Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh! I Don't Care...

Ray of light
Shining far in the dark
Let me near it
And make a strong mark
You made me come up by an inch
And slide down by two
I don't care
And I don't care anymore
I do my best
And wait for rest
I have dreams
So true it seems
But, it came to me
And so out of reach
I don't try to breach
But it makes me weep
Life is unfair
Or so they say
But let me up
And let me see
But, Oh I don't care
And I don't care anymore
Ray of light
Here I come
I am not so far
That you seem less dark
Let me reach you
With all my dreams
Un-altered Un-shattered
I do my best
So I get the rest!

Driving people insane as always

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