Sunday, July 22, 2007

Muggle ramblings of the past month

Well… has been months since I properly blogged….a lot has happened. I have made myself sit before the computer, open MS word and type. To start with, June July was the birthday month.

Starting with shilpa’s birthday on June 20th, which I missed due to my CWA exams  followed by dvija’s bday on June 25th. That was one hell of a comedy. I was supposed to surprise her. Loads of planning I tried to make in the months before. But alas, as usual it did not work! I thought I will drop in surprisingly at the place where she is giving treat to her friends, which I suspiciously walked out of saying I have one work or the other. But you see, she being that sweetoh friend of mine, is a confused one….till 6:00 she has not decided on the place. So I called her, to find out where exactly she was going. I tried my best, so that I won’t be left gaping outside some place and nobody turning up there. At last I asked her, Dvija where the treat is. I thought I will surprise you, but alas, that wont work I guess! So she too sheepishly told me. And all set, now wat was left is only to go the treat. And there comes the lovely rain. Spoiling all my plans….I drive my bike and have gone a length, when it starts pouring badly. So I return back home. And call her up and apologize, so much for the surprises and plan!!

Then came july 2nd, yazhini’s bday. She gave us treat at Anjappar, and I had my stomach full of the non-veg delicacies spread there in my own chettinad cuisine, the day being Monday, where it is not right to touch meat in my family was a lovely day.

It was followed by Arunesh’s bday on july 11th, nothing much happened, as we have never met, and there was no opportunity to meet now too, as he was there in trichy. So I just called him up and wished him.

Then came Althea’s bday on july 12th. The surprise treat fro her organized in Mandrin, opposite our college, and to where she was taken all around the streets blind folded, that she did not know where we were. And then chased away from the restaurant coz there were closing for the day, were wonderful memories to be remembered.

July 15th arun’s bday, same here. Nothing great happened, except the thing that his cell phone was mysteriously switched off before 8. all his friends and me called him up, only to get the message it was switched off. Then at 8 he picks up the phone, and says he doesn’t know how it got switched off.

Then comes D-day, July 16th, when the most sweet person was born in this world….okies…..not the most sweet person…..but moi! birthday! I turned 19!!....well a kinda normal day, all pink pink I went to college….which is very unlike me, coz I think pink is a bit too cheesy. But alas, I went all pink pink. And the same old classes, and comes dvija’s message in alice’s cell, that she would come to gango3 at 1:15. come 1:15, waiting ,waiting, and then she sends another message saying, she will come on half an hour. So half an hour of bored drudgery continued. Then I had a feeling that Dvija was waiting putside. So when I went to look with sherine. I find Alice and shilpa, coming into college with the cake, after they told me there were going to land mark. Alice bites me saying, I spoil all surprises, and shilpa says they will eat the cake themselves, as I spoilt the surprises. Then, I walk and find no sign of Dvija, I return back to cut the cake. The best cake evah. So chocolaty, so sinful. With all those poses in front of it given by me and Alice! Till the licking up part of the end pieces ;) then one more round of waiting up for Dvija, with Alice this time. Still she hasn’t turned up, and my patience has a certain extent to wait, so we both return back home, for a speedy lunch on my part to rush to watch harry potter and the order of phoenix.

A great experience, lots of shouting, but well I was a tad bit disappointed. It covered all the important parts of the book, but there was no quidditch, no prefect posts for ron and hermoine, choc hang turns traitor, a lot of unexplained things, that those who did not read the book may not understand. For example, harry and his friends ride on thestrals to the ministry of magic, when it is known that only luna lovegood and harry can only see those creatures. They dint explain how ron, hermoine and others rode them as they cant see them, and no centaur came to teach them divination. How I wished to see that centaur class! I hate that Umbridge lady! Fred and geroge weasleys exit was just so good, Grawp was sooo cute!!

Now that I roaming around as if I have been bitten by the potter bug….oops, I haven’t yet completed the bday ride!...I came back home after the movie to find…surprise of surprise….abby and Dvija waiting for me in my room in darkness!! How sweet!!.....and well Dvija gave me DCH vcd…poor soul she did not know, I had it at home….alas, a great gift, given to the fact that I watched it the next day….and then I went to my grand parents house, and returned home, to call DD sir, coz his birthday was also on that day. One of my favorite sirs’, he did not pick up the phone. Then he called me back, saying he had 2 missed calls from me. Then I told him I called to wish him. He was surprised. He asked me how I knew. I told him ppl. Told me, and my bday was also today. He couldn’t believe it, he said that was wonderful and said good people are born on the same day (note: good ppl!!! moi!!) that was just so sweeeettttt of him, I felt so happy…..and well it turned out to be a nice and a happy way to call it a day….and I went to bed with my head feeling light with happiness!!

Well now that I am roaming as if the potter bug has bitten me! the book has released. The final book. My bro would have got it, aruna would have got it. They would be reading right now…..all I know is that harry will survive…..voldemort will be killed, lupin, Hedwig, snape ,tonks, bellatrix, dobby, crabbe, fred, wormtail will get killed….and harry is one of the horocruxes, and will get killed and return back after meeting Dumbledore, and snape was always on dumbledore’s side, and Dumbledore asked him to kill him, hufflepuf cup is one of the horocruxes, and the R.A.B is one of the Blacks, and tht locket is in possession of Umbridge, who will be knocked off. There are three deathly hallows, harry will get snaps’s pensive, and the fact of snape’s undying love to lily potter will be known. And the book ends with an epilogue 19 yrs later, where harry and ginny will be married with three children named james, albus severus, and lily. Ron and hermoine will be married with two children rose and hugo, draco will also be married with a child called Scorpious, and lupin and tonk’s child teddy will be harry’s godson. And Neville will become professor of herbology!

All the above is true if you can believe Wikepedia!

Well that’s about the blog…….


Driving people insane as always…


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