Saturday, July 7, 2007

Poems at the hour of LAW

Dewdrop escape

You are like the dew drops
Hiding from the sun
The sun caught you in its beam
Sent its ray of path
For you to travel
At it’s every beck and call
It adds you to its jewel of clouds
It shines triumphantly
You sneer back at it
You are the gem that ran away
And traveled on flowers and leaves
You wallowed in their fragrance
But your joy was short lived
Moon would have let you go
But the sun always finds you!

Only you

You are the glorious sun
Leading my way through darkness
My heart jumps at the very sight of you
Those unspoken words
Those unspoken actions
Strengthens our love
When I have no family to look back to
When I have no friends to look back to
When I have no elders to look back to
And to guide me, through my worries and fears
You zoom wide and large before me
You tell me I need not look back
You are in right in front of me
To chase away all my worries and fears
I need no family, no friends, and no elders
Only you
Just you
For me to find eternal joy and happiness…

Oh my son…….

You crossed rivers of struggle
You climbed mountains of difficulties
You walked on streets of confidence
You glided on oceans of hope
You jumped into the hall of fame
You made me proud
By making my heart swell with pride
You- my son
Your victory
Brings an end to my worries
No longer are people taunting me
They look at me with awe
They respect me for you
I do not need riches and wealth
All I need is you to be happy
All I need is you to succeed
And it has happened
Now I can rest in peace
Nothing is going to bother me anymore
I will die peacefully
As a mother of you
Proud at heart
Live long my child….

Reality bites

I dreamt
I was traveling on a flying saucer
I dreamt
I was jumping in the Milky Way galaxy
I dreamt
I caught stars and collected them
Never did I dream
I will meet you
That you will melt my heart
That you will stay by my side when I need you
That you will pamper me unnecessarily
Then, does it mean
This isn’t a dream
But reality?

Nobody am I?

We had a wonderful time
You said you will bring the moon to me
You said the flowers were jealous of you
You said there was nobody like me
Was it all a dream?
A real bad dream
Because, now you don’t even notice me
I don’t find the moon from my window
There are no flowers blooming at me in my house
Had I become nobody to you?

Driving people insane as always

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