Friday, October 5, 2007

I is You!! - The Lost and Found poem

In your heart's place
There is an empty space
For someone to come in and
Make themselves an inn

I look around me
And find the world around you
It felt dry and cold earlier
And now it seems all warm and cozy
Is it because of my love to you
Or your happiness in receiving me?

I wonder,
OH! how i wonder?
How it feels to fill
that empty space
And make it a better place
To leave a permanent trace
But why must i leave any trace?
When i forever want to be within you
And i know you wish the same too

Then, why my dear?
Such indifference
When i want to make a difference
And that's why i will stay right here
Till i find out the reason for your aversion
Coz the feeling of your love speaks otherwise

Together, we can make the world a better place
Together, we can walk hand in hand along the sea shore
together, we cam light our lives and glow in it
OH! my dear...
Do let me in
In that place of your heart, and
Make me the king of your heart
I love being in you and you in me
Stay...Don't go...Oh please don't leave...
You have no right to remove me from you now
Its too late, Coz you are rooted in me
Like a deep inflicted scar...

I will walk with you to the world's end
But, if you leave me and go in the end
A part of me goes with you
Your single flash of a smile at me
Has disrupted me completely
I try to get you out of my system
But you are rooted to it like a stem
Now you tell me,
How do i get you out of my mind?
Out of my soul?, Out of my body?
Each moment with you occupies every cell within me
I don't just love you...i feel you alive in me
How do i forget you?? by killing you??
Guess that's the only way...I've to die too
Get you out of my mortal existence
But what about the aura around my dead body?
Can you put and end to that too?

OOH! Don't do this to me...
Come back to me...
Put a stop to my insanity
Don't destroy my reason for living
Let me hold on to you like there is no tomorrow
Let us show to the world how good we are together
OH! Do come back to me....


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