Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LOVE is blind

-dedicated exclusively to my sweet heart ‘Roger’!!

Oh my! I am falling in love, all over again. But still he is my ‘first love’. I drive him crazy. He makes me drive him crazy! He has been my constant companion in the past year. A year has flown. It is totally unbelievable. I saw him the first time when I was in my 11th std. Sleek, shiny, handsome and striking with his silver streaks he was. I wasn’t all over him at the first sight. He understood this, so he went to befriend my brother first. And I starter seeing a bit more of him when he accompanied me and my brother to the theatres, malls, to my grandma’s place, and very rarely to my college. He must have had a delight when he visited my college, it being a complete girl’s college.

Three years flew. Nothing great happened. Then my brother had to go abroad. So my brother acquainted me and him a bit more. We both started going out at times with my brother tailing behind us to see if everything is alright! Once my brother went abroad, it was celebration time for him. He has become mine. No more of my brother intruding us! He now accompanied me where ever I went. He used to wait patiently for me with love and concern in the rain and sun.

When I come out, he used to flicker at me with joy. At times he was angry with me; he wouldn’t come out with me. I would have to kick him hard and start him out of his lazy slumber to come out with me. Still I am grateful to him, that because of me he had to meet with an accident with another big macho man. But still he doesn’t grumble at me when he wears that scar that accident rewarded him. He wears that big white scar with pride and almost gleams at me!

There have been days, when he has been filthy and uncouth. There have been days he will have this rugged, unkempt look. There have been days when he looks like he has come straight out of the mud and dust. There have been days when he could not run properly, that he gallops like a horse as he is getting older. But always he will have that striking appearance, that makes him stand apart however filthy and dirty he is, and how much ever he gallops like a horse*. (*courtesy: my gang of friends)

Whatever happens, He is mine and will be mine forever. Yes. This entire blog is dedicated exclusively to my ‘Roger’. My sleek, shine, handsome, AY 8291 Scooty pep, black. He will be there with me and stand with me wherever I go. We have an amazing relationship. At times he may grumble to come out with me, but in the end he will definitely give in to my tantrums and start to accompany me wherever I go. Wherever I go he follows me. As long as he gets enough Air, petrol and oil to help him survive. He will be there for me.

Love you loads Roger


Driving people insane as always.

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