Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ooh Aah InDIa..nO mORe iNdiA!!!

BREAKING NEWS:Indian team died...
The Indian team bus met with a major accident in Jamica, that the whole team as well as their coach and physiotherapist were spot dead in the major crash between the bus and the goods carrier on 23rd march 2007...this happened right before the start of the match..the accident happened when they were coming to the stadium.
A pity sight, and a great tragedy, that now the whole India is mourning.

Wait..wait a sec!

Then who played against Srilanka in the match yesterday?

Hmm.....good question...they were the duplicate Indian team which BCCI has setup to face such tragedies. The news of the accident came only today morning. Because the BCCI were sure that the Subcontinent will break lose..and there will be riots and chaos everywhere...

But they were could they expect a duplicate team to perform as well as our dear old Indian team! the country has broken lose due to their dismal performance!! That I am very sure that only a fit for nothing team could have played such a disastrous game!

But the bowling of our clone team was some what acceptable. It would have been better if the same was the case with the batting side! The players were fielding quite above normal Indian standards..i mean they were better...the were just jumping and flying...a very rare fielding activity seen by the normal Indian team..but I think they thought they were doing good..and suspected people suspecting them to be duplicates, that they messed up the batting!!

How else could star batsman Sachin get out for a Golden be treasured for sure in his last worldcup match! and goodness what happened to Dada..he was in great form...he went out for 7!...Yuvaraj's dismissal was our turning point...that run out..which totally knocked our luck....all because of the miscalculation and lack of attention from Dravid as to where the ball is!..and then comes Dhoni....gone for a Golden duck by LBW....wasn't LBW a part of Dada..only he used to get out by LBWs! And then the look Dravid gave..was a thing to be pitied..he stood helpless there in the ground....the fate was destined..'return back to India!!....No more cricket for you Dravid!! have let us Down' must have chanted again and again in his ears...then how else will the smooth, slow wall...with a cramp in his leg and with a by runner (highly unlikely of Dravid style)hit 4s continuously in one over....and get out the very next...then comes Harbajan....he is trying all sorts of stroke and by fluke hits a 6 and a 4!...munaf patel for his share hits a 4 and you must have seen the gleam in his eyes....why wouldn't he be gleaming..a 4 to his score in batting in the world cup...which is none of his area!..

After that, everything happened quick.....we were totally knocked out for 185!!..they showed the faces of the Indian team in the disastrous looks they had....completely they were lost and one was talking..they were dumbstruck, they did not know what to do? they knew the welcome they were going to receive back home. they were aware of the frustration, and how much of their hard earned property was going to be couldn't be helped..they were helpless...what has happened has happened..they are out of the world cup virtually....they could only pray that bermuda wins bangladesh...which has a probability of 1/10000....

In the one was just a game...with a luck on the other side...there is always a second chance for everything in life...a mother wont desert her child just because he/she is disabled. In the same way our Indian team is luck disabled..not talent is not right to desert them...nor is it right to show our anger on their properties and effigies. In the end of the day....they have lost a game to a good side..and decent is not a shameful defeat....let us welcome them back with consoling hands.....let our support go with them wherever they go!! but we can do one thing....we can select a proper coach...Chappell has come to India only to kick them out of the worldcup!!He has to be penalized for coaching India so badly..and for creating all such tensions within the team, starting with Dada

Disclaimer: The first para is completely fictitious and is not written with any intention to hurt anyone!

Driving people insane as always

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