Sunday, October 15, 2006


Its about the WeiRd me!!!So…this blog is about the weird persona in me….and it is supposed to be a tag..but I don’t have that great many blog friends to we shall jus stop with my tag on the weird me!!

Hmmm……are u guys ready for the tag…

I warn you beforehand after reading this tag … if you change your entire opinion of me from what it is now….I am not solely responsible for it…you have to get your brain cells tested, if need believe the down stated things!

Ok...ok….don’t become tensed up, thought to give some nice build up to start with!!

1. The very weird fact, is this tag…I went and took it myself from marutham’s blog…..the whole tag purpose comes up, when some one tags you…but in my case I got myself tagged!!.....(this is no longer applicable i got tagged ppl!!)

2. I hate shopping, being a girl!!.....I love my comp, my bike, my story books….I also luv gadgets…I always tinker with any new electronic gadget they bring home…and always find the way it operates without reading the instruction manual!! I do not spend time on shopping; getting dresses and stuff…but if u call me for gadget shopping I will definitely come…I am not completely knowledgeable in it…but love to know those stuff!!

3. People usually run away from receiving their test papers…but I just wait for that very moment…I cant express the feeling I would have when I receive my test papers….I am this very impatient person. and when the lecturer is giving the papers in the roll no. order….I would be bugging my friends saying…see I am roll no. 27..there ARE 26 PEOPLE before me….I have to wait sooo long to get my paper!! I would be counting….26 more to go…25 more to go………….20 more to go…..15 more to go…at last is my no…if suppose the papers are given in the random order…even then somehow my paper will not come first…I would be like….what happened….my paper is not there…when still the lecturer will have some 40 papers in hand!!

4. I love accounts and math’s…I need not explain why this is weird…all you math haters will know it…and I cant take anything less than a centum in these papers…if I don’t get a centum, I will blame myself in numerous way!!

5. In all the profiles I have filled…my abt me column will be the weirdest and mostly the longest. I just love to write abt the confused me

6. I confuse others as well as me…..and make it a point to make my friends read my blog...Even though they have read it in my note book…when they ask me why do I have to read it again. I would say...Coz u did not read it in my blog.

7. I love to paint, but at the same time I hate painting..coz of the time it takes for me to paint….I want everything and anything to happen instantaneously, this minute, this second…I hate waiting!!

8. How cud i forget this...i dont have a cell phone!!!!

9. you must see me when i drive my scooty pep..i out the breaks the flinstone style....u know wat i mean...i put the brakes...and go drag my feet for another 10 mts...and then will my pep stop...see even my pepe is weird like me!! wat i am saying is...beware ppl..wen u cum wid me in the bike....i might not stop at the right place at the right time....i remeber an incident..the police had stopped all the veichels..i dint kinda notice i went straight past all the veichles that has stopped...and stopped 10 mts ahead....the police was behind me..i could not see him...and later my friend who was in the other bike said..the policeman was frowning at me!!!

So there ends this weirdo column….when I asked my friends what is weird about me..they replied…what is not??

I just can still come up with more weird facts about me…but right now I am not in a mood to blog…..that itself is a weird fact….coz I love blogging!!

Driving people insane as always

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