Thursday, April 1, 2010

A note to my Dear Friends!

You may be down and give everyone a frown. You may detest conversation, And everything around looks alien. You want to hide under quilts and covers, Not wanting to face the dawn and wear yet another mask. Every single minute may pass like an hour, and you keep counting for it to end.But just remember - Down at the Bottom of your phone book, Will be my name and number, (or just ping me) you wouldnt have called me in ages. But that doesnt mean I forget. Just give me a ring and I may make you sing.A cheery big Hug to shoot away all the bugs. I will help you to live back those wonderful days - one in which we had no care for the world. Yes, People might change as days and years pass. But getting back to old pals, can may you feel like a teenager again. All those masks you ought to wear just melts away and you can be YOU. As disgusting, Ugly, Annoying, Irritating, Crazy as you want to be. So dont forget, I am just a ping or a ring away. In case the line is busy - I am just talking to yet another friend or being annoyingly professionally busy, but still telepathy will work and I will get back to you. :D

This is to all my lovely friends who still think I am immature and crazy as always even after being a professional! :p Coz according to them I never change! What will the world be if I change? Tell me seriously ;)

Hugs and Loads of Lowe!

Driving people insane as always!

ps: A post after a long time :D

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