Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mortifying BlisS *

* WARNING: The writers are not responsible for any bizarre reactions or consequences....it is at the readers' own risk
Certified: A-Only people over and above 18 years are permitted to read further ;)

She ran down the hallway
Her heart was hammering in her chest
But her mind forced her to run, run and run
And she knew that was the only way out from the gun

She heard its trigger
'Swooosshhh' the bullet missed her by an inch
She bumped into him
They tumbled and fell down together
Rolling over each other, they dropped into a pit
Both now exchanged glances as if in a fit

Those steel gray ones met
The deep blue of hers
His face was impassive
And she seemed evasive
Trying to save herself from falling into the iris' depth

They heard the gun shots again
And staggered to their feet
Her feet wasn't steady
But he was ready
Ready to hold her
Ready to grab her
Ready to love her

She pulled herself out of his grasp
Only to be pulled into a firmer clasp
He turned her to face him
The sound was deafening
She didn't know
If it was her heart or the shot
She was lost, terribly lost in his eyes
Totally lost in him
As if he had engulfed her in full
Like fire to wood

She was trembling in his hold
He brought his face close
Covering her mouth with his
She shrieked in fear
She hadn't felt this way before
But he had not done more,
than place his lips on her
Oh! wish he could do more!

Her arms moved around his neck
His hold on her became stronger
He held to her possessively
He deepened the kiss
Leaving her nothing, but to respond
To his possessive urge
And before she knew ; she
floated away from him
Far far away into the ultimate darkness..........

- VidyAlice**

**I mean the above is a work of fiction by vidya and alice in company law class. the normal text is the work of me..thts vidya...the italized ones' are the work of Alice george john....she is lilratty in this blog

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