Monday, May 21, 2007

Sing for a moment and scream for a moment!

Now ppl dont you all get scared listening to the below songs.
The specialty of the below songs is nothing but they were sung by me!
Yes indeed by me....
I was thinking why not make you people light up a smile in your faces...even it is a mocking one ;)
And the way to do it is none other than to sing myself :D
I was breaking my head what to sing...
Yesterday i was going in the car and this song was playing in the radio.
One of my favorites
I thought why not this one
so here i am with the song
and that too a song praising the Lord....i know irony of me saying it (i guess you understood this alice!)
the first song is from the movie 'mayavi'....'kadavul thantha azhagiya vazhvu'
so lets listen to it on zanychild fm the moment
This song is dedicated to all my lovely friends out there and to all my blog visitors too..

kadavul thantha az...

The next song was specially requested by abby, my close buddy
so here it goes to you abby and dvija(if i donut dedicate it to her also her slippers will come flying from ra puram to mandaveli!!...lolz....just kiddin is for u too!) and too all my close buddies!
so this is zanychild fm...wat no.. i forggot...oh yeah...123.56!
live the moment!
netru illadha matr...

Note: my friend arunesh said he will not comment on the blog as he has already said what he thought about the song...but how can i leave it...shouldn't you blog people know what he said...
My biggest compliment!
He said i sing like a LKG kid
and it is kangal in the song and not gangal!
I take it as a compliment buddy
If i was allowed to participate in super singer junior
I would have bagged the most kiddish voice award maybe!

WARNING: breaking of glasses,windows, or donkeys coming into your houses due to you listening to these two songs is not my responsibility...better be well equipped with cotton..and you can send all those eggs and tomatoes to hit me by atleast i can make an omlete!!

Have fun ppl.
Driving people insane as always!

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