Wednesday, July 25, 2007

LaAs of Companeey!! #

# the below is a piece of work ritten for pure fun and not to hurt anyone...these are results of ebdless boring sessions of company law classes in final yr of college!!

Compaeeny laa ees a veeary
Intrsteng subject, no….?
You will staaart claash anshering attendance
You willn leeaarn cashe laas by ASSbury!!

Where thaer ees aa confushun
About altra wires and intraa vyers
Oh! Isn’t eet the moost
Intrsteng subject, no…?
Then you can file a cashe in the koat
There is nou confushun about vyers
But only abouch the directars
Of the companeey!

Nou..nou…eet ees abouch
A chlash rep’s pooweers in caalege
Deed you understand?
Am I clear to aall of youu…
Listening to me?
Yesh or nou….
Follow me orr not…
If you don’t understand in claash
Youu cann get outch!
Youu cann do everytheeng on yar own
Doo articles, doo memoranduuum

The aasshes that we are,
Gawd will never forgive ush
But believe us lord, we can’t
I haad only honaastly accepth
Don’t tell me eet’s your aabit
You must reaalisee the seriousness
But LAUGHING is onlee naturaaal
And let mee summarisee it
Compaaneey’s act cannot be chainged

Poer me that aftar 20 yeears
I have to keep injecting you weeth injuction!
Are you steel listening…?
Of coursee….arent we learning
About injections, syrengie, medicines and band aids
In companeey laa….
So do we haav to listen….?
On checond thoughts…

Yesh we haav to listen
For our internals are comeeenn
So chwich aan your brains
To the companeey doing laaa!
Listen to ush….aal of youu
3A1 studensh……
Companeey laa clash is
Veeary impotanch to
Letch your creeativee brains
Run free……..!!
So lishen up everybody!
Is it cleeear everybody?

Thee yend!!


** the black lines were ritten by alice aka lilratty and the blue ones by me aka zanychild

This is a ProduCt of:

Credits for Ambigram: Gigi (Lord Ripper the IInd)

Driving people insane as always

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