Sunday, September 2, 2007

Learn to live...

Round and round
Soon life comes around

Roller coaster
What a toaster
Life becomes scarier than a monster
Twist and turn
Twirl and tide
Makes us hide, From life's bad side

But very few abide
To this rule
Though it is too cool [:p]
It is like a cup of coffee
Bittersweet and tastes like Toffee
Once filled up to the brim
It can't hold no more
And there it remains grim
Waiting to be tasted
To be relished
Each and every sip...

And then comes along love
With its typical symbol of a dove
To deter us away from hate
Which spoils each one's fate
But we are ignorant
As we always are arrogant
Of what we want,
Of when we want,
Of why we want,
Out of life, Out of love

True, true but what do we do
Since we are crude and brood
Over our past, present and future
We live life our way
Demand things to stay
Breaking rules and wishes
Just so our lives are bliss

To shine and stand out
We easily lose ourselves without doubt
To only end up fumbling and stumbling
And come back to our dwelling
Material things, material possessions
Makes us run hither to thither
But we forget one thing
That all that matters is people
And the rest is immaterial

So live life in its true bloom sense
With some fun and common sense


The blue ones are written by me, black ones by alice

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Credits for ambigram: gigi (Lord Ripper the IInd)

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