Thursday, January 18, 2007


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Each year in our life is like the chapters in a book. Flipping through the pages of life, we notice a lot of great achievements, flaws and events that changed our life. The book on life is an interactive one. It lets u chose the doors you need to go through. Looking through my life and the interaction I have made with my life’s book, I should tell you I have learnt a lot of things. Till my 11th standard I went through all the doors in my life blindly, without choosing among the various options offered to me, I just entered the first door that came in sight. Only from my senior years in school, I felt the need to redefine myself.

In 11th, the first door I had to choose from was my groups. The three doors containing the big bold words of ‘commerce’, ‘medicine’, and ‘engineering’ loomed large before me. I thought hard on what to chose. I loved the medical profession, but just a love for it will not make you one, it involves complete and uninitiated hard work, I doubted my abilities for hard work as soon as I neared that door. So I turned from that door and saw the ‘engineering’ door. But even this involves coaching class, which is one thing I hate, and also I the long run you have to write many entrance exams to get an engineering seat. And entrance exams never works in my favor, so I turned to the last door labeled ‘commerce’. I found it to be apt. it was a new area yet unexplored by me. I have read science in my lower classes and I have the basic knowledge of physics, biology and chemistry. But commerce, accountancy is one I don’t have any idea of what it deals with. I thought it will be fascinating to take up this group, and there I opened the door in my life towards commerce, and now there is no turning back.

From then on I joined college for my under graduation in commerce and am doing my professional course in cost and management accounting along with my under graduation course. Even these courses I chose them among the options given to me by my life. Thus at times I think how I would have turned out if I had gone through the doors of engineering or medicine. But, alas, we have only one life and we can’t be everything in this single life.

Even if I am speaking purely on academic terms, every single thing in life like our social, personal and professional lives offers us so many doors, which we have to chose to open. Never will it allow us to open all the doors, if life lets us open all the doors available to us then there will be complete chaos in the world. Maybe that is the reason why some doors shut straight on our face while others open wide for us to enter.

I can say that as everyone has said ‘life is one big journey, people come and go’, similarly ‘doors in our life come and go, they open and close, if one door closes either behind or in front of us, you can look forward to another door that opens’ and whatever door opens is all for our good, and for our best to come from within. So let us all continue this journey of life going through the various doors offered to us, till we reach the door to death, which invites us welcomingly after we have passed through the doors and done what we were supposed to do in this earth, and thus fulfilling our purpose of creation.

Just enjoy every moment of life. Coz it is very short and you have got just one single life, so make as many friends as possible and try to make good with the people whom you have hatred or who have a hatred for you. Coz hatred doesn’t serve anything in the long run, in the end everyone has to pass through the door of death


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