Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nothing lasts forever!

Those few moments
In the few nights
In the few weeks
In the few months
Buried into her
Forgetting all senses
Feeling only ecstasy
Will never come back
Coz, she is gone
Gone, completely
To a world that cannot be reached
I sent her to that world
Far far away from me,
She will never bother me again
Why do I feel a sense of despair?
Why do I feel like wrenching my heart?
Why do I feel lost?
She stares back at me
With those eyes that always burned with fire
I look down to my blood stained knife
All went still
Something was heavy in my throat
I looked at the glass of wine
She gave me few hours back
Her lips were curved
As if smiling at me
I caught my throat
It seemed like someone was gagging me
I coughed I sputtered
Something warm gushed to my mouth
I spat it out
It was dark red
I was forgetting all my senses
Felling a sense of ecstasy
I slowly stumbled next to her
To the world I sent her!!

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