Friday, May 25, 2007

ZAny BLoG Station 123.56 Fm...LIvE tHe moMeNT!!

Hey people
Welcome, Vanakkam, Halo
This is your zanychild and you are going to listen to zany blog station the momEnt!
And you are looking at ZAnychild the WanNaBe RJ!

Yes i have finally made it
The first ever blog station created
In this station you will get to hear anything you want
It is listener's choice
I have worked on this for 3 Days and it finally is here
Mostly every week i will record programs and put it in this blog station
I look forward for your support
And please bear with me for the first program as i am on the way of knowing the nuances of Rjing and may not be very good at it.
I have given my best efforts to it
So here we go
Listen up to the program and give in your comments!

zany blog station ...

Now you have heard the program do feel free to comment on the pros and cons of it
And if you are interested to participate in this show and help me develop this blog station please read on
I need nice RJs unlike me ;)
I need good participants
For being these two
U need to have the following
-A mike in the comp
-A gtalk,yahoo or Msn id to transfer the files you have recorded to me
my id is
Don't send a mess to yahoo it is over loaded but the yahoo messenger works for this id
Please do let me know abt your views
And i would like to thank all my friends for encouraging me
Abby for helping out and participating
Alice for encouraging and listening and giving me feedback
Chitra for encouraging and listening to it---hey chitra i couldn't do anything to the second music track...will try better next time
Shilpa: for encouraging and listening
Dvija: for as usual joking around and not listening and commenting on my pics ;)

Driving people insane as always!

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