my son would become a very big software engineer. I did not think he will fall for all this love…”
Shakthi interrupted “sir, no one caught your son in the net. He only…”
“Shakthi…” her father motioned her to keep quiet.
Karthik’s father then said “but I brought up my son teaching him law. Once children reach the age of 20, they must be able to decide their lives…and if it is not for your daughter, if he had brought any other girl on the road and said that he wants to get married to her. I will have to accept it.”
“Stop it sir, when do you get this pride…when you become a little rich…sitting in my house, you are comparing my daughter to someone on the road….”
“Maybe we should forget all our indifference and think about the future of our children”
“Sorry sir”
“What answer will I say if my son asks me…?”
Shakthi’s mom said “that we have dignity”

Karthik saw Shakthi in the station and asked “hey…what happened…?’
“Nothing, they talked, they spoke wrongly, and it turned out to be an indo pak war…”
“Hey…it was just for a formality we asked them permission. Are they going to marry, it is us who is going to get married.”
“What can I do…Karthik? How long do you know me….? 20 weeks…but my parents are my life for 22 years, I can’s leave them, my house, my dog….for you”
“But I will leave everything for you…..”
“Today you will leave everything for me. How should I believe you that tomorrow you won’t leave me for another girl?”
“Hello….your logic is disgusting… now what….sacrifice huh… I am the prey…”
“what is there that there is so much love between us… you saw me…chased me… you made me laugh a little…now you are making me cry… that’s it… if I had said no in the first place, what would have been your reaction…”
“Well, I must’ve thought that you aren’t lucky enough….”
“Think like that now…” and she went away.
He raced behind her “hey…”
They didn’t see each other after that. He had asked her that they could just be no friends…no marriage…no parents…just they both…but she had refused. She said if it is decided to leave the matter, it must be forgotten. We mustn’t push along, and see what happens…
Their lives went on…they did not see each other after that meeting. She even joked back then that she would pray that he would get a very ugly wife.
One day, Karthik’s niece called Shakthi’s number just for fun and handed over the phone to Karthik telling it was for him. Karthik took the phone and said “hello” at the same time when Shakthi said “hello”. There didn’t speak…at last Shakthi kept the phone down.
Some days later Karthik caught hold of Shakthi’s friend and asked her where she was. Her friend asked him back “it seems you and Shakthi had broken up… then why you are bothered?”
“Yes… where is she? I haven’t seen her for the past few days”
“She has gone to US”
“Ok…ok… she hasn’t gone to US; she has gone for a medical camp”
“Medical camp… huh… where?”
“To Cochin”
“Oh…ok…when will she be back?”
“In 3 days… I guess”
“3 days…..”
“Yep…3 days…then she will be back here only na”
“Yeah… thanks…ok...then bye’
He reaches home…urged his mom to give him a cash of Rs.2000, said he was going out of station and will be back in a few days. His mom asked him to take care and be back soon.
There is our next song…. ‘yevano oruvan…’
He reached Cochin the next day… he searched for the medical camp…only to find that it had gone to the next village… he traveled all the way to the next village in the pouring rain.
She was very disturbed in the camp… she couldn’t concentrate on her job. On the last day of the camp they had gone on a boat ride…he saw her from the bridge above the river. She did not see him. He ran all the way down the bridge to the bank of the river.
When she was getting off the boat she saw him approaching her… she was rooted to her place…when he reached her, she broke down to sobs…he pulled her up.
“Why…why… did it take you so long to find me Karthik?”
“Shakthi I love you….I cant imagine a life with out you…”
“Will you do anything for me…?”
“Should I jump out of a running train…?”
She nodded no “marry me….you be in your place…I in mine…we will break the news when time comes….”
“You want to elope….huh”
“What do you say…yes or no…”
“A doctor’s word has to be followed…” and pulled her into a hug…

The day of the marriage…
Shakthi’s house…
She and Poorni were getting ready. Shakthi was a bit hesitant, it was Poorni who said it was nothing wrong… and asked her to get ready soon… they came out dressed. Seeing both of them in a sari, their mom remarked “what a surprise both of you are wearing sari? Where are you going?” Poorni said “where else mom, I am going to the office, she to the hospital…”
When they were coming out their father came and asked “where are the princesses going?” Shakthi said “I feared that I won’t see you… going to the hospital pa”
They reached the bus stop. When the bus arrived Shakthi said “Poorni….shall we go back home…I am so scared…”
“Ok…come we will go”
“Just get in Shakthi… you are becoming paranoid…”
They reached the temple…all their friends were there. Karthik was yet to come… his friends joked that he fled off fearing marriage!!!

Karthik’s house…
As he was coming out of the house…his father was getting in the car to go to the court. Seeing him, his father asked him “where are you going?”
“Friend’s house….”
“Where is it, come I will drop you on the way…”
“It’s ok…pa you proceed…its getting late for you…”
“That’s all right… get in...”
He had no option but to get in...
His father asked him “so…what are you going to do?”
“I know that…I asked you to take Law…you said no and went behind computers…now what are you going to do?”
“Oh...That….pa, if you could give me surety for the bank loan for the office…then I will have no problem...”
“Humph…what else can I do….I have to give you surety…”
He at last reached the temple… while going in one of his relatives saw him…
“Is this Karthik…that too in the temple…weren’t you a person who doesn’t believe in god….”
“Ya…I’ve come to the temple…aunty, I am planning to elope with a girl what do you say?
“Oh my…you are always like this…go go…god will save you”
“Yes…he will”
He came in. everything was arranged by his friends. They both then exchanged garlands and he tied the man gal sutra…
There is a very sweet song being played behind… ‘Mangalyam thanthunathena …’

End of part 1

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