Monday, January 1, 2007

A Toast beginning

A new opening, a new beginning….that is what all new year is about… around 12:00 am on 1st January, everyone bid farewell to the year 2006 and welcomed 2007 with outstretched hands….another year that you have witnessed in your life has come to an end…we witness a few decades in our life out of the millions ands zillions that come and go….the new year is a new beginning, but nothing has ended….only now last year….that’s cool…yesterday you were saying this year and today you are saying last year!...has bid goodbye and so soon those 365 days have been devoured my the machine of time. It has become history now, that year might have seen many historical events being created, records being broken, in a more personal phase, there might have been many newborns and as well as many deaths of loved and dear ones…(not always does good things they?) you might have got married or much worse you might have got divorced….it might have been the best year of your life or the worst….it might have redefined you…but all is well, whether it was the best of times or worst of times, its over now…and you can only hope that the new year will turn out to be fabulous for everyone…and may you be the bestest (okai…Ms word is not accepting this there a word like this??...anyway I aint gonna change long as u got the meaning!)

Well many would have welcomed the new year in different ways, u might have partied hard….or you might have spent a quite time with friends or you might have been glued to the idiot box as you did not have an option for going out…as for me I did the last one...that is the idiot box thingy…not because I did not have an option to go out…the thing is my parents still feel I am young enough to go out in the night and said a BIG NO for going out on new year’s eve….well I cant blame them, as my normal deadline of returning home after going out is 7!!...and the great part is I did not regret it coz even my friends parents were like that, they did not let anyone of us go out!! it wasn’t me who was suffering this protective fate!!... (What joy there is when others share your sorrow….muhahahahaha!)

And what is a New year eve without resolutions, I wonder why people take resolutions’ to change themselves on their new year, they can do it any time they want…but I guess a resolution on new year has a super special effect….as for me that is very true….I love New year resolutions, coz they r in my own style….well many will have resolutions like to be nice to people, to be a natural human beings for all those who were monkeys last year, to achieve high goals, to stand up in their career and many such serious resolutions. Well for me my resolution this year is ‘to never take a resolution’ well this resolution is quite common in this generation, so shouldn’t I add a special effect to it that is my very own style…..remember I told you I love new year resolutions….the reason is I always break them….but I usually break them after a week of the new year…but this year I am planning to break it right on new years eve, that is today… I am gonna make some more useful resolutions for me!! Those resolutions are as follows,

~ concentrate more on your career (bah….as if I will try…..coz every year this one common resolution of mine, but it never works… lets see if this year turns out any great for this!!)
~ make ‘freak ‘o’ commerce’ more active (this is one of my communities in orkut, in which we talk all nonsense expect about commerce!!...and it has been sleeping for a while….but I actually don’t hav ta do nything, I have a couple of moderators to do my job!!1)
~ restrict my net timings to an hour each day from the usual four or five hours to which I am hooked up (well I know I must talk about things that will happen and not about those that will not happen)
~ stop bird watching a particular group and widen your horizon (well, this may happen, but I am obsessed with this particular group of birds!!)
~ be a goody goody girl at home (hmmm….will have to think about it)
~ stop nagging my friends to read my blogs but write more blogs, which are worth reading and not crap stuff like this!! (well this one is a bit difficult to follow!!1)
~ do not break the resolutions I have made!! (hmm…this is very very easy to break!!!)

So there are my resolutions for the year, funny ones though but I might try to work on it….as it might change my careless attitude in life!!

So people…….may the new year bring happiness joy and everything you wished for in you life….and may you be good in following your resolutions unlike me!!


Driving people insane as always


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