Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beat Boredom, Get Wacky :D

Ever felt bored, and wanted to bang your door down in frustration. Focus the energy spent on frustration by doing some of the following. Your life will never be bored :p
  1. Recite the alphabet backwards, If you can say it straight, you can say it back too. Once you have mastered it, say all your friend's and family' names backwards. That would be so much fun - Zany would become Ynaz. Alice would become Ecila, Preethi would be Ihteerp and so on....
  2. Jog backwards, then sideways inside your house. Go front 20 jogs, Go back 15 jogs. See how much time it would take you to complete the entire stretch from one corner of your room to the other.
  3. Get some washable paint, and paint you neighbor's dog in Polka, and hide him in the closet of someone you hate.
  4. Take the phone book and randomly call someone, and ask for the person. When asked who it is , tell them 'God'.
  5. Go to your terrace, light a match and yell at the top of your voice - 'Fire! Fire!'
  6. Ask your friends over for a sleepover, and dump the smallest of your friends in the veranda in the middle of the night.
  7. Call up Kentucky Fried Chicken and ask if they have 'Fish Fry'.
  8. Go to the mall, Bring some crutches, Take off your shoe and walk around the mall in crutches keeping your leg stiff.
  9. Collapse on the floor, and pretend you are unconscious.
  10. Go to Mc. Donald's, order 200 Rs worth food, and when they ask 'Is that all?' Add a 'Fillet o fish'. When they say it is not available. Tell them to forget the whole order and move on.
  11. Walk into Cafe Coffee day, locate a nice place to sit. Keep the waiter waiting for an hour by asking him to come back later. Walk out excusing yourself that your friend did not turn up.
  12. Take your ignorant friend to a makeover, and dye his/her hair purple and argue the whole day with the hair dresser, this is not what you wanted and demand your money back.
  13. Click all your friends stuff and sell it on ebay!
Warning: The author is in no way responsible if you were showered with slippers and tomatoes for having done any of the above. If you did end up with a good pile of slippers and tomatoes, just make money out of it by reselling them online, under a pretension that they are very famous and rare.

Driving people insane as always!

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