Sunday, February 11, 2007

love is supposed to be in the air!!!

...the place is filled with red heart shaped balloons, king size candy bars the shape of hearts.....big cuddly teddy bears (eww...I hate them) waiting to be packed in jarring red wrappers and the ever old chocolate boxes.....
I wonder what has gotten into the mind of the city I live in. It was sensible yesterday. What happened all of a sudden? I look around and ask my friend this question. She looks at me as if I were from an alien land. I glare at her and ask ‘what?’ she asks where I have been without noticing these things. I am even more confused. Then she says ‘don’t you know, this is February the season of love!!’ I say, ‘duh, so what’. She rolls her eyes at me and walks off.

Well yeah people, what is the big deal. Why are we celebrating a valentines day? I personally think, it is celebrated to remind people ‘love is not lost between people in this mechanical world’. That’s how it should be celebrated. Not like out of the blue. Everything turns red. And you find couples; couples and more couples everywhere you go huddled together! People may argue it is to express love, but why do we need one specific day to express our love, we have 365 days in a year for that. We do not need to single out a specific day for this purpose. Love is supposed to be eternal, not temporary on this single day.

When you say to your beloved, that you love her more than anything, and you were waiting for Valentines Day to tell her that. Doesn’t it sound dumb? Why do you have to wait to do anything special for her/him? Love shouldn’t wait. It knows no day or time. If on only this day, you tell her you love her, does it mean that you do not love her on other days?

Why do you need a single valentine day, when you have all the days in the year with you is my question? Why do you people suddenly act so dumb, funny, and emotional suddenly on this day? Where was this side of yours all this time? You might go and tell her/him that the gift you brought in the shop reminded you of him/ her. Why do you need others to remind you of him/her? Doesn’t it have to come naturally? Don’t you have to be reminded of her/him every single minute in your life? Does a lifeless gift need to remind of him/her? I seriously don’t get it.

I was browsing through the net and found some love quotes, which I found really funny, they come as follows; you may curse me that I don’t understand love and what is expressed. But that’s how I see love, just as it is. Let me remind you I am not seeing this world through rose colored glasses as many of you, so you got to bear with me!!

I'd like to run away
From you,
but if you didn't come
and find me ...
I would die.
~ By Shirley Bassey ~

Then why are you running in the first place. You know you can’t live without him or her. So just accept it and move on, and don’t take such stupid drastic decisions like running away!!

I would fly you to the moon and back if you'll be . . . if you'll be my baby.
~ From a song by Savage Garden ~

I need something more practical for me to be your love!! I know as hell you cant fly me to the moon and back too.

No man is truly married
until he understands
every word his wife is NOT saying.

~ by Unknown ~

How the hell will the poor man understand what she is not saying? The women are seriously dumb to want such a thing to happen. That is how men are. Learn and live with it!!

Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage...
~ by Ambrose Bierce ~

Yeah then it will not be temporary but a permanent insanity!!!

I have loved to the point of madness;
That which is called madness,
That which to me,
Is the only sensible way to love.
~ By F. Sagan ~

So do you get the point, only crazy and mad people fall in love!!!...

So decide whether you are the sensible one or the crazy lunatic, and well I can’t help it, but to wish the lunatics

A happy valentine’s day!!!

It is a sensible thing to wish the lunatics!!

Driving people insane as always


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