Sunday, April 22, 2007

A birthday poem written under the street lamp*

Gone are those days
When college started in June
We were frantically searching for friends
Looking around for people with like tastes
Judging people by their behaviors
Shunning the attitude of some
Beaming at the attitude of some
And making new friends
2 years hath passed
We have set ourselves into distinct groups
We have created an identity
Met people who have same wave length
Had some innumerable memories
And here comes your
Second birthday in college
But alas, Alice
Y did u come to this world on April 26th
Perfectly when college closes
Never giving us an opportunity to celebrate it
But, still we celebrate it in our minds
You are gonna be 19!
That is an achievement
When you look still as if you are 9!

You are a very special person in my gang of friends
Oh my, now don't you get all too senti
You were the one born with
To correct all unimaginable
Spelling mistakes made by me
You were the one born
To listen to my rantings
You were the one who never got bugged
When I called u almost every single day
You were the one who did not get irritated
When I called you during exams
Just to tell you I have finished studying
You were the one who always
Trusted me to do well in exams
Okai that is an exaggeration
All of you trust me in that aspect
You were the one
Who looks so funny When you
Make such unimaginable mistakes
In your favorite subject called
You were the one who gave a lending ear
To listen to all my indifferences
Which I had with certain people

You were the one born with the sensible mind
You were the one born to be practical
You were the one born to be mischievous
You were the one born cute
You were the one who always
Escapes from anything you do
With that over sweet smile of yours!

You were the only person,
Who is near my heart,
Next too abby and Dvija!!
Now tell all others in our gang
Not to stare at me with piercing eyes
Yeah, even they are near my heart
But you top the list!!
What can I give you on your birthday?
What is more precious than,
Words, straight from my heart?
It may be inexpensive
But certainly are priceless
I know, I know
I blow my own trumpet!
But you definitely have a gift
And to know what it is
You have gotta wait till
I return from my inter CWA exams
And enough…
I never meant to senti attack you
Ms.Alice George John


From a weirdo named zany
Oh yeah translate the above to
Luvs, Vidya Natarajan

Note: not much spelling mistake here...coz it was spell checked in MS word
even then u find mistakes...u r great alice george john!
happy bday

*no current was the reason

Driving people insane as always

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