Monday, November 13, 2006

LOVE - An Aura of Mystery!!!

I have never been in love all my life….may be it will happen in the future……the future alone will answer my question as to whether love will bloom in my heart…….what ever crap…..I am not desperate to fall in love….it can all happen in its own sweet time…..then I know you are wondering why I am talking about this topic in the first place!!...well there are plenty of reasons as to the question ‘WHY??’

Many of my friends in a relationship, and many who have lost their heart to someone….but that someone doesn’t even know that this person exists….are in a mystical world always!!....they are preoccupied with their own thoughts that they do not know that others exist around them!! times they get really depressed to the extent that they just take the peace of mind of others as well as themselves. I really want to tell you people about some of my friends, the way they ramble their thoughts to me, when in trouble in relationships…..I just do not know still whether to laugh or cry when someone calls me and tells me…”what do I do now Vidya?..He or she is not talking to me!!”…may I warn you people, that I am the wrong person for relationship advice and stuff!!..coz, I have never been in one, and I still do not understand what is lacking in you if the other person doesn’t respond to your feelings!!.....if he or she doesn’t talk, just forget it, and proceed with your life…..nothings going to change by fretting over the ‘silent treatment’….fretting over it actually makes it worse!...if you do not fret, there is a likely chance that the person may consider responding to your feelings… you get what I am trying to say??....yes I know, it is always like this soo complicated!! But isn’t life complicated?

I still don’t get it how you can give your life for somebody else!! is your life for heavens sake…you have to live for yourself and not for others in your life!... I am not saying that you mustn’t sacrifice for that special someone in your life, but everything has its own limits and boundaries…you will have to reserve some part and space in your life exclusively for yourself….an idiotic, rather funny thought crossed my mind…..just with two genders, there is all this commotion and explosion between them from the time of Adam and eve….and battle of sexes, chauvinistic approaches, attracting the opposite sex, ego problems, attitude problems…...wonder what the world would have become if we had more than two genders!!.....lolz…... (Don’t worry people, I am in my senses…..only in my senses do I get all these weird thoughts!!)

If you are in love with someone, just come clear with your feelings to that someone…..I know it may be hard, you might have been good friends and may worry that your feelings will affect your friendship, at times that someone might stop talking to you when you express your feelings loud and clear…but the consequences of expressing the feelings is much less than the weight of bearing this unexpressed feelings in your heart…..remember its one life that you live, live it with the person you want to!! is of no use, if you are scared of the consequences so you keep dumb about your feelings...and in the end start your life with some other person who you barely know……result your love is buried deep under the ground, you are not honest to the person with whom you are starting your life with…and worse, that special someone might have also had feelings for you!!..

Ok…now you have come clear with your feelings, there is only two ways here….either your feelings are accepted or rejected….it is all fine and well and cool, if it is accepted….if you are rejected, nothing to worry, you may boldly go ahead start a new life, you will have the satisfaction of having tried to win the heart of the special person, but it went in vain, the burden will no longer be in your heart, except a tinge of sadness… will be free of the love web, there will be better fishes to fry….and all you can console yourself is that special person who rejected you doesn’t deserve your feelings, forget that person as a bad dream and start afresh in your new life….that is the secret mantra!!

Whew….I am wondering what got into me….definitely not the love bug….lolz….still I wonder why life is so much complicated?.....even if there are ways to live life simply, in the end we tend to make it complicated!!

I know my friends will laugh at me if they read this blog!!.....coz they say it is really funny and they can’t stop laughing if I become philosophical or thoughtful!!.....I know guys; I will be zany as always and unpredictable!!

Driving people insane as always

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