Thursday, October 6, 2005

INCIDENT 2-the sTOry

Well v know turn to Shiva’s family.
Or shud I say srinithi’s family.
Her family is a peculiar 1 filled with old thoughts.
She is the 1st child and then she has a younger bro.
Her mom likes her bro. so much and not her.
Only her father loves her in the family.
She grew up with a lot of struggle; she is an amazing bharthanatyam dancer and a charted accountant.
Her mother always opposed to her wishes to b’com a dancer or an charted accountant, saying tat a girl child shud not hav so much freedom etc,,,
Her mom was a pain in the neck. She loved her bro. that was fit for nothing.
But her father always supported her in all her tough times, she was very attached to her father.
They all hailed from b’lore.
All the families shiva’s , srinithi & vaaishnavi r from b’lore.
And r now after mairrage settled in Chennai and shiva and srinithi r livin abroad.
Shiva and srinithi already lost their 1st child as a victim to TB in a very tender age of a yr and half. This was their biggest loss. And then they had twins-srishi & rishi.
As they lived in US they were not in constant touch with their families.
Srinithi’s father suffered from a heart attack and was admitted seriously in the hospital.
They flew back to India.
And the condition of the father grew worse, and his last few words were to shiva, asking him to take utmost care of his daughter granted anything her mom may do to her after he is gone.
Also the mom and bro. were very greedy ppl , for money.
The entire hospital fees and funeral expenditure was spent by Shiva, and still they were not satisfied.
Shiva did everythin they asked for the sake of srinithi, eventhough she was against wat he was doing. Shiva din’t want to lose the only birth related relations she had.
Ok now the funeral is over. The next thing is to divide the wealth.
Her father had given equal share to both his children, but nithi’s bro. wanted the entire share to do business, till now he has no job only with this money he is gonna start 2 work.
He is also married and has a son. Even here the mother showered affections on her son’s child and not on her daughter’s children (such a cheap person she will do anything for money). So her bro.asked her to write her share to him and the ancestral house is goin to be sold to meet his other expenses which reqd. her signature. All this happens after 3 days of his father’s death (such stone hearted ppl. r they).
Nithi refused 2 all of these, she was also struck with them for a week for some rituals,she was in a position where there was no way of contacting shiva and he wasn’t supposed to stay with them for the rituals and was in Chennai, while nithi was in their native, even he tried to contact her many times but the phone was never handed over to her, there was some excuse or the other for her non-availability. He got fed up and moved to his native only to find how she was being threatened by her own kin.
He got filled with rage, nithi told him “how many times have I told u not to help my bro. he is the most ungrateful, insensitive person in this world that I hav come across”.
Siva said “v don’t need anything of that wealth. Wat I’m earning is more than enough jus put that damn signature and lets move out of this place at once”.
Nithi couldn’t bear the way things were happenin in her life. She silently put the sign. Shiva had already taken their bags to the car. She sat in the car with tears rolling down her cheek. Shiva held her hand firmly. Told her to forget abt her family. His house/ their house were filled with ppl. who luved her for wat she was. From now on that was her family, not this 1 called hell. She was listening to all this with tears streaming in her face. He told “now do stop crying, its of no use, me and ur father knew this wud happen. When he is no more. He wud say it is god’s grace that v both married. He trusts me. Don’t u.”. nithi says “that’s not it shiva. Y is it that all the evil hearted ppl. r always so happy. And v who do so much good always suffer”. Shiva says “well that’s the way of life, u cannot change it, can u”. shiva says “nithi, please.. I’m there for u. well we will forget abt ur mom and bro.”. nithi says “well definitely my bro will come to u for some help or the other. And u will definitely help him. No one can change u. u r so kind hearted. Ain’t u shiva. Look wat is his thankfulness after u hav helped him so much. He still hasn’t changed. They always live in money. Money, money, money everywhere money they want.”
Shiva says “I’m earning more than enough for us both”. Nithi has tears still flowin down her cheeks “shiva, y is my family alone like this, every1 has a lovin mother, except me, look at vaishnavi, how her family luvs her. Well take for instance chinu itself, u guys luv her a lot than anyone cud”. Shiva says “nithi, y not think like this, no one is free from problems, u were in a family which did not luv u as u wished and was married into my family, where every1 luvs u da”.

Ok this can go on and on and on.. I’ll stop with this and well shiva and nithi continues this conversation til they reach home.
Well wait for the next incident to be posted. I hope next incident will also not be a problem one. I’ll try to put some spice to it yar….

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