Friday, December 29, 2006

Marks dont make a person-- Do they?

It is all over……exams that where haunting me is finally over… now I am a free bird for the next 6 months till the next set of exams that will haunt me……well let me make it clear…..not all exams haunt me… only these particular exams haunt me day and night…..they are my exams to CWA (cost and work accountants)….for the uninitiated (definitely many will be uninitiated ) it is this course which I study along with my bachelors course in commerce for becoming a cost auditor…..similar to an chartered account….the difference is we concentrate on the cost areas, while they concentrate on financial matters…..well all that is fine but the exams aren’t that fine and cool..

Okai, the process to become a cost auditor is that you have to pass one foundation course if you want to do along with your college graduation, and 4 stages with 2 for the intermediate and 2 for final…the course length is if u successfully clear everything is 3 and half years!!......I had very successfully passed my foundation with almost a rank (it was totally unexpected of me!!! )
And I had now appeared for my stage 1 of my intermediary stage…I had to write 4 papers.

The exam started on 26th December…at 9:30 am….my first paper was cost accountancy….it was a nice paper except for one stupid sum in labour , it was all well and good, the next day I had information technology, well it was ok not bad!.....and then I had law on 28th even that was king of good……now came the major one today……business taxation’….it was the worst ever paper in my life……… ..I have never in my life performed so badly, I am just every one that I pass with 40%, I am not asking for much……my goodness I never knew until now the importance of each and every mark in the paper…..I was literally scanning the paper to rite for sum 40 marks…..I wonder why I had not cried yet, coz I am a person who will cry if I get below 60%!!.....and now I am praying for a pass….what an irony….. still somehow I only felt sad for me and the examiner who is going to correct my paper…I have developed new provisions for taxation, if they ever put me in the tax department, the government will have to go for a run I guess!

Okai, everybody in my class has already decided to meet in June, that is the next time when you can write the exam again if you flunk in any paper… I got the paper, wrote whatever I knew and didn’t know….finished in 2 hours, the 3 hour paper….okai I did this for all the exams not new for tax alone…..I looked around the room and saw each and every student looking away from the paper every 10 minutes, not that I didn’t do it…..even I was a victim to it….and there was one guy who left in just 15 minutes after receiving the paper…finally I gave the paper came out, one by one all of my friends were like, 100% macha I wont pass….I am gonna rite again, now this discouraged me even more!!! I just came home before anybody can ask me anything! I was studying for these exams like a madwoman till 4 in the morning, then went to sleep at 4 get up at 7:30, get ready in an hour and reach the centre by 9:00…and for this the result I get is one worst paper….

Well I seriously demand people, marks does NOT make a person, it is what you have learnt makes up your personality….but is it true practically in this generation……doest marks count a lot more that what you learn…I tell you I have got an ok knowledge in taxation...but you see tax laws change every assesment year, so u got to be alert....(kill the person who found this system of tax..or better let me kill the person who included it in my cost accountancy course sylabus!!)…..but it did not fetch me marks… ..they say you must be alert to changes in society, bookish knowledge doesn’t help you…but in the end does any organization recruit a person just because he has knowledge….no they recruit because he has the required qualifications and certificates in the competitive world! what makes these certificates – marks ultimately right!!.....when will they change this system in this world….I would be the happiest person in this world….

Well they aren’t gonna change it in my era….so the only thing I can do is pray, pray and pray that I pass in this TAX paper and the least you people can do is pray along with me…as now I cant change anything in the way I wrote the paper now…

Okai people, I can’t go on and on about my worst paper in life…..but what I am scared is I have never ever flunked in anything in my life, now I am dead scared that there are chances of it happening….and I can’t bear it if it happens!!...but still I may be a person writing a blog on ‘first flunk good flunk’!!.. but the damage would have already been made isn’t it…..

So now that the exam I dread is over, you can see Zanychild more active over here in this space …..Till then…..let me sign of for the period…

Driving people insane as always

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