Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Mr. Brain is rusted with the help of nerve ‘A’

I’ve recently been thinking about a topic to blog about. Well no hope in that area, I guess it is a tough area to think about. You may think what is tough for a blogger to think about a topic to blog for. Well, I am in loss of topics; I could not find a suitable topic, so finally I decided I will blog about my search for topics in my brain.
I know this is a totally boring topic, but guess you people out there can humor me by reading it….
Read on...
This is how it went…


“Knock knock”-the door was tapped in the headquarters of my body, the brain.
“Come in” motioned Mr. Brain.
It was one of the nerves of my nervous system (I read once in my biology book,( as long as I took biology that is till class 10) that the nerves take messages from all through your body to the brain). The nerve entered; let us name the nerve ‘A’. Ok.
Nerve ‘A’ said “sir, she is bored” (that is me for the uninitiated). Mr. Brain yawned and said “she has no other job other than getting bored. Ok, let’s see what we can do to our best to fight the boredom” (yawn).
Nerve ‘A’ “yes sir”.
Departs, Comes after some time and says “let us search for a topic to blog about”.
Mr. Brain responds “ok, search process starts”.
“…………..Searching all files…..
No files found…..
Waste of time…..
How about current affairs? She has not written much about current affairs. Hmm…how about ‘TamilNadu-the state you live in’. Not a bad idea. She can write about how the state has been in the past months, like… the election comedy…where the two parties campaign was a full time hilarious comedy, roping in cine actors, color TVs and computers, rice at rupees 2, supporting of quota system, to the recent suspension on ‘Da Vinci code’ screening in the state when the entire country gets to watch it, even the world sees it.
But wait…
She can’t write current affairs…”
Nerve ‘A’ interrupts “But, why sir”
Mr. Brain glares at him and says “Can’t u see I am working, well because she will mess the topic big time! She seldom watches the news, and she has no facts to prove her writing, and what is current affair writing without a pinch of facts and statistical data”
The brain thinks and searches again…
“………still searching…………..
No hope….
She can write what she is best at….
But no she can’t write that….”
Nerve ‘A’, looks up again and open his mouth to question.
Mr. Brain signals him to keep quiet and says “she always writes mills and boon kinds of stories, I am sick of it. And mostly she never lets the lovers to unite. She separates them miserably, except for that one story ‘mistaken identity’ (this is there in the blog) where I convinced her to unite them, and I am still scared what will happen to ‘dreamz’ (also in blog). Well I know she is planning to write the film ‘alaipayuthey’ in her own version, but that can wait for now. I can no longer bear her stories. Do give me a break….
So that topic is dropped”
Nerve ‘A’ grunts and goes to work.
“………searching continues……….
Nothing visible yet….
May be she should write a poem…
The one she wrote ‘show me the meaning’ (in the blog) wasn’t all that bad.
Nerve ‘A’ looks up with a not again look...
“You know a poem needs a lot of work...
You’ve got to get the words right and the rhyming right, or at least she should insert some similes and metaphors. For that she has to think. And I know she is not ready to do it. She is indeed the laziest person in earth, thanks to me….
So even that topic is dropped...
Maybe she should write about her….
Her way of leading life...
Nerve ‘A’ is no longer surprised.
“Well, who would want to read about her? The most boring, dull, zany child in this earth. A person who is so sensitive, to whom crying comes as naturally as eating!!! She has written enough about her in her blog ‘discovering myself’ (in the blog too)…
Maybe something else….
How about her friends…
Well she can part them in two as her school friends and college friends and maybe she could compare and see, with whom she is most compatible with.
That seems like a good idea…
Nerve ‘A’ is no where to be found…
Mr. Brain searches for him and finds him hiding under one of the cells, he pulls him out and holding him says “you have to be there when I search, you cannot let me alone suffer her boredom, and I know we all are doomed for life inside her….
Now where was I…?
Yes… indeed, her friends…
She cannot write about them because she knows her school friends for almost 5 years while she knows her college friends for well, a year maybe. And each friend of her is a separate fish in the pond. Impossible to compare them….
Maybe she should write about ‘How she loves planet earth’….
‘How jobless she is?’
‘How terribly she is wasting her holidays’
‘How often she uses the ‘lol’ word’
I think she won’t make a good job of it”
Nerve ‘A’ is about to collapse, but steadies himself.
Suddenly a green light blinks in Mr. Brain’s mind ‘beep beep beep’
“Got it… just the topic for her…
But not a very interesting topic…
Oh my god…
She made me too boring as her…
Then how else will I think of such a boring topic…
Nerve ‘A’ is frustrated and yells “will you please spill the beans on the topic chosen, I can no longer bear the suspense, but please don’t say the ‘but’ word again… I beg…please let her write in whatever boring topic you have chosen, I do not care if she made us boring, but right now I need to blow off my steam, so just say the topic and I will deliver it to her, and get away with it”
Mr. Brain says “ok, ok even I am thinking of blowing off steam after this jobless job of searching…. Nerve ‘A’ want to know the topic, well it is nothing but our entire searching process and our conversation….
What do you think…?
Anyway I do not care a bit of what you think, you just carry my orders I hate to take suggestions from others, well go deliver the message to that boring zany child”
Nerve ‘A’ happily is about to go to deliver the message, even though he thinks this is the most boring topic in the world, while he is stopped by a “But nerve ‘A’…” by Mr. Brain.
Nerve ‘A’ collapses on the place.
Mr. Brain comes to him and gets him on the feet and says “I just wanted to say that do we have to give that topic, it is really boring, maybe she should stop blogging for a certain period and go and read ‘the fountain head’ which she has been trying to complete for the past 2 weeks, well but if you feel she should blog, go deliver the message, you are so put out with the whole process, maybe you should deliver it and go on a holiday, I grant you full permission…..”
Nerve ‘A’ rushes off before he hears the ‘but’ word from Mr. Brain.
While Mr. Brain is muttering under his breath
“Maybe I gave the wrong directions…
Maybe she should read ‘the fountain head’ and stop blogging for certain while…
Maybe I made a mistake…
This would have been the most boring blog….”


But those words indeed fell on deaf ears, as here you see the blog written. And maybe it is the most boring blog, but hey, I wanted to blog something desperately, kindly bear with my crap.

Note: sorry all biology students, I used the little biology I knew.
Maybe my Mr. Brain will come up with a better topic next time,
Currently it is searching for a suitable topic for this blog…
It found the topic…
And you find it in my headline.
Zany child as always…

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